Saturday, December 9, 2017

One week from today

Jessica Lewis Hand's
will become wedded to

Best Wishes Kids

this means
we have
coming in from
[ North Carolina, Alabama, etc.]

This screams
Uncle Greg's and Uncle Mike's
[ Most are niece's and nephew's ]

Perhaps it's because I'm feeling better as of late,
but whatever the reason / cause

We know of some who are already planning on being here
[ some can't make the trip home, some have other plans, etc.]
but it's always
to celebrate with family.
[ Particularly, but not solely, those we rarely get to see ]

I simply wanted to share some
with y'all.

We now return you to your
regularly scheduled life.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


It's been nearly a month since the last KASIYH Blog post.
[ November 8th ] 
Sorry about that.
Life seems to have taken over,
more often than not in
but sometimes otherwise.

At any rate
" How the heck are y'all ? "


was completed on
Friday, November 10th
[ we were still waiting for a couple of things to dry completely ]
and our first usage thereof


What a BLESSING it is
to have a bathroom again
Three months
6 days
[ but who's counting, right? ]

MJ took some picks for y'all
but I want to wait until I have everything
" just right "
have him take other pics.
[ Be Patient Please ]

Just before the completion of
we both came down with colds/sinus infections.

Mine has been quite horrendous
[ it's the one I seem to get twice a year ]
and am now on many meds,
have an at home nebulizer,

Unfortunately this has disrupted plans to have my 
"bubble knee"
minor out-patient surgery done at JMH.
[ T'was originally scheduled for yesterday 12/5 ]

[ since it always something ]
when having tests for the "bubble knee" surgery
[ potentially more serious ]
issue was noticed which now must be investigated.


I began my forth year as their
Director of Music
November 12th.


Usually after three years
[for Music Director's / Priest's / Pastor's ]
"the bloom is off the rose"
[ which is why some church hierarchy either switch leaders after three years,
or evaluate how things are going after that time span.]

This is not the case at
thank Goodness.

Add to that
the fact that St. John's has a Pastor/Priest In Charge
that I can readily work with
[ and not butt heads ]
! Wow !

How is your pre-Christmas going ?

Are you where you want to be, plan wise ?

Ahead of schedule ?

Behind schedule ?


*******   *******   *******

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I've written a few posts as of late then deleted the dang things, so it's not that I haven't been thinking of y'all, just ended up not liking those posts.  Hence we will try again.

Here's what's happening in and around
The Palace

We are on the home stretch my friends.

If you recall, TBP involved far more than just the bathroom.

MJ had Aaron and Jordon also do some work in the basement, the attic, the laundry, etc.  Add to that the fact that TBP itself involved rooms on either side of the bathroom [ Jaxson's room and the office ] also, and you can see why this has taken quite a while. [ Minus the TWO YEARS we waited to finally call in some help! ].  It. Is. Beautiful.  We honestly feel like we are on HGTV  ~~~ it's so professional and so well done that's it's nigh onto exquisite.  
   We want to wait to post pics until it is complete so we can provide the "before and after" photographs.  It won't be long now folks, I promise.

And I have an appointment to see Dr. Axtell today.  That "bubble" on my right knee is HUGE again.  hopefully he will drain it [once again] today, then we'll set the date for the very minor surgery to cauterize the bursa [ I think that's what it's called ] so it will stop leaking. We were going to have that minor surgery months ago BUT of course as most of you know , , , we were tied up with other surgeries at other hospitals April - August.  Geeeeeeesh, this originally happened back in August of 2016 when I fell going into Park Plaza Liquor store.  Since I'd dislocated my right shoulder in that fall, we never realized we had a "bubble knee" until much later
[ Mega pain in shoulder took precedence ].  And so it goes.

with yesterday's  voting results nationwide,
especially in
where Democrats won the race for
Governor ~~~  Lt. Governor ~~~ Attorney General
Also pleased that a
is now
Governor of New Jersey

Maine voted to expand Medicaid
[ about which Governor LaPage had a meltdown ]

A transgender woman in Virginia ~ (D) Danica Roem 
her opponent (R) Bob Marshall
who had authored the failed bathroom bill
[ and is well known to be overtly homophobic ].
When she was asked about her defeating her opponent, she replied:
" I don't attack my constituents,
Bob is my constituent now."
What grace Danica showed.

