Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Windmills of Your Mind

going on in my head.

Not a bad thing actually, simply unstoppable
for the present time.


I've always been fascinated with the word "plethora",
it's fun to say.

Did John Denver really have a "secret life"
as perhaps a hired assassin or some such thing,
before he became the John Denver we all knew?

Do females get as horny as males?

Is Trump truly as ignorant as he appears?

Wonder what it would have been like to be a
plantation owner
[ with no slaves = everyone very well paid ]
back in the day
have the last name "Bator"
[ Think it through... or not ]

Why has the U.S. gone this long
without a female President?

How often should one go
between washing their bedsheets?

Why isn't there ever enough time to read
as one would like ?

What if reincarnation were really,
what would I be sent back as ?

If our thoughts were audible at times,
how many folks would have to stay
at home more often ?

If you were bullied as a youth,
where did you bullying nemesis end up ?

When guys are going through puberty
erections "pop-up" without warning,
50 years later, not so much.

If gals had the option of putting men on "mute",
how long would the batteries last for said muting device?

If choosing to not give one's children a
religious foundation,
still influencing their thoughts on religion ?

Will the current U.S. President
re-elected in 2020 ?

How many people could accuse me of
"mental stalking"
if they actually knew how often
I pray for them and think of them ?

"Regrets, I've had a few,,,"

*******   *******   *******

Monday, October 16, 2017


to those who commented via FB on Friday's
Blog post:

Saint Meredith Elise McNinch Chilson
Kim Carter
Alex D. Bellington
Dianne Comiskey
Lorie Waite-Feldbauer
Mary Fuller
Donna Holmes
Marcine Delo

I found your
"titles of a chapter in my life"
to very interesting.

[ and this just me -  G ]
I wanted to read said chapters
Dianne Comiskey
Lorie Waite-Feldbauer
Marcine Delo

All for very selfish reasons:
D.C. = What were her first impressions ?
L.W.F. = What the heck did she mean by that ?
M.D. = She knows that part of her life drives me batty!

Seems like this past weekend literally flew by.  T'was another good one, but as per usual, it went by quickly.  Church at St. John's was wonder filled in every way.  Last evening we went to Connie's for a supper of soup and quiche = two different kinds, with dessert of a very close facsimile of Applebee's "Cimicheesecake" = !WoW! Sarah and Jaxson were there also, which made everything nigh onto perfect.

How did YOUR WEEKEND go?
  Most memorable moments? 
How's this week looking for you?  
Busy?  Low-key? 
Anything you're looking forward to

Curious minds want to know!

Have a

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Blog post.

I think I'm starting to
"get it"
concerning the
Puerto Rico

I responded to Kim Wilmot-Toot that this issue
rarely leaves my mind.

Whilst we go about our day
those folks [our brother and sister U.S. Citizens] are continually suffering
w/o the basics of life,
like clean water.
Lord, have mercy.

Let's do a

you feel so inclined,
give us a
to a
in your life
that would make us want to
dive into said chapter 
read it ASAP.

I'll start:
[ mainly because I'm thinking some of you
might be too embarrassed to contribute otherwise ]

" One Orgasmic Evening "

You do not in any way have to reveal what
is actually about,
let the
[ hopefully ]
as possible.



Thursday, October 12, 2017


Fair Warning:
I'm a "bubble off plumb" this morning,
in this case meaning
not feeling the best.
we shall carry on.

I guess if I need a low FB response day
bring up the topic of
The Bible.

As of my beginning this Blog post
[Saint] Meredith Chilson
Sue Tronetti Ross
have responded.


I am going to advertise my ignorance this morning
[ since most of y'all pretty much know me anyway ]
reveal some info I had forgotten/never knew
ask a question or two.

I was unaware
[ for sure ]
exactly where
Puerto Rico
was located.
Of course I BINGED it and now I know/recall.

Here's something that's bugging the heck outta me:

Why aren't those folks, U.S. citizens no less,
getting the help they need / deserve?

On the news I see what appears to be thousands of those
[what I call]
"18 wheeler containers"
waiting at the ready on the docks
[ they've been there for many days, if not weeks ]

[ Similar to the above picture ]
some [possibly] at distribution centers,
but the contents thereof are not being distributed.

Yesterday I saw a pic of some of our truckers
going to Puerto Rico to help distribute these goods
[ God bless them all ].

And now folks are dying due to drinking
the only water they can get their hands on;
bad water,
muddy water
from creeks and streams.

is this happening when there appears to be  right there,
but not distributed?

am I missing friends?

