Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Wee Bit Tipsy !!!

The pic above is my youngest [ but still MUCH older than I ] sister a few decades ago on a New Years Eve. When I copied the pic I didn't straighten it, so hence it comes to this Blog " A Wee Bit Tipsy" so to speak! That guy looking at her leg is her husband Ron, they have been married since 1961 and have seven [now all grown ] off-spring. Having seven children also means a ton of grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren and ,,,, well you know how it goes.
I really, REALLY like this photo, it not only brings back memories of days now gone, but it ALWAYS makes me smile. Way to go Punkin' ,,, you hottie you --- kick out the old year and welcome in the NEW....... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEARTS Folks !!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Greetings! Yessssssssssss, we survived. Hoping you did also. T'was another wonderful Christmas beginning with Mid-night Service at St. Philip's Episcopal Church here in Belmont, NY~ nestled amongst the hills of Allegany County. I will confess that leading UP to that later Service I was not estatic BUT it turned out to be so WORTH IT and such a simple yet elegant birthday party for the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.
Christmas morning I spoke with my sister Barbara and my sister Marlene before heading to Connie's for the Christmas day celebration. As always she made wAAAAAAAAy to much food and we ate 'til we nearly exploded [ Man was it GOOD !!!!!!! ], opened gifts, ate some more and then waddled on home. Lord have mercy!
I have posted some pics above, but don't have the room or time to post what I'd like to, so these will have to suffice for now. [[ Pic# 1 is Connie's Christmas tree. Pic# 2 is the table set for Christmas dinner @ Connie's. Pic# 3 is Dezzie in her Christmas day attire and Pic # 4 is Taylor Aaron on my lap after what for him was a l-o-n-g Christmas day of celebrating ! ]]
PLEASE NOTE: I have had some requests to post about issues to do with w8, as many of us ate too much over the holidays [ & possibly a few weeks or months leading up to it also! ] A new year is almost here, so I might attempt to share with you, my thoughts on w8 gain, w8 loss, what worked for me, etc. If you REALLY want to read about this, now would be a good time to WRITE ME and let me know. I am waffeling a bit as to whether to make this endeavor or not, okAAAAAAAy ??????? [[ I've already had a couple of people ask me to do this ]]
This is all for now friends. I need to hit the treadmill, then this afternoon we will visit my nephew Gary, his wife Joannie & their 3 beautiful children whilst up to my sister Marlene's.
Till we meet again, hang in there & always ,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Memories