The list goes on and on
but we must not grow lax Democrats,
nor should we become snarky.
We must work with the Republicans where possible
and when that is not applicable to the challenge at hand,
we must

That's all I have for now folks.
[ MJ will be home soon due to my Dr's appt.]

Thanking you for your time this time till next time!

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

for all the
"Happy Blog Anniversary"
Dear Friends!


Those of you who truly know GGC
that we much prefer

Even though Thanksgiving to some folks
is all about when the
Black Friday
sales commence,
[ Kyrie Eleison ]
Christmas has become almost entirely
gift buying / getting.

Seems like for some people
is something to be gotten through
The Big Holiday
[to put it my phraseology ]
is but a

What would happen if we didn't give / get Christmas gifts?

Now I can just hear some of you saying:

"B, bu, but what about the CHILDREN?"

[Always an easy sympathy provoking issue = children]

" the children "
might just learn Christmas is far more than tearing open
a gazillion gifts
[ which will soon be broken or forgotten OR simple stared at
instead of learning the ART of conversation ] .

 And before the self-righteous amongst us
start in with:

"My kids are in church every week and know ALL ABOUT
the true meaning of Christmas, thank you very much !"

Welllllllllll, let me say:
" Good for you "
how much more would the true meaning of Christmas
come through if :

"What am I going to GET for Christmas?"

were instead turned to:

" What can I GIVE to HIM who came to earth
to suffer and save me? "

Would it make any difference what-so-ever
would Christmas turn into what Easter is currently?

"Let me make this perfectly clear"

We will be exchanging Christmas gifts once again this year.

I am not truly saying anyone should not do so,
I am pondering whether the
Birth of Christ
has become entrenched in commercialism
[ Not a new question / idea by any means ]
even, if not in some cases especially, by Christians.


For those of us who try to bring through the
meaning of the Christmas celebration,
what more can we do to emphasize it ?

In closing let me say that
I love Thanksgiving over Christmas.

It's simply about
Who gave everything to save me.

*******   *******   *******

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We here on the writing and editorial staff of
posted the above song last year
will continue to do so each year around this time.

The simplistic beauty of this song touches us
in ways that cannot be readily expressed.

[ Another song on the GGC funeral list for sure.]



Below are our 1st and 2nd posts,
both from Sunday, November 1, 2009


The very first KASIYH post:

Sunday, November 1st,  2009

"The LORD is my strength & SONG, & is become my salvation." Psalms 118:14

Keep a song in your heart ..... By looking at the title of this blog entry hopefully you can see why this blog has the title that it does.. Have been using this old phrase for quite some time [ "since Hester was a pup..." as my sister-in-law Joyce would say ] and it seemed appropriate for my blog title.

Why the blog? Expression perhaps. Used to keep a journal for 15-20 years, then life took over & the writing of the same fell by the wayside for the most part. Now the "journal" that is kept is mainly for recording food intake, exercise & current weight. [ One of the other obsessions of life ].

Where this leads, only God knows.
" I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future" someone has wisely stated & t'is true. That being said,,, "Come walk with me..."
[ another phrase used often around here ] & together we shall see where this journey takes us.

the 2nd post from later that same day

Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1/09 - Part II

It's post-church @ St. Philip's Episcopal & I want to add a note before the rest of the day takes over. Sermon today was interesting [that is not of note, as it usually is ] but today Rev.Peter Bryant was talking about Lazarus & change in our lives, etc. Peter made mention of how some of our fellow Episcopalians are changing their churches in many ways including physically: i.e. taking out pews & putting in chairs, etc. Good heavens, by the looks on some of the faces at today's Service you would have thought that Peter was suggesting that some Episcopalians were now attending Services in the buff or something. Actually no changes were suggested whatsoever for us as it were,,, it was just something Peter used to stress the involvement of or perhaps the importance of, "change" in our lives.
We humans really do not like change, do we? I am no exception to that rule, especially the older God allows me to become. But if change is life or growth, then to refuse to change is ,,, what exactly ??? Now that's food for thought.

Lord, help me to see when change is necessary in my life. And also help me to realize that if I refuse to change when needed, I am perhaps missing out on some of life's greatest moments, gifts and/or challenges.
Oh and thanks Lord,,, for Rev. Peter & his bringing this to my mind today.