I may make another post later on,
but for now
this situation is weighing heavily on me,
so any assistance / ideas / opinions
you could provide would be much relief to me.


*******   *******   *******

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


As regards yesterday's
Blog post:
At least
one highly intelligent person
acknowledged knowing
where I was coming from
when writing said post.
it's no wonder I consider you my sister
my "shero"

What I am doing currently might drive some of you
In an attempt to get caught up on my Bible readings
I am listening to the audio of Zechariah
whilst background music is playing
writing this Blog post.
One item to concentrate on for each personality of

Speaking of
The Good Book,
we began another season of Bible study
[ last Wednesday ]
we are studying the book called 
"The Path"
[ "A Journey Through The Bible" ]
Melody Wilson Shobe
David Creech

Some of the statistics in the Introduction
* I knew
and others
* shocked me:
* "The Bible is the greatest selling book of all time."

* "88% of households in the U.S. own at least one Bible-
the average household has not one, not two,
four Bibles."

* " Although we have lots of Bibles in our houses,
and we've read and watched and heard a lot of things
about the
most people have never read the Bible."

Those stats are interesting and intriguing
[ at least to me personally ]

This household has at least twenty Bibles, perhaps thirty.
That does not include numerous books that are about the Bible
or at least
Biblically based.

This does not make me an Bible expert,
far from it in fact.
It simply means I keep trying to learn more and more
on the subject.
Seems like I can never learn enough,
an unquenchable thirst if you will.

So here's a few questions
for your consideration:

Do you have a Bible in your house?

Can you locate it easily?

Have you ever read the Bible cover-to-cover?

If you've read the Bible
[ even parts thereof ]
does it:
confuse you,
calm you,
excite you,
upset you,

One of our group questions last week at Bible study
went something like this:

How would YOU describe the Bible
What is the Bible to YOU personally?


You certainly do not have to answer any of these questions,
nor am I looking for some great theological debate,
I'm simply

*******   *******   *******

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Saturday: Morning and early afternoon were great,  then !BAM! , I hit a downward spiral.  We were scheduled to go to [sister] Mary Jo and Jim's for supper, but I declared I simply could not attend.  The very thought of being around people was frightening.  MJ patiently talked with me and I finally agreed to  try  to take things "step by step" and see what happened.  It was literally "baby steps" all the way.  Upon arriving at Mary Jo's I discovered there were only six of us:  Mary Jo and Jim, [sister] Kate and [niece] Grace, as well as MJ and myself = huge relief.  Mary had things ready to go and we did a pre-meal gig up on Farr Road... w-aaaaaaa-y up on Farr Road.  McNinch property with a pond situated amongst [at this time of year] nearly indescribable Autumnal beauty.  Breathtaking.  Perfect in every way.  After a comfortable amount of time we headed back to 2 McNinch Lane [Jim and Mary Jo's home], had drinks followed by a BBQed steak dinner complete with dessert brought by Kate via Iron Kettle Farms.  Delish.  Ended up having a good time after all, despite my insipidness. 
   When invited to Mary Jo and Jim's home, there are sometimes [more often than not actually] a crowd of people; all kinds of family [it's not called McNinch Lane for nothin' folks!], various neighbors and friends, you name it = people galore.  Such was not the case Saturday evening.
This was by design via Mary Jo.  She is well aware of my battles with DoD as of late and planned this get-together to be as low-key as possible.  That's called true love my friends.  She and I even had some time to talk about DoD and she truly "gets it".  Thank you Mary Jo.  Thank you Jim.  Thank you Kate.  Thank you precious little Grace.  Thank you MJ, still and always my hero.

   Sunday was regular pre-Mass choir rehearsal, followed by Mass and Coffee Hour  [ I had gained enough "strength" the Saturday evening so that I felt okay attending Coffee Hour, unlike the previous Sunday when I went to our car instead of being continuing to be around people].  A brief stop at TOPS for MJ to run in for a few things, a quick stop at Sarah's to drop off cell phones check, then came home.
   Upon entering the garage we found a huge, HUGE, HUGE mum plant sitting on our doorstep.  GIGANTIC I tells ya!  T'was a gift from our friend Gwen.  Do any of you know who that is? Most of you know said person, but by another name.  THANKS GWEN . . . you never, ever cease to amaze me, and the card with the enclosed words REALLY mean sooooooo much.  Love you!