PIC # 1 ) The first pic above is one of my all time favorite Christmas pics. If you knew the people involved, you would know why. My Dad is holding up some mistletoe over the heads of my Aunt [ on the left ] & my Grandmother [on the right]. The two ladies were not always smiling, let alone laughing, so this indeed is a rare pic. My Dad on the other hand, always seemed to have the joy of the Lord in his heart, so having him smiling isn't rare. Although to SEE him smiling [ from my point of few ] was rare, as it seems to me that in my younger years he was always working, so I didn't SEE him all that much. I absolutely LOVE this photograph !
PIC # 2 ) The next pic also shows someone smiling. This is Michael's Mother, standing by the Christmas tree in what would turn out to be her final Christmas. [ The film was not developed until the following August, by which time she was in heaven.] Jodi [ her proper name being Josephine ] was ill with leukemia for many, many years, during which she continued to care for not only her children [ 3 boys & a girl ] & her husband, but was also a very well respected nurse. She "lost" her battle with leukemia in June of 1969, but on that date she also "won" a presence with her Lord & Savior for all eternity. Through her journey leading up to that day, she kept a smile on her face and a song in her heart.
PIC # 3 ) Ah, the third pic is most of my family at a Christmas Day celebration in the early 70's. [ It might even have been 1970 itself, not sure.] LOVE the hair, especially on my sister Marlene seated on the floor twixt Dad & Mother. By the time this photo was taken my brother Doug had passed on & returned home to heaven. His passing [ in July of 1969 ] left a void that can never be filled. [ BTW,,, it was the passing of Jodi & Doug so close together, one month apart, that helped two 15 year old guys not to dislike each other anymore. There can be communion in grief.] My parents have gone on before us now also, leaving the five siblings in this pic above here,,,still on the the journey ,,, homeward bound.
PIC # 4 ) Final pic of the day is a picture that Michael took here at the house many Christmas's ago. He used a time lapse or some such thing on his 35mm camera to get this shot & we used this pic for the following years Christmas card. GREAT pic MJF ~ 1 !!!
So the first pic above is from Christmas 1957.
The second pic above is from Christmas 1968.
The third above is Christmas in the early 70's.
And the fourth pic is Christmas in the mid 80's.
"Precious memories, how they linger,,,," as the old hymn begins...Hey I told you yesterday that this year's Christmas time is providing a rush of emotions...and so it goes. This too shall pass.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, can you see where my mind is today ? Actually this years Christmas season is bringing a rush of memories to mind & causing topsy-turvy emotions, thus in an effort to "expell the demon of tears", we turn to comedy of course !!! I found these clippings [ as well as some others but I can only upload about 4 pics at a time on here for some blasted reason, so this is what ya get for now ] and thought "Why not SHARE them with y'all?" So I did, Justin Case you might need a laugh or two right now also. BTW,,, I just went to the top of this blog entry and looked at the clippings from top to bottom. Wouldn't some SHRINK have a hey-day with the line-up presented here? KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


My Darling Niece-In-Law

Today is Ky's Birthday & on the off-chance that she MAY look at this blog at some point either today or tomorrow I want her to KNOW how MUCH her Uncle Greg loves her. Since I first met you at Alan's home in September of 19?? it has been SUCH an interesting journey = NEVER boring with you Ky. Whether that journey has been through all our ups & downs of life OR whether that journey has been you trying to get your vehicle into our garage WITH the travel top that was higher than our garage door,,, it is NEVER boring with you Ky ! Please know that a song that I learned years ago comes to mind on this, your birthday... " I give thanks to the Lord for you always, the great gift he has given to me..... as we walk life's weary road, you make less my heavy load,,,and we share each others burdens 'long the way." Uncle Greg loves you Kylene May,,,today and A-L-W-A-Y-S !!! Happy Birthday Sweetie. KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Camleot Choraleer Christmas Party 2009

I had a request from one of my loyal followers for pictures from last night's Camelot Choraleer Christmas Party, especially a pic of MJ & GK. So as not to disappoint [ something that I can apparently do quite readily according to some ], here are the pics requested. We had an excellent time, not everyone was able to make it, but still TONS of food & we laughed until our faces actually hurt. Yet another grand evening for the Camelot Choraleers! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"and forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE THOSE who trespass against us,,,,"
How many people SAY that phrase in the prayer taught by Jesus Himself
and yet continue to hold grudges, feelings of revenge, etc.?
Do we really STOP TO THINK that we are asking God to use the same amount of forgiveness on us as we use towards others?
I know I need LOTS 'o FORGIVENESS and therefore I TRY to use lots of it towards others . Time for the excuses to STOP, regardless of how "justified" we feel about our "hurt or injustice". PERIOD.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I rather think that the photo above is RAY DeTINE when he was in High School. He was a terrific sax player and word has it he adore's Santa, so yep, this is probably him for sure.
[ Hey Ray, this is posted as a response to that last E-mail you sent me concerning the woman who you thought must "know" me.... GOTTCHA ! ] ; - )

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The above pic is my "screen-saver' at this moment. It always makes me laugh for some odd reason, kind of like my friends! [ Heavy on the "odd" ] What's YOUR screen-saver right now? Does it express your current mood? What does it say about you? Is it totally professional because you are at work? WHY is IT your screen saver at the moment? Just wondering,,, with a mind that rarely seems to quit. And so it goes... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!