   As GGC  wrote the above beginning posts of this Blog, we had no idea what we were doing nor how long KASIYH Blog would survive.  We certainly never thought in terms of years, months maybe but definitely not years.

  If you want a synopsis of various topics this Blog has covered, just check out other November 1st KASIYH anniversary posts.  No sense in attempting to list them all again, but one stands out and forever it will be.

  Even though it was never a "state secret" by any means, after "a certain individual" told me I was "going straight to hell" do to my lifestyle, I had to respond.  In doing so YOU gave us tremendous support which led to us actually writing about our relationship, what had happened, when/where the [non-legal] marriage occurred, the fallout from family and friends, etc.  Something we never, ever thought we'd discuss publically.  For Mike and Greg , , , that changed  everything  , , ,  all because of YOU and YOUR SUPPORT.  We were suddenly and wonderfully free from trying to hide from " a love that dare not speak its name".  Although everyone "knew" we were accepted only if we never acknowledged "it" in any way, shape, form or manner.  Period.  But YOUYOU changed all of that , , ,  what a blessing you've been and continue to be to both of us.  THANK YOU.

  Last Sunday morning, pre-mass at St. John's Episcopal Church, a precious lady of faith came up to me at the keyboard.  She and her husband are going through extremely challenging times in their personal lives, they are both dear saints of God.  She wanted to thank GGC for writing this Blog, telling me how much it means to her.  I was humbled indeed.  With all Cherie and Don are suffering through right now, with a future for them both that is speculative at best, she's telling me "thanks" for this Blog ?   Every time I've thought of that moment last Sunday, tears have filled my eyes [as in now BTW ] .  This insignificant blob of a Blog means that much to someone who is battling / suffering through challenges most of us pray to God we never have to face?  Humbling.

  So even though "Thank You" are two tiny words, I sincerely thank YOU for taking time hither and yon to read and comment on this Blog and its topics.  We've had our moments, but all in all we have learned from one another and have always at least attempted to understand each other, even when we disagree.  What a blessing YOU are , , , may it ever be so.

  And as I wrote in that very first post eight years ago today:

"Come walk with me
together we shall see where this journal takes us."


********   ********   ********



Friday, October 27, 2017

Just when I am convinced that y'all could not possibly impress me anymore than you have in the past, you raise the bar ONCE AGAIN and blow me out of the water.

Such is the case with your responses from Wednesday's questions on WHY you dare call yourself a Christian; from whence did that FAITH come from, etc.  Your responses brought a smile to my face whilst tears flowed down my face, happy, blessed tears for sure.

When I read [and re-read] your responses on your personal faith, I feel unworthy of your friendship and love, totally unworthy.  I have said it before on this Blog and will say it again:

Thank you.

In less than a week this Blog will celebrate another anniversary.  My mind is already working on that day's post.  I had hoped to have a major change ready by then [concerning this Blog] but more and more it looks like that might not happen.  Due to TBP I am not alone that much currently and I need to be so in order to turn the new Blog project into reality.  Hang tight for further details friends.

Thanks to a suggestion by our sister Mary Jo, that danged DoD has been held far at bay as of late.  The simple addition of Folic Acid to my current meds has made a world of difference.  As always, check with your Doctor [about adding anything to your meds ] if you battle depression as I do,  but this easy addition of one thing [ Folic Acid ] has
been nigh onto a life-saver in this household; just sayin'.

Patty Weber has also been a truly wonderful "lifter-upper" to me as of late.  She has encouraged me to read the book: "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincereo.  [I've mentioned this briefly on this blog not too long ago] . I'd misplaced the book but found it again yesterday.  I had read through chapter two but am now through chapter four.  It is a bit mind bending, but since it is a book that Patty highly recommended [as did our sister Lorie Waite-Feldbauer] I want to read it cover to cover.  I'll let y'all know if/when I become a "Badass".  In the meantime, thanks Patty ~ Love you kiddo.

Contractor Aaron Stephens was here briefly this a.m. and may not be returning today [grout drying = flooring ] so I am going to cut this short for now and go work on that project for this Blog that I mentioned above.

Have a

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One week from today WE HAVE A FAMILY WEDDING Jessica Lewis Hand's daughter KATELYN SCOTT will become wedded to AARO...