Saturday, February 17, 2018

doesn't publish 
Saturday posts
too often as of late.
MJ is working a 12 hour shift today
[ as he did yesterday and will next Saturday also ].

Hence before I begin the Saturday cleaning
[ which one usually tries to avoid at all costs- ]
I thought I'd check in with y'all.

First off
to those who responded on Facebook to the 2/15 post:

Tam Lidford Gildard

Judy Survey

Lynn Winterhalter Manning

Patricia Weber

as well as those who "liked" that post:

Ruth Manske

Pat Lidford

Gary Lewis

Jessica Hand

Laurie Mead

Sue Ross

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Polly Helms

Mary Ann ["Mom"] Weiss

Susan D. Boyer Young

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! Thanks Friends !

I am fully aware that we've discussed this in many posts,
I can never, ever get passed this topic.
It. Consumes. Me.
[ In a GOOD way.]

Last Thursday late afternoon as I was finishing up my Director's note's for that evenings choral rehearsal with St. John's Choir, I was listening to various choral music on You Tube.  The song "The Holy City" came on , , , I had forgotten how moving that piece is.  [ GVC members, have your group sung this as of late?  If not, coerce your lovely Director, Norma Bartlett to consider it.]  "The Holy City" song took my breath away [ as it always has in the past ].  It moved me to tears, lots o' tears. 

A week ago this afternoon SJC sang for the Memorial Service of Bruce Krog, beloved husband of SJC member Shirley Krog.  When Bill Nash sang one of his solo's, "O Danny Boy", it took everything I had not to completely "lose it", it was so moving.

When I hear Ernie Hass and Signature Sound sing something like
"Get Away Jordan", my pooch Paulie and I have to dance !  EH and SS perform many numbers, but when they get swingin' on those Southern Gospel songs, I cannot control myself. I confess I have stood up at their concerts and danced.  Love it.

If I hear Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock" my very being is taken back to BCS and an event that happened there during my junior year, that broke many a heart, and lives, in two.  

"Mind Your Mommy, Mind Your Mommy" [Like All Children Should] , , ,  and I am four years "seasoned" and living back at 94 Greenwich Street, as that little red [or yellow?] 45rpm plays on the l'il record player.

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and I am singing with my dear friend Marta Bidwell beside her parents store, on a makeshift stand, as we and some others imitated The Beatles.

"The Age of Aquarius" takes me to a drama production on stage at BCS [again] .  We ended that event with this song and choreography [ by Terry Winterhalter if memory serves ], then went into the audience towards the end of the song and shook hands with folks, some of which were awed [ I'm being kind, as some people did not care for this ] .

"You Are Mine" by David Hass brings to mind the funeral mass for Joe Tronetti [Jr.] at Immaculate Conception church in Wellsville, NY.  St. Mary's Choir sang in the choir loft for Kay Tronetti Heaney's beloved Dad.  Duet on the verses by Dana and Sue [Tronetti] Ross.  Tears, many tears.

"The Summer Wind" album by Wayne Newton is the first record I recall my Mom buying and listening to [particularly on Saturday's as we cleaned the house] that was not a religiously based record.  Up until then it was either organ, piano or vocal renditions of "church music".  Think about that and then wonder why I have directed church choirs for 45 years.       ;-) 

"Uptown Funk" comes to my ears and I think of dancing with Jaxson during the summer of 2016.

"In The Garden" or "When We All Get To Heaven" or "His Eye Is On The Sparrow",,,, [and many more] lead to me thinking of my Mom.   "I Sing A Song of the Saints of God" brings to mind "Mother Church" [ Beloved Barb Murray ] at St. Philip's Episcopal church in Belmont, NY.

"Love Me Tender" [as performed by Elvis] brings to mind my sister Marlene in her teenage years and how she played that song over and Over and OVER.       ;-) 

"Ebb Tide" [orchestra rendition] brings to mind an overnighter at 7 Martin Street, [teen years] on the third floor with MJ[ Nothing out of the ordinary transpired that night, except the realization on my part that what I was feeling  might  be more than friendship ? ]

  Obviously the list goes on and on, right ? 
1.]  What songs transport you to a happy time in your life?

2.]  What songs transport you to an emotional time in your life?

3.] How do you feel about
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I need to go clean up

*******   *******   *******

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Please play whilst reading this post.

An Open Letter to 
Saint John's Episcopal Church Choir
Wellsville,  New York

St. John's
 Director of Music
[ and insanity ]

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

  As one who has had the pleasure of directing various church choirs and other choral groups for approximately 45 years now, I am feeling a need to share something [in writing] with y'all.

! We are so blessed !

  Yes, I have said this over and Over and OVER during our time together [esp. as of late] and I will keep saying it until He calls me Home, y'all better get used to it.