[ Missing you Murphy . May your A. be a happy one. ]

Monday, December 7, 2009


Helloooooooo out there ! Not that anyone actually READS this, but hey, ya never know. I apologize for the lack of updates. Life, just keeps comin' at ya till it STOPS & ya meet your Maker....

Which brings me to the FIRST topic. My Deart'O Connie has weathered the passing of BOTH of her parents in a matter of 13 days. Although in both cases they had health problems, etc. losing both parents in such a short time span is not easy. Due to Connie's FAITH and the FAITH of her parents, we know this is NOT "Good-Bye" but just "See Ya Later" so to speak. [ Not the case with everyone btw. Like it or not, there ARE qualifications in order to enter the heavenly realm. That's a topic for another day however. ] I remain rather concerned about the Con-Miester, as this death deal can hit us at the strangest times & for the oddest reasons, regardless of how strong our FAITH is. I'm here for ya Con, when that happens, as I am rather sure it will. [ Picture above is of Maybelle & Harold Russell, with Sarah Lewis in the middle. Taken years ago when Sarah was a teen. It's one of my favorite pictures of Connie's parents.]

Second on the agenda [ and these are not in any particular order, except for #1 really needed to be #1 as I'm sure you

understand. ] My friend Donna Holmes came through her surgery in fine "shape' and is now headed for a entirely NEW "shape". You go girl,,, I am so SOOOOOO proud of you Donna Ray Edwards Holmes ! [ Here comes that BIKINI ! ]

Third, I am really disappointed in President Obama. [ Don't get excited conservatives, I still support the Prez & find him refreshing after the previous 8 years before his arrival at the White House ] Although I am not wise in all that's happening as regards Afghanistan, sending more troops there just doesn't seem the thing to do. I rather agree with one commentator who said that Obama was elected to get us OUT of this mess, not further into it. If he is trying to appease the "right", why bother? They are going to hate him regardless of what he does. [ Those same people who watch FIX ( FOX ) news & think it is "real".] If he did it to take some kind of a "middle stance", again "why" ? Taking a middle stance would just seem to stir up negativity on both the conservative side AND the progressive side. And he certainly made no points with the VERY progressive folks. I just don't get it. Is there SOMEthing that Obama AND Bush knew that we do not? [ VERY possible btw ] Personally I think President Bush was a good man, but misguided, esp. by his V.P. When "W." seemed to go his OWN route, to me he was at his best. When he followed his V.P [ or others of that ilk ] he wasn't so good,, at all. At any rate, it is an awesome job and one I wouldn't want BUT this sending in more of our young people to DIE in a land that has never appreciated [ or tolerated ] outside interference for any length of time, is a MYSTERY to me. If you can explain it to me, I promise to at least LISTEN to you!

Fourth, how did ADVENT get here so quickly? And Christmas soon to follow. Good Lord, I truly DO feel like my 'rents.... "The older I get the faster the years go by".

This BLOG entry is toooo long. I need to shut up now. [ OKAY! I fully realize that is not truly going to happen, but work with me people ! ] This is all for now, although there is MUCH more on my mind,,,, when isn't there ?

And remember loved ones,,, whatever you are doing, at least attempt to KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART! ( Miss ya Murphy ,,, wherever ya are. ) gks

Sunday, November 29, 2009

!!! SUCCESS !!!

