Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old "art work" ~~~

I found some "seasoned" [ meaning older but I don't care for that word myself ] "pics" on the Internet & decided to share them with y'all. MOST of you are too young to remember art work such as this, these were around during the "Dick and Jane & Spot" years, during my "yout" as Mayor Daily of Chicago used to say.
Everything is so fast and quick and computer generated now, that enjoying art work from decades ago just holds a certain warmth for me. Is that a sign that I'm getting more "seasoned" myself? And so it goes.......

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Danger Will Robinson, Danger ! "

! STOP !

STOP right now and read no further if you came here expecting or needing "Christmas cheer". THAT is not what this blog entry is about. Also STOP if you don't care for my opinion on things, for in this case... it IS about me.

I had a weekend that seemed to have MORE than its fair share of disappointment. In one case the disappointment [ the worst one of the weekend ] came from out of the blue. I do not think it was in any way "planned" or even for that matter, meant to do the damage it did. In the 2nd case I could see it coming, but with hope springing eternal, had prayed for a different outcome. The third case involved a remark that was innocuous by itself, but the physical reaction that followed it was rather shocking [ not to mention infantile ] .

So I spent some time this weekend in self reflection concerning the above listed moments. One tends to do this in ones more "seasoned" years, rather than to take everything at face value & spaz out or ???

These reflections [ at least at first glance ] lead me back to a conclusion that I have come to many times over the last few years: The more we open our hearts to someone[s], the more we enable them to hurt us. Seems simple, right? Wrong. There are numerous layers to that conclusion, some of which I am contemplating even as I'm typing. The first & most obvious would be that to be hurt less, close up ones heart. Then doesn't that solution lead to its own "hurt" ?

Hmmmmmmm ,,,,, much contemplation ahead to say the least. I felt a need to share this, or at the very least to write it out. It doesn't make the disappointment disappear, but it does allow a certain amount of clarification at least. And so it goes ,,,,,,,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GOOD MORNING LOVED ONES ~ Now this pic IS me, somewhere around 2-4 years old. I just put this on FACEBOOK as my profile pic. I find most interesting the TOYS [ gifts] that are under the Christmas tree. It certainly should be obvious that this was somewhere around 1957 or there abouts. AND it looks like I was quite pleased with what "Santa" had done that year !
I'm thinking that probably the bathrobe was new also , again SOOO 1950's. And so it goes.


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Good Evening !
The little one pictured above is a Elinor, daughter of one of my peeps I met through directing of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat back in 2004. Her Mom's name is Michelle & her Dad's name is Bill. They are a wonderful couple, truly "in love" and Elinor is proof positive of that fact. [ I'm not using the last name of Elinor or her parent's out of respect for their privacy. Some of you will know of who I speak, some will not... and so it goes. ]
I am always somewhat surprised when people are shocked that I like "kids". WHY wouldn't I ? Not only do I not have any under foot day to week to month to year [ oh MY how I admire PARENTS ! ], but I find kids the purest form of humans ANY where. They haven't been painted with the negativity brush that most adults have and they have their entire futures ahead of them. WoW ,,, the world is theirs to own, run or ignore. But for those as young as l'il Elinor pictured above, none of that matters. She's simply modeling the hat that her Mommy made, and doing a darn good job of it too !
LOOK at that face folks..... "Jeeeeeeeee-ruslaem Godfrey" as the saying used to go. I mean don't ya just want to HEAR the giggle that she makes ? I cannot decide which of the above pics is my fav, but I am partial to the VERY top pic ,,,, she looks a little Jewish or Yiddish, OR maybe it is the Italian coming out in her, whilst she is explaining some great part of her little life,,, perhaps why she endures all the photo's ...." Sooooo, what I'm sayin' is,,,ya gets used to it, ya know? The flashes going off, the oooo's & the ahhhhh's,,,, what am I to do? I mean come on girls ,,,, gorgeous is as gorgeous does, ya know? " Ah, Elinor, my heart [ as do all hearts that know you ], hold wondrous dreams for you Sweet Heart. God does miraculous things with ALL His creations, but he did an even more wondrous thing when he made you Elinor, daughter of Bill & Michelle. Thanks for the smile that you brought to this ol' guys face when he saw your pic on FACEBOOK. You ARE a doll Elinor ,,, a living, breathing doll. May ALL your dreams [both Christmas & otherwise] come true. God bless you,,, SUPER HAT btw!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here AND Facebook

Good Day Folks ,,,,,,, I put the above pic on my FACEBOOK page as my "profile pic" even though it isn't me, it's Michael. I wanted to add it HERE to for those who might not be "on FACEBOOK
if you can even IMAGINE such a thing.
This pic would have been Mike's first Christmas back in 1954. No siblings yet,,, so I guess we could call it "The Early Years" ! Much love to all .......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Good Morning,

Don't let the shock kill you, I'm well aware that I'm taking "too long" between postings. Some "questions" I have this morning..... hopefully brief, but you never know.

* WHY is December so "December" ? Even when one tries otherwise, the emotional aspect of this month is unbelievable. It seems to begin [ at least for me ] in November [ perhaps thee greatest month of the year = LOVE it....FAR better than the month that follows it] and continues into the ever lurking December. Okay, this topic is a future post in & of itself, so will leave it as is for now.