  Some of you have mentioned to me your perception that it must be a "let down" for me to be directing such a small group of singers after having directed The Camelot Choraleers and St. Mary's Choir [now known as the Holy Family parish in Belmont, NY].  Yep, those groups were bigger and it was a blast to be sure, but no choral ensemble, no matter their size or expertise, has ever been more dedicated than you are [some may have been as dedicated, but never more so] .  Do you truly know that fact within your hearts ?

  When MJ and I came to St. John's in November 2014 we were deeply skeptical of what lie ahead:  "We walk by faith and not by sight" was our motto.   As I had done with St. Mary's, I agreed to stay on at St. John's only through the holidays and then we'd talk about a possible further commitment.  One has to laugh at the fact that also as in the case of St. Mary's, I never made that "commitment" to you.  As it was, so it is.  [We were at St. Mary's for approx. 12 years until we were fired by Fr. Dennis Mancuso and just so you know and they were some of the happiest years of our lives] .  As it was, so it is .  

! We are so blessed !

  Looking back on that first Sunday with y'all, I was "as nervous a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs".  Bill, you were so quiet it scared me.  Joyce, you kept smiling at me [thank God!] , Kathy you were, well, quite frankly [as you are to this day ] crazy.
Manske's were a complete mystery to me, Shirley was simply so sweet [as she has always remained] and C.B. was, well quite "challenging" ...  We have picked up new singers along the way, [some having even stayed with us] like Pat, who adds so much to our "madcap merry mix of music makers".

  Although by no means a theologian, I am convinced that we "Crazy Christians" [as our beloved Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry refers to us ] are  exactly  where we are, when we are,  surrounded by who we are surrounded by ,,, for a reason: That Lover of us all, has placed us precisely where He wants us.  Ours is but to trust and obey ["for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus" , , , always a song comes to mind!] .

! We are so blessed !

  It is also a  blessing beyond description that St. John's is led by a shepherd that works with the Director of Music as wonderfully as our pastor Rev. Carol does.  Yep, I know I've pointed that out numerous times also [and shall continue to do so], but having worked with far less amiable pastors, Carol is a gift straight from heaven itself.

! We are so blessed !

  This "open letter" to you my dear friends is to let you know how much you mean to me, how thankful I am for your love and support and to encourage you by overtly stating that you should never doubt [regardless of our small size] that we've had and continue to have a wondrous mission before us; to spread His love through the miraculous gift called music.  Your effect on the congregation at St. John's will not be fully known until that day when we stand in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  But until then  know that my love for each and every one of you is nothing compared to His vast and eternal love for each of you .

I am,
among all men,
most richly blessed.

Forever in His song,

Monday, February 12, 2018

" Here We Go Again Folks,  After All These Years "

So begin the invitations we'll be sending out this week
yet another

We haven't hosted one of these in 
so many years that we can't offhand recall the last one.
[ Perhaps the mid 1990's  ?  ]

When our dear Auntie Fran passed last April 20th
a few of us decided then and there
that we needed another
to include Aunt Fran's
" Irish Remembrance "

These celebrations began for us in 1978
26 Milton Street ~ Belmont, NY
continued at
35 Schuyler Street
finally here at
4998 Noble Street for many years.

We always remembered
[ Mother of the 1st 4 Feldbauers: Michael, Mark, Martin and Mary Jo ]
at all these gatherings.
Auntie Fran would accept a long-stemmed rose
in her sister Jody's memory.
[ Some of those moments of remembrance were very emotional indeed.]

As most of you know
The ["7 Martin Street"] Feldbauer Family
have gone through some
wonderfully miraculous 
in the past few years.

As a consequence we will this year be honoring:

Jody Sullivan Feldbauer
[ Mother of the first four  [7 Martin St]  Feldbauer children:
Michael, Mark, Martin and Mary Jo ]

Fran Sullivan Guinnip
[ sister of Jody ]


Carolyn Murray Feldbauer
Mother of Kate and Jimmy
and Step-Mom to the other four listed above.
( Can you imagine taking charge over that crew?)

Isn't our God an awesome God ?

Back in the day, when these events were in full bloom, we would hold the party, wait a day or two, then begin planning the next one.
Each year's celebration had a slightly different theme [other than the obvious] and each year's invitation had to be unique and unlike any preceding invite.  Oh, the memories.  We're blessed that some of those parties are on video tape, including Uncle Richie dancing with a chair [and Rich didn't drink alcohol] , Grandma Spangler and Auntie "Peg of our hearts" joining in the laughter, dancing and drinking. My what a time we had.

The later years of those parties we opened up to some of Greg's family as well as a few very close friends.  What a blast.

This year's celebration we are limiting to Michael's family [remember we are  just  getting back into the entertaining gig once more , , , began 12/15/17 with some of Greg's family here for an evening]Baby steps folks, baby steps!  Greg is slightly paranoid about the looks of the house, [except for the new bathroom] but are hoping our peeps overlook all the vast imperfections.  [ All these people have gorgeous homes.]  We will
also use only the main floor rooms this year.  We had a couple of the St. Pat's parties in the basement, but there isn't the time to spruce that up for this one [unfinished basement].  