PRAISE the LORD !!!!!!!
Tis over and t'was a success = the Camelot Choraleer Dessert Concert that is. Above are some pics. Sorry I didn't take many & Donna Holmes [ Camelot Choraleer "on leave' at the moment ] has not sent me her pics from last night yet. So for the time being these will have to do. I'll describe them as best I can. Click on pics for enlargements please.
Pic # 1 = BEFORE any one arrived, as we were beginning the vocal warm-ups & run-through of some songs. From the right side: Amberly Morton, Louise Jordon, Donette Shelley, Noelle DeTine,,, and I can't see the rest.
Pic # 2 = Also BEFORE the concert,,, from left to right this time: Amberly Morton, Rick Chilson, Ray DeTine, Mike Feldbauer, Lee Shelley, Dottie Graham and Gary Johnson.
Pic # 3 = The BEAUTIFUL cake made for us by LINDA'S CAKES of Hinsdale (?) It is a partial replica of the poster that advertised this event. Isn't it grand ?
Pic # 4 = Connie Biele from Angelica leading the children as well as everyone else in a song entitled "Christmas is Paintin' the Town".
I should have more pics if Donna remembers to E-mail them to me. In the meantime, it was a super-great success and hereby deserves its own address on "Camelot Choraler Memory Lane". I am soon off to another rehearsal, this one for St. Philip's Episcopal Church Christmas Choir. And so it goes...... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Final Rehearsal Pics,,,,,

Some pics from last night's rehearsal for tonight's DESSERT CONCERT. It's interesting that this blog posts the prints in the opposite order that I loaded them. Oh well.......
Pic 1 ] Connie Lewis hiding her face in back row, sitting beside the barely seen Meredith Chilson
and on the right in back row as we look at photo, Debbie Hunter. In the front row in the
baby blue top is Noelle DeTine.
Pic 2 ] Connie Biele leading the song "Christmas is Paintin' the Town".
Pic 3 ] The DeTine Family singing John Lennon's "Happy Christmas/War is Over".
Ray [the Dad], Zach [ the son in college] Noelle [the Mom] & Aidan [8th grade ]
Pic 4 ] Louise Jordan with her Mother at the piano as Louise sings "T'was the Night Before
Christmas". Turning pages for her Grandmother, is Louise's daughter Amberly Morton.
This means there are 3 generations in this one picture.
If a not so good rehearsal is indicative of an excellent performance, we should be golden tonight.
Let's hope so. Prayers appreciated. And as always folks ,,,,,,,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009
Amity Rescue Squad Building
$5.00 per person OR $20. per Family [ 2 adults & children ]
Pre-Sale tickets from any Choraleer OR Tickets available at the door
This event funded in part by
The New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program
administered by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council.
Obviously I have been a wee bit busy preparing for this concert, therefore I haven't updated as of late, please forgive. I MIGHT have some pics to upload to this blog after tonight's final rehearsal for this event. Stay tuned ,,, in the meantime ...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More from Pre-Show on Sunday 11/15

Just a couple more pics of before the final Arsenic & Old Lace performance...


Mostly pics for now ---

Have a MAJOR Camelot Choraleer rehearsal tonight, so not much time to write for now, but I will post a couple of pics. I think I'll post some of BEFORE the final production on Sunday last, of various cast and crew. Not time for explanation now, maybe later. Click on pic for larger image!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It is finished ,,,ALmost !

Exhausted here. Will write more AND post some pics Monday or Tuesday. For now suffice it to say that it was a success. The actors & actresses AND crew were spectacular. I am, among all men, most richly blessed.
Later ,,,,, soooooooo tired !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

T-minue 1 day & counting ...