* WHEN is our dear President going to "grow a pair" ? Oh calm down, yes I voted for him, yes I want to support him, yes he is "trying" [ VERY trying currently ], but his capitulation to the republicans on these tax "breaks" [ giving them to the RICHY-RICH as well as to us lowly folk whose annual income is less than $250,00.] seems to be yet another example of his unwillingness to stand up for what [ we were led to think ] he believes in. The Dems are sooooooo poor are getting their message across while the republicans are great are delivering theirs, even though I disagree with much of what their message is. Come on Barack, step up to the plate and play ball or do you want to be a one term President like "Bush 1" ?

* WHERE has "common" courtesy gone ? I fully admit [ well maybe not fully, but mostly at least ] that I am getting older BUT why is everyone so rude nowadays ? In this case, the general public we meet on the street but don't know by name. Are we in that much of a hurry that we need to leave courtesy at home? Try going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. [ We did NOT do it THIS year. Have only done so once in my life & don't plan on repeating that mistake again. ] Not only do people push, shove & elbow you [ sorry ladies, but it's mostly women doing this ] but they will steal right from your shopping cart. Common courtesy is NOT common anymore, it has become extraordinary indeed.

* How can one go one after the passing of their life partner ? Bet this one just slapped you, huh ? Of course for those of us that have faith [ which some call a crutch ] we rely on Him who strength is sufficient for all our needs, but how do others do it ? Or even how do faith-filled folks face another day "alone" on this journey we call life? This question haunts me at times, especially the holidays I guess. My little village / town has lost a LOT of it's residents unexpectedly this year, so that also brings this question closer up on the "heart-meter". My thoughts & prayers are with ALL THOSE who have had to bid farewell to the love of their lives. Can't imagine it... take me first Lord, PLEASE !!!

Okay, that's it for now. Just a post to keep in touch with y'all. If you have ANY comments on the above,,,PLEASE let me know. I would LOVE to post them even if I disagree with you,,, at least the door is OPEN to learning from one another,,,, or sharing. And at this time of year SHARING is suppose to be what it's ALL about. Sending you oodles of love from B-town with a reminder to .......


Friday, November 5, 2010

The Wedding

YeSSSSSSS ,,,,,,, we survived. SORRY it has taken me so long to catch up, my apologies. STILL haven't received the professional photo's yet, so what y'all are seeing are from our little camera. Will try to upload the professional pics later on. To say that it was a weekend to remember would be an understatement.
I truly was not looking forward to this event. I will confess this now, even knowing that the bride will read it. I was dreading this with a passion. WAAAAAAAY too much room for things to go wrong ,,, from every which angle. BUT ,,,,,,, I am happy to announce that I canNOT think of how it could have gone any smOOOOOOOther. From beginning to end, it was spectacular. And Sarah was a DREAM in every way possible. I was / am soooooo proud of her. When EVERYone was falling apart emotionally around her, she comforted us. Her mood was never, ever even in the suburbs of "Bridezilla",,, she was an example to ALL brides. My heart positively BURST with pride at her actions.
As for the walking her down the isle issue... okAAAy, THAT was VERY emotional. Having played organ at nigh onto 200 weddings [ or more ] in my lifetime, I really thought that I was at least SEMI-ready for this. In fact I was helping the Pastor a little bit with some details, as well as the organist, etc. AND I had my LIST of duties of what I had to do when I met Sarah JUST before we proceeded down the isle: [1.] Walk behind her... [2.] FLUFF the train of the dress [ 3.] Take her arm properly [4.] Walk s-l-o-w-l-y less the MoB ( Mother of Bride ) kill me later. THEN when it came time to put her veil back, I was to avoid any "corners" so that everything looked fluffy & not rough..... Well I did all that I guess, but all I was thinking was " Good God, this is REAL ! I am about to hand Sarah Elizabeth Lewis over to David Mark Wyre ,,, forever."
Only a VERY few times in my life have I actually FELT my heart break ,,, that moment was one of them. I shall never, ever forget it.
I'd written a song for the occasion, which Michael sang, called "Someday". The song was written " on the fly" so to speak, over a couple of days, on note paper here & there. In fact I completed it around mid-night, wedding eve. Came out quite well though, if I do say so myself.
It was indeed a marvelous weekend, even the weather cooperated, which is not always the case in western New York state. God smiled on us all on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 ,,,,,,, may He continue to do so on Sarah and David Wyre now ....... and always.
! Let's make some grandchildren !

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday ~ ~ ~

Sooooooo, this Saturday is the "Big Day" for Sarah Lewis & David Wyre. I will have the privilege of walking the bride down the isle and giving her away. Rather strange "giving away" someone that you never thought you'd be blessed enough to even have in your life. Now,,, to give her away ? That seems rather unfair at best.

I have thoughts of refusing to "give her away". When the minister says " Who gives this woman to be married?" I have imagined saying "Um, excuse me but I've thought it over & since I waited MANY years to even HAVE a "daughter", I want to keep her ! " I mean, what's the worse that could happen anyway? Nervous laughter, giggles ,,,, until they realized that I am not laughing ? Of course I would be torn asunder between the Bride and her Mother ,,, but then again, all those people gathered, just hold my funeral & get it over with.