We're kind of anxious about this, but excited at the same time, does that make any sense? This evening [post dinner and with some liquid courage] I am trying to focus on the excitement of it all !

And there's the
for now folks.

Share your thoughts
if you're so inclined.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


It is semi-late on Wednesday night and I may or may not be slightly lubricated.  So deal with it or leave.  Period.   

on a

1.] My Michael is a saint.  Seriously.  If I were in his shoes I would do-me-in and hide the [FAT] body somewhere.  He is simply and undeniably a saint.  I deserve not his undying love.

2.]  Donna D.D. is a dear heart beyond description.  We have this almost scary "connection" between us.  We both manage to contact one another at just the right time, when one of us is either ill or feeling down, etc.  This has gone on since 4th grade at BCS. [The secrets that we share from decades ago, no one will ever know!] What the heck would I do w/o my  dearest "Gwen' ?  Love ya D !

3.]  Been having a horrid time sleeping for weeks on end.  Much of it is due to this "cough" that has been constantly with me since Nov. 10th.  Oh well, alcohol does seem to help!

4.]  I need a Meredith McNinch Chilson "fix".  If you read this my "Merry Mer Mentor ", let's chat soon.  I'm starting to have "Mer Withdrawal" symptoms.

5.]  THANK YOU to the individual who responded to my personal email not too long ago concerning " The Book".  As always you were 100% correct in your advice to me.  Have I told you lately that I love you?  Well I DO !

6.] When I a missing certain folks, am I missing the person that currently "is"  OR  the person "they used to be" ?

7.]  After viewing that privately funded rocket ship that went to outer space yesterday [ was that remarkable or what ? ],  why the h_ll can't someone invent a machine that can instantaneously place us
in someone's house, then return us to our home when we're so ready?  I would "ZAP" Marcine Hovey Delo here often, Mark and Lorie Feldbauer, Pat Weber, Dianne Comiskey, etc. too, just to mention a few of my peeps.

8.]  The current "president" of our country is a certifiable ass.  What a disgrace he is to our beloved U.S.A.  God help us all.

9.]  LOVED talking with our dear cousin Jeanine Feldbauer Rose into the wee hours [ of Friday] into Saturday morning last week at
The Holiday Inn and Suites in Owego, NY [after brother Jimmy Feldbauer and Stephanie's surprise engagement party ].  Not only is Jeanine constantly entertaining, but she's highly intelligent and not afraid to express her opinion whether anyone agrees or not - - - without being rude in the process.  Love ya Jeanine !

10. ]  If Yog [Mark Feldbauer] could be  "zapped" here right now I would hug him and not let go.

11.]  Am currently reading a biography[?] on Alfred Kinsey.  Quite interesting.  There are truly various opinions on Dr. Kinsey and his studies on human sexuality.  I have oft wondered the following: a.] Do women masturbate as often as men, overall ? AND b.]  Since women can have multiple orgasms [one shortly after the other] be it during sexual relations with another person or alone, are their orgasms as "explosive" as men's orgasm OR are their orgasm's not as "powerful" as men's orgasm's and thus women's orgasm's are really, in fact, actually, "mini orgasms' compared to men's orgasms?  [ One rather doubts there is an verifiable answer to question b. ]

12.]  ["One more thing" - [as Maggie McNinch used to often say]  If I were to "pass away" today, what would I truly regret NOT having done here on earth ?  I think of this often , , , the answer seems to always have "additions" to the list.



This is the 1st Blog post of
Also known here at the
[ on the 23rd ]

as well as
Donna Dawson DiGirolamo's Birthday Month [the 15th]
The Twins [Jennifer & Jessica Lewis] Birthday Month [ also the 15th ]
Ruth and Tad Manske's Birthday Month 
as well as assorted other family members and friends.

And of course this is
Valentine's Day Month
on which we also begin
The Holy Season of
both on

My mind is once again playing
Ping Pong
so this post will probably be reflective of that fact.

First off
one of our
St. John's Choir
Shirley Krog,
has suffered a deep loss.
Her beloved spouse
Bruce Krog
went to heaven late Monday night.

Memorial Service
will be held for Bruce this Saturday at 2:00pm
St. John's Episcopal Church
Wellsville, N.Y.

St. John's Choir members share in Shirley's loss.
We are a very close unit
[ St. John's Choir ]
when one of our group cries,
the rest of us taste the salt from their tears.

You are in our thoughts and prayers Shirley
[ and Beth and Joanie ]
now and in all the days ahead.

"He will lift you up
On Eagles Wings"

MJ's head cold is somewhat better, thank God.
And thank y'all for your prayers too.