Thank you all that have been following this Blog & writing me. It really IS the best way to keep up-to-date on the current developments.
Was up until a little after 2:00am this morning & up for good around 6:30am. I was awake much before that, but just tossed & turned.
I'm designing the Program today, always a bit of a trial as I am deathly afraid of leaving someone out of it, which of course I always manage to do anyway. "Don't worry, be happy!" MJ is at GVCS currently, then running some other errands, and of course we STILL need some furniture for the Set, as well as completing the Set, and,,,,,,,,,
I was wondering this morning if "kindness" is hereditary ? I have a young man that came on board recently as Stage Manager/Sound guy for Arsenic & Old Lace at GVCS. I grew up with some of his Aunts & Uncles, in fact his Dad was the youngest brother in that fantastic family. This young mans name is Alex Presutti, his Dad being Alan [ mom Sherri Ross Presutti ]. It has taken me a good week or so to actually call this "kid" by his correct name instead of his Dad's name. He is very accepting of my forgetfulness & simply laughs it off. My thought is: I've known Alex's paternal family for many decades & his maternal family for a couple of decades. Alex is kind, polite, respectful, caring, courteous & responsible,,, among many other wonderful attributes. Now I know that this is most probably from his terrific rearing by his parents, but it does give cause for wonderment. IF indeed such qualities as kindness COULD be passed on from generation to generation, this young man would be EXACTLY the way he is due to the gene pool from both families. Alas, I realize that if kindness could be passed on from generation to generation, then the opposite could also be a that we wouldn't want to even imagine. But it sure would be nice if we had & could locate a "kindness gene" & thereby pass it on to those who might need an extra "boost". This morning I would start with the gene pool that Alex has. His very presence in this A&OL project has reminded me what super-great folks we have here, nestled in the hills of Allegany County, NY. Not a bad reminder to start ones day. Thank you for that thought God.... and for Alex,,, oh & thanks "L'il Al and Sherri" too.
Keep A Song In Your Heart !!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

T-minus 2 days & counting

We were able to hold rehearsals today [ Thank you Mr. Wilson ] even though there was no school in session. Last night's rehearsal [ Tuesday night ] was the first time we have went clear through the entire ARSENIC & OLD LACE from beginning to end. I don't recall ever having been this close to production w/o having gone through the entire play. We were able to do it last night, but not this afternoon. Too much "stuff" going on before we could even begin today. Plus we were absent out "Dr. Einstein" [played by Dathan Garfield ] which really kind of hurt us. Be that as it may, it was still an okay rehearsal today, with last night having been even better.

The Director is getting quite tired as are some of the actors. Well, not sure if they are truly tired or just "bored" at times. One forgets that with some teens, if they aren't the center of the universe or perpetually concentrated upon, they get "bored". Not all fit that description, but some seem to. Others are an almost endless stream of energy that never seems to stop. It the second type that inspire the Director, helping him remember "back in the day" when he acted in this same play,,, at approximately 1/3 the age he is now. Ah yes, under the guidance of one very talented Mr. Gary Nevinger @ Belmont Central School. Apparently that same "Mr. N." will be present for this Friday's production at GVCS of A&OL, making the current Director more than a little concerned. To please the master teacher should always be the students desire, regardless of age,,, and it certainly is in this case.

But as for now, there is still a paper Program to create for this weekend's performances, the same will need to be run off, there is an announcement for tomorrow morning at GVCS to write up & E-mail to the ever vigilant Penny Miller, along with a Set that is not quite completed, furniture to still be located, flowers to be ordered, and a continuing list of another 20-30 things to yet be done.

And so it goes with miles to go before we sleep. In the meantime, as always please remember:

Keep A Song In Your Heart !

P.S. Will try to attach a couple of more pics to this Blog entry of 2 or 3 cast members just "clowning around" [ Yep. Put up Brad Palmer & then one of Dathan Garfield & Chas James.]

Monday, November 9, 2009

O boy !

I will hopefully have a couple of PICS on top of this blog entry, of the SET rising from the stage at GVCS. It is further along than you will see in these pics [ PICS compliments of Mr. Chaz James, a Senior at GVCS who is playing the role of Jonathan Brewster = thanks CHAZ ! ] Click on pics for a larger view.

The " O Boy " at the heading of this entry is due to the fact that one of the cast is home sick with a temp. of 101 degree's & another one of the cast went home from school after he vomited at GVCS. And of course beloved basketball practice starts tonight, but we are trying to work around that one. I was doing great UNTIL the BB practice challenge, now things are still okay, but a wee bit more stressed.