Oh it's lunacy I know, but a part of me [ not a small part btw ] really does not want to give Sarah away ,,,, that which took so long to obtain must now be given away. So, since I can feel my heart starting to break even now [ again, not in a little way ... ] I have decided I must concentrate on the times that she was less than "perfect". The times when I KNEW she must be acting like her Mother or her real Dad's family, as MY contributions to her raising were not in evidence. And there HAVE been a few of those moments in the last 17 years or so ; - )

I have actually come to like the young man that I am "giving" her to,,,something that did not happen overnight. Due to some past history I did not trust David right away. [ Said history was nothing that he did btw. ] Over time he has made me laugh [ always a good thing ] , stood by Sarah in her most trying times and most importantly ,,, he has convinced my heart that his heart truly loves her. They are building a life together ,,, and it's time to let her go ,,, time to give her away.

So this coming Saturday, some fifty hours from now, I will walk her down the isle of that church, her all dressed in fluffy white, as gorgeous as she's ever been .... and I will "give away'"that which was never really mine to begin with. I just wanted to think she was mine, for a while, for just a little while. I will utter the words that must be uttered and place Sarah's hand into David's hand. Then I will sit down and see how good this old Director's acting skills really are ,,, I will hold a look of dignity and reserve ,,, while inside I will be struggling to ,,,,,,,


~ I Love You Sarah Elizabeth ~

~ Now and Always ~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm so excited [ as you can see by the pic above]. The people of Allegany County, NY have elected their republican candidate for the office of Sheriff and now all our problems will soon be OVER. Yes sir-ree, with the assignment of overtime being put into the hands of the union [ as it was under past Sheriff Randy Belmont ] , all will be well. Soon our taxes will be nigh onto nothing and our county will be saved from all the ills of the current [soon to be passed ] Sheriff's office. Whoa ,,,, what a relief to know that soon & very soon ALL will be well amongst the humble hills of Allegany County. I can barely contain my excitement.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Election Day

Might as well post this pic today as it is Primary Election Day in many parts of the country,
including my neck of the woods.
I'm so sick and tired of the Sarah Palin's amongst us I could literally vomit. There's a local political race going on [ with much to be decided today ] that's also making me ill. How FEW brains does it take to see that if a labor union wants a current 'boss" out and his opponent elected in his place [ said opponent has publicly stated his desire to turn the over time hours back in the control of the labor union ], that something is amiss here ? Duh !
Is the "winner" of any political chat REALLY the one who can slam his fist louder against a table and yell "Well, by God I know what I'm talkin' about & that's that by God !!! " Where is reasonable intelligence ? Common sense isn't common anymore.
I apologize for the rambling here. Idiocy in its various forms is always upsetting, but especially when it's advertised in such a blatant manner. Give me a break.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday but ~ ~ ~

I'm confused.
It feels like Monday.
It's actually Tuesday.
But it really feels like Monday.
"Feelings, all my life is feelings ,,,,"

Friday, September 3, 2010

O boy !

First of all this ADORABLE PICTURE above is of my great-great-niece Jeannie, daughter of my great-niece Aimee .... what a DOLL !!!!!!!

I put this pic up because I feel like this pic looks = "O boy, what a lfe,,I'm just sayin..." Nothing horribly amiss but struggling a bit to stay even close to on top of things. Wanna just go to bed & stay there a few months or so. Ever had those days ???

So Jeannie Darlin' your Great-Great Uncle sympathizes with you today, but like you Sweet Girl ... I know that we aren't in these "O boy" places too long,,,,there are always more invigorating days ahead.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010

~ Happy September !!! Doesn't the mere sound of this month bring back a ga-zillion memories? In my neck of the woods it brings to mind going back to school which calls to memory [ some ] new school clothes & supplies as well as no small amount of angst of wanting to be "accepted" by ones peres, etc. Man, September ,,, beginning of the final 3rd of the calendar year, all the excitement that is autumn [ which of course leads to "you know what" as a kid ,,, December 25th! ] Septemeber that month of kissing summer farewell & embarking on a new, undiscovered & [ hopefully ] exciting autumn journey.

I am well aware that there are memories of this time of year that might not be happy ones, but for those of us always attempting to look UP , we won't go there. [ It's a choice you know, in most cases, whether to be positive or negative... more on that in a future blogging... ] Instead, as September greets me today I plan on dancing with my dogs in the livingroom and perhaps even outside in the yard ! [ By now my neighbors KNOW I'm insane anyways, so who cares ? ]

We will dance to a numerous tunes including "September in the Rain" as well as "And I'll see You in September " and one that we made up from the tune " Chicago, Chicago " that goes ... "September, September you're a hell-of-a month, a hell-of-a-month....." Can you tell that I really REALLY like autumn ? And the dear month of September has the distinction of kicking it all off.... " Sep-tem-ber how I love ya, how I love ya,,,my dear Sep-tem-ber " Hey, so it's not
"Swannee " ,,, who cares? ... Carpe' Diem people, Carpe' Diem .......



!!! Keep A [ September ] Song in Your Heart !!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"... at least like Paulie ..."

Thought maybe it was time for an UPDATE. I will be honest with you [as I always try to be ] I have spent wAAAAAAAy to much time writing this entry & have changed it SEVERAL times. It started out as something I didn't want it to be so I altered it into what it is now. For that alone I give thanks ,,,, as should you btw = ha !

On Sunday, August 15th through a series of VERY unexpected phone calls & circumstances, we now have an addition here at 4998 Noble. He arrived with a name, but since he is only "one" year old [ or there-abouts ] we're changing his name. If you know us, by now you know that most would refer to this little guy as a "dog" & we are his "owners". In MG speak he is a new family member & we are his care-takers. He is the same breed as Taylor [ the "senior partner in this firm" as Taylor has told the "new kid" many times ] although the new arrival looks much more like this breed than Taylor does. [ That will change somewhat after the first professional grooming on 10/7 . ] This little guys new name is "Paulie" ,,, after Saint Paul & comes from Paul's letter to the Philippians, chapter 4, verse 11: " Now I speak in respect of want: for this I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."