I am not going to even ask your opinion on this one, as most of you will answer in a typical
Pollyanna manner
"Oh Greg, they just want to join the fun"
"It's their way of 'being there' even though their not able to be there"
" We love it when this happens, like when Great Aunt Bunny did it years ago"
ad nauseum 

Okay, here goes,
[ with very, very, very very very, very, very RARE exceptions ]
I detest it when someone
calls to talk to people over the phone
during a celebration / party.

The exception to this might be something like
Great Aunt Bunny
100 years seasoned
[ and God only knows how much longer she'll be around ]
or a
similar situation.

But overall this disturbs the flow of the party
is worsened if the phone is then passed around
to numerous people to "talk".
drives me crazy[er].

I fully realize that you
will totally disagree with me,
It's My Opinion
It's Very True.
[Used have a poster that stated those words]

Perhaps I could semi accept this
if the person were put on speaker phone
for everyone to talk together / all at once
that passing of the phone around the room
to numerous people
[ In the majority of circumstances ]

This is usually and primarily for the benefit of the caller.
I tell's ya,

am I mentioning this today?
Not sure actually.
I was cleaning in the kitchen this morning
it simply came to mind as a

Much better way of handling this by the caller:

Call well before the event / celebration
your best wishes
[ or whatever ]
let the hostess / host
share your best wishes, congrats, etc.
with the group.

It's called
common courtesy,
which as we all know,
is currently

End of rant
[ for now anyway ].

Director of Music
St. John's Episcopal Church
I try to diagram each choral rehearsal.
Time and seasoning have taught me that those plans
are merely guidelines,
as "life happens" so-to-speak.

Tomorrow night's rehearsal will be interesting in that regard.

We have been preparing for Lent for a couple of weeks now.
Tomorrow night we needs must go through that music
as well as
music for this coming Sunday,
which will be kind of like our
Mardi Gras Sunday.
[ Last Sunday before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins.]
Sunday's music will be
very upbeat, jazzy, full of hallelujah's, etc.

So that prep is necessary at tomorrow's nights rehearsal.

with the passing of Bruce Krog to heaven,
we will also be preparing for his memorial service.
[ Which we are blessed to be able to participate in.]

I am
to be directing a choir
that is more than up to the challenge of this full rehearsal.

And that's it for now dear readers.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


[ Yes, that's actually our dogger-wogger, just after he'd been to the groomers a while back.]

I have made numerous attempts at writing Blog posts
this month
never managed to complete any of them.
Consequently this will be only the second post of 2018.
January 3rd and today.

What a sluggard am I.

Please forgive.


* I had a unexpected medical development on Tuesday, December 12, 2017.  JMH Cardiology Dept. wanted me to go to U of R asap.  I politely declined the invitation [ had company arriving the 15th of December, holidays, etc.].  Might I just say that JMH cardiology were rather persistent with phone calls trying to get me into Strong Memorial right then.  I held firm and after the holidays had passed and 2018 arrived, I acquiesced to their request.  I was in Strong Memorial's Cath. Lab on 1/9 and had the procedure done. Outcome:  Dr. Chaduary couldn't add another stent or stents as he'd wanted to do; it was too precarious a situation.  When I was done and with MJ in recovery resting, Dr. Chadaury said the best option for now is to double the Imdur [ time released nitro daily medication ] and see if that would work for now.  So that's what we're doing and so far, thank God, it's working.
  We chose to inform very few people as we struggled from 12/12/17 to 1/9/18:  1 person from my family, 1 from MJ's family, 1 from our church family, as well as a couple of friends.  That was it.
People have enough on their plates now-a-days, especially through the holidays, so we held this one exceptionally close to the vest.  Continued prayers appreciated.

*  The bathroom is amazing.  We have still to download some pics, but will get them on here sooner or later.

*  MJ has had a bad head cold for a few weeks now.  He finally got meds via Dr. Rummell's office at the end of last week and is doing some better, thank God.

*  All at our beloved St. John's is going well.  Still loving being Director of Music there.  Love our little, but extraordinary St. John's choir.

*  We have an engagement in the family:  Our brother Jimmy Feldbauer asked Stephanie Joedicke to become his wife.   The Feldbauer family is "over the moon" about this proposal , , , a sweet gal for a wonderful guy.  Enough to give ya da shivers!

I've probably forgot a thing or two, but that about cover's the BRIEF CATCH UP for now.

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Now that we are in [at least] the autumn of our lives,
there seem to be
precious little time left
to learn all the things we desperately 
want to learn.

[ the heck ] 
couldn't we have had this
yearn to learn
decades ago?

Dang it.

that's your

Share thoughts please.
Perhaps I'm the only one who feels this way.

KASIYH Blog doesn't publish  Saturday posts too often as of late. MJ is working a 12 hour shift today [ as ...