As I told my [ vomiting ] cast member who called to let me know he can't be at rehearsal tonight [ school rule = even if he feels better he's not allowed to come to any extra curricular activities. Do these people not REALIZE that it is PRODUCTION week ??? ] ,,, as I told that cast member,,, at least today is Monday: better now than Friday !

Remember Gregory ,,, Keep A Song in Your Heart !!!!!!!

T-minus 5 days ...

This IS "production week" for Arsenic & Old Lace at Genesee Valley Central School. We held rehearsal yesterday [ yes Sunday ] at 3:00pm. Our Set Designers [ read= & builders] were working through-out the rehearsal, but the cast/crew still managed to do a decent job of rehearsing.

Immediately following A&OL rehearsal @ GVCS we had Camelot Choraleer rehearsal held currently at St. Philip's Episcopal Church, in fact we were a bit late for that rehearsal. The CC's managed to get into the church [ perhaps due to the sexton's next door as DeTines were out of town ] and thanks to Louise Jordan, were vocally warmed up when we arrived. That rehearsal also, thankfully, went well. By the time we arrived home a little before 9:00pm I'd conducted nearly 6 hours of rehearsals and was dragging . There were a couple of glitches as we went from one rehearsal to the next, but all is well now .

Production week for any play, musical or show is always c-r-a-z-y , this one should be no different. And yet one manages to forget that in the midst of hecticness & hubbub of it all, it WILL all come together [ for better or for worse - and it's the last one of those that always drives me to distraction ! ] . I am hoping to remember this week the funny moments along this journey, and with this cast there have been many . If the photo shows up as it should ABOVE, you will see Emma Dodd [ a Senior @ GVCS ] and Paige Demick [ a Junior @ GVCS ] "dressing up" one Friday night at rehearsal,,,in a manner that had nothing to do with this production. There are other pics like this which I might post in the coming days ,,, just to remember and to smile and to r-e-l-a-x .

But for now I'd best get hoppin'. So much to do, so little time. Did I forget to mention that with everything else going on this production week, I also have to memorize lines ? Yep, I could find no one to perform poor Trevor's role of Lt. Rooney, so yours truly will be doing so. [ Thank GOD that Aidan DeTine is going to play the part of Mr. Gibbs for us. Thank you Double A ! ] So if you believe in prayer as I do, now would be a GREAT time to offer up a few...hundred!

Till we meet again, you're in my prayers [ as I hope I am in yours ] and remember,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

! HEART ! Keep a song in your,,,,,

I was just reminded by my "Dear-O"* Connie that today is the 7 year anniversary of "the heart attack". [ A minor blip on the wide-screen version of my life ] I really had forgotten it this year, but t'is not a bad thing to keep in mind how GOOD GOD is,,,and how delicate this thing called life is. Thanks for the reminder Connie,,and thanks for being there then ,,,,, as well as every day thereafter. You too Sarb.
God is good all the time, All the time God is Good !
* A "Dear-O" to me is a Dear Old family member or friend who has stood the test of time, knows how horrid I can be, yet sticks in there none-the-less. Either a true Saint or one who needs their head examined. My life is blessed to have many of them = each one precious to be sure!