Paulie was apparently born into rather rough circumstances & ours is [ at least ] his 4th home in his young life, yet his attitude & temperament is joy-filled & exuberant. Now some might attribute that to him being young, just a "pup" so-to-speak, but not all would maintain the outlook that Paulie has, young or not so young, especially with all that he's been through. Our circumstances can take a toll on us, can't they ? Sometimes shaping us & making us into something that we neither desired nor thought at all possible, if we let them. T'is true the saying "Life will make you bitter or better ". The choice of course is up to us when all is said & done, bitter or better. Paulie has not turned bitter [ I can't speak as to whether he is "better" as I've only known him a few days ]. Each & every day he is warming up to us & trusting us more,,, God only knows what he's experienced in his young life, but whatever it might have been, it has not made him bitter.

One of my current prayers is that even if I cannot become "better' today [ & that should be the goal, right ? ] ...PLEASE don't allow me to become bitter. Sometimes that's the "best" we can do on any given day,,, not to become bitter when better doesn't appear to be an option. So first off today I will TRY to become a better me but if for some reason that seems unattainable then please, Please, PLEASE, prevent bitterness from taking over my life. In the simplest of terms... " Lord, please help me to at least be like Paulie ,,, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content. " Amen? Amen.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Disappointment and Relief

Greetings - I was asked recently how I would describe my summer of 2010,,, in just a couple of words. The heading on this blog entry is the answer I gave.

Without going into too much detail the disappointment [ in part ] stems from the discovery that [ few - some - most - ? ] people are not necessarily what they'd represented themselves to be or perhaps what I'd believed them to be or what I had hoped they were. You'd have thought that by the time one reached my "seasoned" years, I would have dealt with that conundrum, but alas it has smacked me head on & knocked me for a loop once again. Shouldn't have, we've all seen it time & time again, right ? Is it instinct [?] in some of us to want to believe the best of others?What's the alternative to that ? To believe the worst then be surprised when [ if ] it turns out differently ? Most of us know people like that [ pessimists ] & haven't a desire to join their ranks, yet wouldn't that be easier ,,, in the long run ?

The relief part of my answer resulted from returning [ via unfortunate circumstances ] to the place that has given me nightmares for nigh onto 6 years & discovering that its "hold" on me is over. The fear & angst & anger & vast hurt is done. By returning to that which haunted me, I have faced it D-O-W-N once and for all. I cannot relay to you, Dear Readers, what a weight has been lifted from my shoulders because of this happening. All I can think of, hokey as it may sound to some of you, is Gerald Ford saying " Our long [ national ] nightmare is over" after the stepping down of Richard Nixon. That long nightmare that has haunted me since September of 2004 IS over - done - complete - history ,,, and I daily thank God for this miracle !!!!!!!

So, which of the two words is "ahead" for the summer, disappointment or relief ? Ahhh, there is the golden question for which, at the moment I have no answer. After all, summer is not over yet is it ? And, as I have tried and tried to get through to one of my Dear'O's,,, life is about balance ,,, it's all about balance ,,, and our infinite [ perhaps instinctual ] desire to tip the scales in favor [ belief ] of goodness & light in order to obtain some desperately needed relief from the disappointments of life. And so it goes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thought of the Day

" For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

If God doesn't give us the spirit of fear, who does try to give us that spirit of fear ?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rod McKuen

One of my favorite Rod McKuen lines goes something like this. It might not be exact, but it's pretty close. It has come back to me many times through the years, including recently:

" Sometimes I'm sorry for happiness once known,

it does not justify the years of remembering

and being able to do nothing about it."

Amen and Amen.

Keep A Song In Your Heart

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

Good Morning - This won't be terribly long as [yet again] much to be done before days end. And yes I do remember that "Random Thoughts" was a phrase used many times on SNL in years past ,,, with some insipid "thought" following each "serious" speaking of the words "...and now more Random Thoughts .

~ Amity Daze / Alumni Weekend 2010 is over, save for the wrap-up meetings. It was a good weekend overall, even with the "chicken monsoons" that hit JUST as the Camelot Choraleers were beginning the selling of their chicken BBQ's. They still did okay, esp. with Mike Feldbauer doing "curb service" so that people did not have to get out of their vehicles unless they wanted to. Mike would run to their car, ask them how many BBQ's they wanted, come back into the tent, tell the workers the # needed then run the order back to the costumers vehicle, get the money,,,, and go for the next order. He was drenched by the time the BBQ was over. Had to go home and change his clothes before we could set up for the Community Awards and Choraleer concert. And that was just Friday afternoon & evening. Saturday and Sunday were also very full days, with exhaustion setting in by/during Sunday morning. And so it goes ,,,,,,,

~ Old friends : T'was nice last weekend seeing some friends we hadn't seen in a while, especially [but not limited to ] the three Harris's. Keith Harris owned Harris Hardware here in Belmont back in the day, and his three children [ not children anymore ] were here this past weekend = Owen, Holly and Steve. We graduated with Steve form good ol' BCS back in 1972. ALWAYS good to see "Hair" ... seems like the years just melt away.