   Monday Aaron Stephens came to the front door and the guys [Aaron and Jordon] were both ill yesterday, so no work on TBP.  That's okay though, would just as soon not be exposed to whatever it is that's going around.
   I began a KASIYH Blog post yesterday concerning what I'd written about in  small print  in Friday's post BUT, even though I have not deleted it [as of yet] , it might never make it to publication [so-to-speak] T'is about some of our thoughts, plans and dreams concerning that event.  Maybe we'll continue that post at a later time. Maybe.

Which brings us to

Aaron and Jordon arrived around 8:20a.m. both not feeling tip-top but apparently better than they were over the weekend and yesterday.
   It's exciting seeing this work in progress.  MJ came up with some side projects that [ IMHO ] may have slowed things down a little on the actual BP, but they all connect in some way or another.  It's not an inexpensive project, but these guys are very good at what they do.  WoW.


for today begins with
1.] Re-reading once again the scripture passages for Sunday next, then attempting to coordinate the congregational music and choral music to go with the readings. [Believe it or not, this is not always an easy task and sometimes nigh onto impossible.]  After that's all figured out and written down, I send an Email to SJ's church secretary with said information so she can begin her work on next Sunday's bulletin. 

2.] Dishes washed, dried and put away, countertops, stovetop, etc. wiped down & continue the eternal wash.  This includes a TON of clothes that are clean but not folded and put away. Man I detest that chore.  We need disposable clothes!

IF that gets done it will be a 

so we'll keep the list at that PERIOD.

And now,
brought to you

[ And before you start in on me, I am well aware that we may have fallen into this category in the past, although it was a poorly kept secret at best.]


On one hand I can see why, especially in an area like our beautiful but not always overtly accepting Allegany County.  Yet another part of me believes that if everyone [or most everyone] came out of the closet, Gays would be even more accepted. 

Something happens within the family unit when "Auntie Ju-Ju-Bean" admits her sexuality.  It may take time [even decades] for the fam to adjust to the news, but it does, like it or not, tend to change the attitude of: "Well thank the Good Lord we don't have any of 'those people' in our family!". . . "Our family tree is like a strong Elm tree; no fruits trees in our family garden!"  . . . "Thank Goodness none of our family chose to be 'that way'!"  

When writing about this issue a year or so ago, I told you about a well known Allegany County resident who's Gay, has never had a significant other, but refuses to admit his sexuality [other than to us ] . His reason to us is: "Why?  What good could it possibly do?  If I were in a relationship it  might  be different, but since I'm not and have never been, why come out?".  
  Sweet Jesus.  What  good  could it do?  This guy is extremely admired by all who know him, always led an exemplary life and is a nearly "perfect life example" to even those who are mere acquaintances.  What GOOD could it do?  Of course he might say that all the afore written attributes are what he would risk if he came out.  (( That excuse in and of itself is an entirely different [?] subject altogether. ))  
  If you ever wondered about GGC's three personalities reaction to such a conundrum, Craig doesn't understand "Why" such people won't help the cause by just being true to themselves and come out of the closet...  Gregory remains understanding to the max of said decision = each to his own and who am I to judge ... and Greg falls smack dab in the middle. 
  So it's best we go with a cross between Gregory and Greg, leaving mouthy Craig to himself. [Quite often a good decision  unless he's battling DoD for us.]

Can any of YOU see where we're coming from in this

Your thoughts/opinions

*******   *******   *******

Friday, October 6, 2017

"I am, among all men, most richly blessed."

Author Unknown,
(Attributed to a battle weary C.S.A soldier near the end of the war)
I asked God for strength, that I might achieve;
I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey.
I asked for health, that I might do greater things;
I was given infirmity, that I might do better things.
I asked for riches, that I might be happy;
I was given poverty, that I might be wise.
I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men;
I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God.
I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life;
I was given life, that I might enjoy all things.
I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I hoped for.
Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.
I am among all men most richly blessed.

   THANK YOU ALL for your kind and caring comments on Facebook.  I read and re-read them all, some made me LOL and some made me truly think.  Each and every one of you are such a blessing to me.

   Now for
as pertains to yesterday.