More Understanding

Good Morning Friends,
Most of you who read this Blog already know that the two pics in today's entry are the same person, just at different sizes. One too large, the other [some would say ] too small. I am well acquainted with the individual pictured here. He has struggled with his w8 since around age 15, sometimes winning, sometimes not. When he was headed towards his "biggest",,, people would poke him in his stomach & ask "When's it due?" as if he were pregnant. When he was much smaller they would state "You don't look well, are you okay?" [ Ironically, some of the same people would pose both questions.] He has stated for decades that those who struggle with their weight on earth, will be thin & handsome [ or beautiful ] in heaven....And those who can eat whatever they so desire on earth & never gain an ounce ,,, would be naked, fat cherubs for all eternity! He did this so that he would simply smile at the earthly "skinnies" & not want to hurt them [quite so much].
Dealing with the struggles of being over-weight is a constant battle. Those who have waged these battles over the years have been led to all kinds of thoughts or actions. Some try to ignore the mean & hurtful things said about or to them. Others have become so over-whelmed by it all, that they rarely go out in public anymore, it's just too hurtful. If they do venture out it is almost always to somewhere NON-local. It's easier you see, to be mocked by people you don't actually know, then those you thought would never say such things. Then again, if it's people you're aquainted with that see you,,,you can see the shock in their faces when they realize that "big" person is actually you. And you know what they're thinking " How did s/he allow THAT to happen ?" Naw, it's just easier to go far away if one must get out of the house for a while. The pain of running into someone you know..... is just too much of a risk. Even the truly well-meaning family or friends can be "too much" if one is not ready to attempt to deal with the situation,,,again. [ Like they think you haven't tried, or tried hard enough, or tried long enough . ]
The guy pictured above having "been there" is trying to also realize that he needs to accept even the "earthly skinnies". We all have our crosses to carry, we all have been talked about, we all have been mocked for something it seems. Unfortunately we have a [ horrid ] tendency to seek out the flaws in others to increase our own self worth. Someone once said " They are trying to whitewash themselves by blackening others". True. Sad, but true.
Due to that guy pictured above, my thoughts & prayers today are going out to those who have struggled in any way with their w8. And also that ALL of us might try to be just a wee bit more understanding of one another. I do this because that guy pictured above asked me to do so,,,, I do this for me.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday & Keep A Song in Your Heart.
P.S. Comments welcome.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Have you ever tried to keep track of your blessings in just one 24 hour period? I have & it is VERY difficult due to the sheer multitude of them. Perhaps it takes being "aware" of them to actually "notice" them all, but I would be hard pressed [ read=find it impossible ] to list even the ones just from this day that's only five+ hours old.
The fact that I was able to get out of bed this morning when so many are bed ridden. Or that I could make my own coffee [ ahhh, coffee in itself is a blessing to me ], and be greeted by my trusting companion Taylor and his ever wagging tail. The sunshine outside and the SON-shining in my heart, the friends & family that have touched based with me today, the devotional reading that reminded me of my brother Doug this morning [ who is waiting on the heavenly side for us ], the power of the Internet & the folks it brings right into my office, MUSIC [ a blessing category ALL it's own! ].The blessings go on and on and on in an endless procession before my eyes. Every day, every hour, every minute this parade of blessings marches on. And the music that the "Blessing Band" is playing is... "God is Good all the time ~ All the time God is Good." And all His children are yelling from the sidelines........ A-M-E-N and A-M-E-N !!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wellllllll,,,,, heck !

I decided to check this blog one more time before I went to bed to read and lo & behold I have real, live, actual "followers" !!! Talk about feeling "pregnant". What a rush, kind of like Sally Field ... " You like me, you really like me!" [ Or of course they don't & are waiting for a slip-up of some kind, which with me might not be that long of a wait! ] Either way, how cool is that ? Thank you Little Ms. Red-Heart, Gladys & Linny-Sue ,,, you have made my day ! Till the morrow & we meet once again.....God Bless.
This is the cast from Genesee Valley Central School's upcoming production of ARSENIC and OLD LACE --- NOV.13,14 & 15, 2009. [ Further details to follow as the time nears.]
They are a GREAT cast, although at the moment their Director is wondering a wee bit if indeed they WILL pull this off w/o giving him some type of seizures or something.
One of the cast, the young man in the back row, upper left, suffered an injury in a soccer game & will not be able to perform his role[s]. He is a super-great young man & added so much to each & every rehearsal. However, with his knee surgery scheduled for Nov.10th, there is no way he would be able to make the production in good enough shape. We will miss you Trevor Burt, but you were and will remain the REAL "Mr. Gibbs AND Lt.Rooney" Our prayers are with you Buddy!

   Long time readers of this Blog know that 2017 held more than its share of health challenges for the KASIYH'S author [ with fi...