~ Rod McKuen : Whilst looking around in the attic last week [ for the rummage sale at Belmont Central during Amity Daze ] I came across some of my old books. A few of which are by the poet Rod McKuen. My, oh my, the memories that brings back to mind. I had one of his books in my office, but since finding the attic books, I have begun re-reading his writings. It is definitely something from the late '60's and early 70's and I still enjoy them. I have one or two of his records also. I can't take an overload of his writings, as they can be a bit depressing, but some things he's written have stuck with me for nigh onto 40 years. I can quote them from memory [ no small feat as we become more seasoned with the passing years! ] Expect some quoting from Rod McKuen on this blog in the near future.

~ My Dear 'O Meredith called a few minutes ago and is heading to Rochester with her Dad. His "beeper" is going off on his pace-maker, so that means the battery needs to be replaced. His last battery replacement was 5 years ago. Mr. McNinch [ Bob ] is 91 years old I believe, and this is his umpteenth pace-maker ,,, and God only knows how many batteries he's had replaced over the years. What a guy! Both he and his lovely wife Beth are worth their weight in gold.

~ And that is all for now. Enough of an update. Onward & upward as they say. I will attempt to put VERY brief updates on here every few days, just so those who might be interested in such things can be assured I'm still a ROUND [ toooo round btw! ]. I'm outta here .......


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Curly - Part 1

Okaaaaaaaaay,,,,, so this morning as MJ is leaving for work [ poor guy had to stop out front, check his tires, pull back into garage and put air in one of the front tires.... again ] I decided to quickly water a couple of flower plants along the sidewalk out front, etc. Well ya know how one things leads to another --- I decided to pick up a couple of things in front of the garage that had needed to be picked up since " hector was a pup". One item needing to be moved was a medium sized "rock" [ made to look like a rock ] that Connie had given us years ago with the numbers 4998 on it, and now needed to be disposed of due to age. I lifted it a bit, fiddled with it a bit to see if it could be "saved" [ in a non-biblical sense ] and seeing it couldn't, took it into the garage. I came back out, went over to the same general area and moved a cement block, etc. when I noticed a rather "healthy" pile of poo where the "rock" I had just moved was located. I thought "How on earth did ANYthing manage to poo underneath that fake rock? " Thinking that one was one for the books, I started to clean up more in this area when the "poo" moved a bit. It was a snake. Curled / coiled up making it appear "poo-ish" upon first glance. I stepped back. Quickly. It look at me. I looked at it. It was a snake-human stare off. Actually not a stare-off but I was frozen in my spot. For all I know he was frozen too. After some [ not a great deal of ] debate I removed myself to the garage and then into the house. Leaving this curled / coiled up snake to his own early morning peace and quiet.

My Dad hated snakes. My brothers hate[d] snakes. I hate snakes. So now I am asking myself the following question: If I can overcome my fear of birds,,, of flying 35,000 feet above the earth in a "tin can",,, and of numerous other fears & phobias ,,,,, why of WHY can't I get over my overt f-e-a-r of snakes ? I have some inner thoughts on this [ biblical in nature ], but I doubt it would account for all of my inner desperation over those slimy, sneaky, slithering "thangs".
I will admit that there has been improvement on my part. Years ago when we first moved up here if I saw a snake,,,,, I was half way down the road of this hill before I even considered stopping. Today I stepped back about 15 feet and just stood there. Watching. Waiting. Willing it to slither away. [ It didn't ].

I have named him "Curly" for a couple of reasons: [1] H e was curled up [ I prefer curled to coiled as coiled implies could strike at any moment and KILL ME, which I'm rather sure was not the case ] and [2] It helps to name things, humanize them, making them seem friendlier and less threatening.

I will now go hop on the treadmill with about 3.5 days worth of work to accomplish today and this evening. [ "Amity Daze are coming,,,, Amity Daze are coming ! " ] I will try to focus on the many duties of this day, giving as little thought as possible to Curly... dear ol' Curly,,,cute little [ ready to strike & strangle me ] Curly.

Wanna bet after the mail arrives, which door I use to go get the mail ? The garage door [ which means having to walk by ol' Curly's spot ] OR the front door [ avoiding the Curly spot by a wide margin ] ?
And so it goes ,,,,,,,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Try as I may, I can hardly control my ANGER at OUR country for allowing such an avoidable tragedy as this to occur. I care not whether it's a Democrat OR a Republican or whatever "brand" ,,, those who have said and keep saying " Less government intervention" and "Less Regulations all around" need to answer for their OVERT INSIPIDNESS !!!
LESS government intervention led to the economic raping of us all & consequently to the
which we may NEVER recover from by the way.....
"LESS regulations all around..." led to
that canNOT be over-estimated.
I am VERY unhappy with some reeking Republicans who ruined this country for eight LONG years and now PRETEND to have all the answers [ some via their supposed "Christianity" ].
And I am none to happy with some dumbed-up Democrats who can't see past their overt longing for a society that is overly regulated and totally & tediously taxed.
Is there no middle ground ???????
There ya have it. I'm done ....... for now.
If at all possible, try to !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just so you know ~~~~~~~


The above picture is how I feel right now. Have put on weight and am hating me. I know, I KNOW that is NOT the right attitude to have, but isn't the truth suppose to set us free? [ We all know that the Truth does = with a capital T ! ] And before you assume anything, the weight did not go on and stay on due to Hawaii. I stayed right under control until the very last couple of days there. Then I got as little "cocky" and it's been DOWNhill and UPscale ever since.