The advice that many of you offered was to "go outside", "get out", etc.  Well as it happened I had to do exactly that.  MJ and I had planned to go to Olean right after work [he'd gone in early yesterday] to look at and purchase shower doors for TBP.  Although we ended up coming home sans any shower doors [MJ refused to "settle" ,,, long story but correct decision on his part ] we did get the heating elements for underneath the bathroom tiles, got quickie chicken salads [on the fly from "Uncle Mickey D's" as Jaxson used to call it ] ] and hurried to choral rehearsal at St. John's

   Yesterday it certainly did help to get out and about, immensely so in fact.  But you need to know that: [1] That is not always the case and [2] For some deeply depressed people even the mere thought of going outside can be beyond frightening.   I am sharing these thoughts so we can all [hopefully] have a greater comprehension of what [sometimes] goes on in the mind of someone dealing with depression [DoD] .  Thank heavens the topic thereof is no longer something that needs be hidden and/or never discussed.  Perhaps [and I state this with great timidity] if we bring the darkness of depression into the light we can help, not only understand it better, but [even if in a small way] lessen its supposable strength and power over us.  Does that make any sense friends ?

   Although I have no intent to make KASIYH Blog one that constantly discusses depression, at this point in time it is my intention to keep the discussion going as need be. Y'all have taught me many, many things over the past seven years, not the least of which is that we tend to work best  together  as we travel life's pathway.

   So thanks again for all your comments, e-mails and texts.  DoD may win a battle now and then, but he will NOT win the war!!!

TBP Update :  As stated above, we were not able to get the shower doors yesterday.  This was because the ones we want have to be ordered [ but of course they do!] and it takes two weeks.  [This was from the Bargain Outlet or Bargain Barn, whatever it's called, in Olean].  So we checked Home Depot and they had shower doors ready to go BUT they were not what we wanted [ not as classy nor were they soft closing ].  MJ [rightfully] decided, and I quote: "No, damn it, we're putting tons of money into TBP and I refuse to just settle for any ol' shower doors!!!" [ He sounded so manly,,, I started to get ,,, oh, never mind ] .  So we will order the doors we actually want and that'll be that, even if we do have to wait.  
   Aaron and Josh [the contractors] are doing a super-great job.  Every project they tackle turns out perfect. Perfect I tell ya.  Could not be happier with their work.  Will keep you posted.

Let's see how many of you catch this:
It may be a couple of years
but we're thinking about
"making it legal"
Is Allegany County ready for such an extravaganza?

   A "little bird" told me that our sister Kate might come home this weekend.  How lovely would that be?  Last time we saw her we were departing from Cape Cod in the first part of August.  Not only is she our sister but her life is dedicated to one of the occupations that we hold extremely high in every way:  TEACHING !  Plus she's not only fascinating but she makes me LOL ,, a lot.  Come on down sister Kate  ;-)
Even if we may have answered them previously, here's a couple o' questions for you.  Not taking into consideration "the butterfly effect" or any of that malarkey, but just for the fun of it, answer the following if you please: {Pick as many that apply to you ...}

1.]  If given the chance to do it all over again I'd:
A)  Work harder and party less
B)   Put more dedication into my education
C)   Learned earlier to enjoy my youth whilst it remained
D)   Skinny dipped more and overall said "To hell with clothes! "
E)   __________________________________ Fill in the blank

2.]  A few of the things I've learned throughout my life are:
A)  "Take care of your body and your body will take care of you."
B]   "A soft answer turneth away wrath"
C]   Common sense isn't common.
D]   Thank God our thought are not audible.
E]   __________________________________ Fill in the blank

3.]  Some of the mistakes I've made could have been prevented by:
A]   Realizing nothing lasts forever, good or bad.
B]   Keeping my mouth shut.
C]   Accepting the fact that some folks are simply ignorant.
D]   A good punch in the face to the above mention ignoramus's.
E]   __________________________________ Fill in the blank.

4]   I am happy with the fact that in my life I've:
A]  Learned to accept life for all its beauty and flaws.
B]   Reached more of my goals than I'd ever thought I would.
C]  Been blessed with far more friends than enemies.
D]  Never been discovered for all the bodies I've buried.
E]  ___________________________________ Fill in the blank.

5]   I still need to work on:
A]  Patience
B]  Saying "No" instead of saying "Yes".
C]  Accepting myself for who / what  I am.
D]  Realizing "s_ _ t happens", sometimes on a daily basis.
E]  __________________________________  Fill in the blank.

Feel free to answer any/all/ none of the above.
Have a Fantastic Friday Friends!

And from sister Kate:

*******   *******   *******

Windmills of Your Mind Ping-Pong match going on in my head. Not a bad thing actually, simply unstoppable for the present ...