I must try harder. Work harder. Exercise harder. And EAT LESS, especially later in the day.
The choice is mine, just as it is yours each and every day. I have failed me and ME is NOT happy about that. Period.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camelot Choraleers

Greetings Loved Ones,

Just a quickie here. Had a GREAT rehearsal last night with the Camelot Choraleers. We are back at Belmont Central once again, and for some reason everything just seemed to click last night. [ well, there was one slight "fly in the ointment" but we didn't let that particular "joy sucker" get to us. Better to ignore certain things when possible! ] The group was, for the most part, spot on last evening and a tremendous blessing to be around. THANKS CAMELOT CHORALEERS !!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

POST # 100

Remember that LAST post about "Hang in There" ? Looks like this little one not only hung in there, he got caught & cleaned too !

I see my last blog post was April 30th, which means I took a MONTH off from blogging. Not sure what that "says", but had you asked me when the 100th post would be I would NEVER had guessed it would be: [1] On a Tuesday [ busy day as it is Choraleer rehearsal night ] OR [2] The day after Memorial Day OR [3] A Tuesday that feels like a Monday. [ Due to #2 ]. Alas, here we are. Isn't that special ?

What were you doing seven months ago ? [ this BLOG began approximately seven months ago ] Think back. It would have been the very beginning of November 2009. What were your days being occupied by? What were your concerns? Who or what was giving you the most joy in your life ? I know of at least one of you that was having severe family [ health ] concerns, culminating with the passing of not just one, but both parents in the month of November 2009. But that is [ blessedly ] rare, for most of us we have to stop & think a bit in order to really recall what was happening a certain number of months ago.

My point? Unless we are in the midst of some life-altering event, most of the big concerns of the moment aren't that big at all. That's something I remind myself of over & Over and OVER.

What's big deal today usually will take great recall skills to even bring to mind a few months from now. When framed that way, today's concerns seem so small, don't they? Amazing what we put ourselves through sometimes isn't it ? "Don't sweat the small stuff" really is good advice, which leads me to ,,,,,,,

Memorial Day. In our small corner of the globe, we have local parade with the Genesee Valley Central School Bands, fireman, ambulance crews, boy scouts, etc. This annual happening comes to it's conclusion with a Service of Remembrance in our village's Park Circle. At that time a prayers is offered, a speech delivered, a 21 gun salute, songs [ including but not limited to our National Anthem ] sung by the Camelot Choraleers, etc. It's not an elaborate ordeal, but rather predictable in its simplicity & understated manner. Thankfully no one passed out yesterday [ that HAS happened in the past ] even though our weather was sunny, bright & hot and the one delivering the speech was brief indeed [ Speaking wAAAy to fast due to overt nervousness ]. Yet small & simple though it be, there is something so happily "Hooterville" about these small town traditions. Quite often I find myself with tears running down my cheeks, either from the blessedness of it all OR from something that someone does that makes me say inwardly "Only in Allegany County!". Both of those type moments visited me yesterday & I thank God for each of them.

Also had a couple of remarks made yesterday at the same event that I could have lived without. Hurtful comments made from someone who should know better. Why is it that some people have a need to draw attention to themselves by putting others down? Their inferiority complex compels them to perpetually attempt to whitewash themselves by blackening others. It is not necessary. It is not attractive. It is not amusing. This bothered me for a while afterward until I realized that to let this continue to gnaw at me, was to empower this individual with rights they should not have: The right to intrude on my happiness & my well being. So I released those nagging thoughts [ SHOO FLY don't bother me ! ] & had myself a splendidly beautiful & memorable Memorial Day.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. I hope we can all SOMEhow & SOMEway remember that today's "concerns" are tomorrow's "can hardly remembers". I know that's how I'm going to try to approach today, the first day of June,,,and seven months from today [ when, Lord willin' we begin a new year ] ...I hope and pray I am continuing on that path !


Friday, April 30, 2010

99th post

According to my blogger stats, this is my 99th post. I will therefore:

1.] Let the picture speak for itself, read what you will into it.
2.] Allow you to drip with anticipation whilst you await the next post.
3.] Give some thought to exactly WHAT should be the topic of the 100th post.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to MY neighborhood ~~~

Hello Neighbor !

I so FULLY realize I haven't posted in a few days. It has taken MUCH longer than anticipated to get back into the regular routine. First of all, our internal time clocks are all wacky-wacky. I know that's to be anticipated BUT it was a LOT easier adjusting to being in Hawaii than to being back in western NY. Wendy Skinner suggested at a Belmont Betterment Association meeting on Monday last, that perhaps because we traveled back 'against' the way the earth rotates. Is that right [[ Okay Steve Harris ,,, YOU would know,,,you know EVERYthing...and I say that with the deepest respect Buddy ! ( Steve was THEE brain of our class, perhaps of our lives EVER. It seemed he didn't even have to work at it. He could be given a "problem' to solve & would just solve it immediately whilst I could work & work & WORK and never EVER solve it. Granted, when we were still at BCS I didn't always "appreciate" him as I should have, but in adult life I think he's g-RRRRRRRRR-eat ! ) ]]? So anyway, we ARE getting a wee bit back to "normal" body wise, but then there's the dealing with all the day-to-day things that are not easy either. [[ HUSH! I can hear SOME of you: "Oh poor Greggy-Weggy,,,has to get back to REAL life after two freaking weeks in PARADISE! " ]] We shall survive for sure, but my heart goes out to Mike especially, as SOME things NEVER change. 'nuff said as I'm not sure just who reads this blog, but think work related! Last night was the first night that either one of us has slept even reasonably well since our return. Maybe a sense of "normal" IS returning after all. [[ "normal" used in a sentence pertaining to us ? Ha! ]]


Had Camelot Choraleer rehearsal last night. Man I LOVE my peep's, they are wonderful and nearly always lift me up, Up, UP ! I sooo very much missed them whilst we were away. I tried to explain that to them last night, but I rather doubt they grasped my "heart speak". One of these days I want to write a blog entry just about the Choraleers and my feelings towards them.

SUNNY DAY here today. "Son"shine makes almost any situation a little more tolerable. My S.I.L. [ Sister-In-Law] used to say that she's "solar powered", I rather think I might be also.

Nothing too terribly tragic going on in our lives ,,,, and that is always a blessing. Heck, even the toilet flushing is a GOOD thing. Think about it. What if it overflows ,,, what does THAT do to your day ? Oh my,,, I just thought of a funny story we were told whilst we were away, but it truly IS "toilet humor", so maybe I'd best not consider it as a blog entry ,,, then again.....

Okay. I'm done for now, just wanted to touch base. I could write out the blessings all day and STILL not be done, but there IS: lawn to be raked, music to be ordered, meals to prepare, wash to be done, lawn to be mowed, meds to be put up, calls to return [ I'll get there Kylene, please be patient Honey-Girl ], etc. Sooooooo, until we meet again,,,you know the drill loved ones ,,,,,,,


Friday, April 9, 2010

Paradise Journey ~ Home!


Arrived yesterday, after a l==o==n==g journey due to weather in Chicago which held us up in L.A. as well as in Chicago itself. Thank God MJ had already booked a room in Buffalo for us to stay overnight, as we didn't arrive there until 1:15am, then had to wait for baggage [ which WAS there, another thank God ] an get to the hotel, etc.

As of today ALL packages are here that we shipped from Hawaii. TWO of them were here by the time we got home, the last one [ the biggest ] arrived this morning in the U.S. Mail.

Huge thanks to Al & Will for their GREAT hospitality whilst we were in Hawaii. Better hosts could NOT be found ANYwhere on the planet !!!!!!!

Thank you Connie for taking us to Buffalo AND coming to get us AND for the care-taking of Taylor at your house the entire time. [[ BTW ,,, he was NOT happy last night that he couldn't sleep with us since he did with you & Dez for the past 2+ weeks! ] AND thank you Connie for all the food you had prepared & left here AND for the ICE CREAM that you had also placed in the freezer of the 'fridge. What a shock THAT was! We were "dying" for something sweet & I checked in freezer to see if perhaps we'd had some leftover ice cream and ,,, "Hallelujah,,, it's a miracle! " not one but TWO boxes of ice cream. Also thanks for all the diet dew, banana's, etc. you placed here = deeply, DEEPLY appreciated Lew !

Taylor has an appt. at the groomers today, which we had forgotten, but are very thankful for the courtesy call to remind us Lyndsey !

Okay, enough for now. More boxes to unpack, wash to be done, house to be dusted, errands to run, meetings to schedule, music to prepare,,,,and MJ isn't even back to work yet. Ah yes,,, life continues...... and so it goes....... !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Returning from Paradise = in L.A.

Wednesday morning, April 7th, 2010 ,,,

Good Morning. As far as I can tell we are about halfway home. Flew all night, landing in LA at exactly the scheduled time of 5:20am PST. I am writing this around 7:30am current time [ which would be 10:30am EST ,,, I think ]. Flight was long or so it seemed with only darkness to "see" out the window. We did sleep a little so that helped.

We have a long layover here in LA = 6 hours, but I would rather have that then to be too rushed. We've been to STARBUCKS and had some coffee, wandered through some shops and are not sitting for a bit so that I could contact y'all.

Patti ,,, I thought of you last night. For some odd reason both the take-off AND the landing this time freaked me out a bit. Had we not slowed down when we did for the landing I was about to " scream like a girl " . Mike looked at me just in time and said,, "It's okay, it's okay ! " Maybe it was the darkness, who knows. Hope the rest of the flights are easier.

We are suppose to leave LA at 11:20am [ only about 4 hours now ] with an estimated arrival in Chicago at 5:10pm or some such thing. We have another lay-over there, of about 4 hours, then we leave there at 9:10pm and land in Buffalo at about 12:05am = a little past midnight. Mike got us a room for the night, thank Goodness, as we will be a bit weary.

I will attempt to keep you posted along the way. Stay tuned and !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

P.J. Pics 27

2nd pic: The stairway ,,, it goes up three levels, but this is all we thought to take. Sorry it is a bit blurry, but the photographer was working on his third or fourth glass of wine by the time he took this pic. Trust me, he was just getting started !
3rd pic: From the beautiful foyer, this library type room is directly to your left. What a relaxing and inspiring room this one is.
4th pic: Same room, other end, with some strange guy hanging around in there. Never did catch his name.
5th pic: This room is across the foyer from the library. A great place to curl up with a book and relax the evening away.

P.J. Pics 26

2nd pic: The dining area. Keep in mind that entire veranda outside can readily be used for dining also, as the weather is nearly always superb here.
3rd pic: Limited pic of one of the bathrooms in one of the suites. The shower is walk-in with room enough for a barn dance, and a rain-shower head that must be splendid to stand under.
4th pic: Is another limited shot, this time of the cupola, from which one can see the ocean over the tree line. Incredible.
5th pic: Yours truly relaxing in one of the chairs in the suites. What a life !

P.J. Pics 25

This is the place that I wrote about in the last posting. PLEASE go to that website I listed, the DO have a pic of the front of the house which we didn't get last night. It IS gorgeous ! These are pics from the outside of their B & B, next I will post some pics from the inside ,,,,,,,

Paradise VII

Tueaday Morning, April 6th, 2010 8:30AM-ish

Good Morning Friends,

Had a marvelous evening last night at the B&B known as Kalaekilohana. I think you can either view the place, or maybe it's just make reservations at These guys apparently built much of this B&B [ you won't believe that statement if you SEE this building! ] & they are the perfect personalities to run such a beautiful establishment. What a fine final evening here in paradise. The wine flowed, the food was plenty AND being the perfect hosts, they even sent food home with us. Perfect guys, perfect.... thank you !

Today is all clean up and then prep to leave. We want to clean the guest house and wash all the bedding etc. [ which we don't have to do but we consider common courtesy ]. We will leave here for Kona around 3:30om, have a nice dinner [ I am avoiding saying "the last supper" ], then we will get to the Kona airport around 7:30pm, check in, go through security etc. and depart Kona at 9:20pm. We have a couple of rather lengthy lay-over's but that's fine. We would rather have extra time than to be rushed & risk missing a flight or some such thing.

I canNOT tell you how pleased I am that we have had this opportunity & that I bit the bullet [ with the help of some really GREAT & SUPPORTIVE friends ,,, thanks especially to the encouragement that I got from sweet Patti, wife of our Dear'O Steve Harris ] and finally did that which I said I never would ,,,, FLY ! Now be clear about this, I am by no means addicted to flying, but at least I can do it. Hallelujah !

There is a bit of sadness in the air here today, but it is overcome by having had the opportunity of being together these last few weeks. The sun is shining [ almost always ], the breeze is gentle [ unlike last week's trade winds ! ] and all is calm in paradise.

I will attempt to write you from one of the airports IF possible, although we couldn't arrange that on the way over. So, until we meet again, you KNOW the drill right ? ALOHA and ,,,,,,,,, !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Paradise VI

Monday, April 5th, 2010 9:00am

I just completed two postings with five pics each. Yesterday was fun but tiring, in fact Al was up & about, had his toast & tea, etc. and has gone back to lay down again. He is whipped also, and it's his birthday no less !

We are going back to the little house shortly [ where we stay ] and attempt to pack up another box of goodies to be mailed home. Hope it all fits.

Tonight we go up the road a piece to the house of friends who own the B&B ,,, for some homemade pizza and a little vino too. Of course today we will begin gathering things to pack up for the return trip. We leave Kona airport Tuesday night around 9:30pm our time [ 12:30am PST & 3:30am EST ]. We are scheduled to arrive at LAX around 5:30am Wednesday with a five hour or so layover. Then onto Ohare in Chicago. From Chicago we fly to Buffalo, arriving in Buffalo at approximately 12:05am Thursday. Long day. We have a room in Buffalo in which to stay for the rest of the night, then Connie will pick us up Thursday morning & we'll head to our little corner of the globe.

Yesterday whilst on our morning walk we discussed what we dreaded about returning home. MJ's answer was as I expected, but I think I shocked him with mine. Sorry, can't put it here, wouldn't go over well in certain circles. Perhaps it's time for some "house cleaning" or at the very least some "re-arranging" of some things in our life.

This is it for now. Another lovely day here, quieter too thank Goodness. Hopefully I will be back on here in the morrow before we depart. Until we meet again ,,,,,,, ALOHA! and as always loved ones ,,,,,,, !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

P.J. Pics 24

This pics are from the evening last night [ Sunday 4-4-10 ] which was a tribute to "Uncle George" the gentleman who started the Merrie Monarch Festival some 47 years ago. George passed away last Oct. 26th at age 81. There were various Halau's [ loosely stated it would be like hula "troupes" ] there from all over not only Hawaii, the mainland and even Japan. Most of which George had taught or at least influenced.
First pic: The stage set for last night. PLEASE notice the FLOWERS in front of the stage. They were created between the afternoon event which ended at 4:30pm or so and the start of the tribute which was to begin at 6:00pm but actually started later than that. These gorgeous arrangements were created right there by a floral designer and his two assistants. I happen to know how much they cost and you wouldn't BELIEVE it. But they were beautiful, that's for sure and will last through most, if not all, of this week.
Second pic: Children begin EARLY ON in learning the ways of the Hawaiian culture. This little gal was sooooooo cute, and man could she ever "shake it" = so intense. Although I must say IF she got mixed up at all ,,, she did some of her very own "interpretive dance" !
Third pic: These gals were poetry in motion. I cannot begin to tell you how fluid and in sinc their motions were. The beauty of what they did brought tears to the eye.
Fourth pic: This little guy STOLE the show so to speak. If we thought the little gal was intense, this guy was like Mike Feldbauer would have been at that age. His main focus was on doing things CORRECTLY. Period !
Fifth pic: And the beat goes on. The little lady in the middle [ or thereabouts ] of this pic, between the other gals, is 82 years young. What a doll. I truly wanted to bring her home with me. She would have just about fit into my carry-on luggage. What a sweetie !

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...