Wednesday, January 27, 2010

w8 Post # 11

Good Morning. The last week [since last Wednesday mornings posting here] has held many a change, many a challenge. I will not go into detail [at least for now] but it has not been an easy week in many ways. [For those of you who know the score, please continue to hold the Feldbauer family in your thoughts & prayers, especially Carolyn, her husband Jim as well as Kate & Jimmy and the entire family. This is a very heart rendering & tenuous time for all of them.]
I hope that those of you who are following this blog for the w8 postings are still hanging in there. Since I keep accurate w8 records going back six and in some cases, even ten years, I have done many calculations. I know my "fat years" my "okay w8 years" and my "good w8 years". I can also tell you [if I were so inclined] how one month compares to another month OR how January of 2010 compares to January of 2009 etc. But yesterday for the first time ever I decided to see [this was only by current months standards, it would be interesting to go back further if I had the time ] if there is a pattern to the DAYS of a week. Meaning, are there truly days that I am "lighter" each week and [God forbid] days that I seem to always weigh more than usual. Wanna guess how it turned out ? What would your "heaviest w8 day" of the week be ? Possibly like mine, it would be,,, Monday. I guess no huge shock there, as most of us eat a bit [?] more on the weekend than usual. What did shock me was my "lightest" day of the week. Again, wanna guess? Wednesday. Yep, l'il ol' "hump day" of the week Wednesday. Go figure.
Perhaps stats & facts don't interest you, but in the w8 case scenarios they should I think. The more you can figure out about yourself, the more you can actually see in black & white, the better. THAT is why I so HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to keep track of things in your w8 journal. Obsessive? Perhaps. Beneficial = YES ! Again, be like Nike and DO IT folks. By now you should be off your duffs, TRYING to make a difference in your life by becoming & shaping the YOU that YOU were meant to be. Part of that process is UNDERSTANDING YOU. One VERY GOOD way to do that is the journaling. Trust me, YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT ! If this ol' dweeb nestled here in the hills of Allegany County, NY can do it,,, YOU CAN DO IT !!! And please let me know HOW it's going with you, this week if possible. I really DO care about y'all. Really. With that stated & said, I am outta here & on to the treadmill. How about you? In the meantime, till I hear from you again, you know the drill...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

w8 Post # 10 ~ January eating blues

Wonderful Wednesday to y'all! I really like the pic that opens today's post on this blog. It makes me smile & sometimes even LOL. I am slightly rushed today, but need to ask or pose the question that MANY of you have been talking to me about: " What the heck is it about the blasted month of JANUARY that makes it sooo hard to avoid over-eating? " I am not God, so I can't give you the definitive answer to that but I do have some thoughts about it...
First of all, usually the weather is not the best in January. Where I live it is often cold & grey & blustery, not the kind of atmosphere to inspires most of us, right? Plus, even though I personally don't believe that I have ancestors that were fish or apes [ you are free to claim that about yourself if you'd like ], I think there is something inside of us that biologically makes us want to pack on some extra layers of "protection" this time of year. That's one of my thoughts, you can agree or disagree as you like.
Second, we have just passed a time of year of great celebrations. Most of us, if we're honest, ate more than we normally do. So now, even though inspired by the new beginnings of a new year, we are still yearning to keep eating,,, even though the "celebration time" is past. So for some of us, there's that to deal with.
Third, add to that the monotony that can set in this time of year. Whether our work takes us outside the home or is centered in the home, the monotony / boredom of this time of year can be truly burdensome. Truly ! January is not only a time of new beginnings, but it also can point out to us how one year follows the other, follows the other, follows the other & on & On & ON. Get it? The excitement of November & December give way the day to day to month to month to year to year to decade to decade repetition of our lives. [ Depressed from reading this yet? I know I'm beginning to feel that way just from writing it ! ]
It's no wonder that January & February are two of the prime months for depression to hit us. [ That demon of despair as I refer to it. ] It's cold[er],,, celebrations are past,,, monotony has set in,,, so what do some [ or a great many of us ] turn to? Food. We can always rely on food to be out buddy, right? We can vary it or just eat what we like, makes no difference. It doesn't talk back [ well, it can if your passion is baked beans or ? ], it takes little energy to indulge [ chewing uses a few calories, but not much ] and in today's society we can have or fix what we want in no time at all. So put all of these reasons stated above together [ along with a ga-zillion others ] & we have a prime setting for packing on the tonnage during the horrid month of January,,, and possibly February and well, maybe into March ,,, and ,,,,,,
STOP IT PEOPLE ! How many times have we done this to ourselves? Excuse after excuse after excuse. " Oh this week is hard for me, I'll really get going next week... or next month, or in the Spring when I can get out & walk,,,, or Summer time looks good for me ,,,or perhaps Fall before the big holidays arrive or ,,,,,," STOP IT! Yes, January is difficult but aren't WE worth the extra effort? Don't WE deserve to be all that God calls us to be? Perhaps we should rely on HIM instead of the foolishness of food as our comfort.
The excuses can be e--n--d--l--e--s--s & daunting but if that be the case then our RESOLVE must be stronger yet. STRONGER PEOPLE ! YOU got YOU here ,,, YOU can get YOU out of this. Not your spouse, not your mother, not your child, not your best friend, no one but YOU [ with help from the Master of course ] can get YOU OUT of this situation and INTO the NEW YOU !
I openly & freely tell you that I also am REALLY struggling this month. I have resolved that even if I don't remove any pounds [ & I pray I do ] that I will not Not NOT put anymore back on. That is my MINIMUM commitment to myself. I am doing this by keeping up if not stepping up my exercise program. It is not easy. I am not always "excited" to get on the treadmill or to do some sit-ups, etc... but I DO it. I make myself DO it even [ or especially ? ] when I abso-freaking-lutley do not want to do it,,, I DO it. Sometimes I just can't do the miles or do as many sit-ups, etc. that I would like to but I DO some anyway. Rare are the days I do not exercise. Rare. [ Partly because the scales LOL at me the next morning & I really detest that. And after I exercise, I am LESS LIKELY to eat foolishly, having expended that energy to exercise,,, why blow it on f-o-o-d ? Hey, it works for me! ] So please don't think I am in this "blog pulpit" preaching at you because I've got it all figured out = HA ! Nothing could be further from the truth. I am struggling too. I have the urge to splurge also. But IF we have the DESIRE we CAN overcome these impulses. Make your RESOLVE to YOURSELF people. It doesn't have to be the one I made, but make one and STICK TO IT. We CAN do this, we WILL do this and even if we might feel like that cute little pup at the top of this blog posting " Hey Dude,,, I'm starving" we KNOW that there is no feeling that can equal the feeling of the NEW, SLIMMER, HEALTHIER US that is on its way. We're gonna shine baby, SHINE !!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

This 'n' That

It was interesting who chose to comment on yesterday's post & who chose to remain silent. Thank you to those of you who did comment, I really appreciate it. As for those who chose not to comment: one gloriously l--o--n--g raspberry to you !


Had more than one noteworthy thing transpire yesterday, some family, some professional, some church related. After thinking about them, they all seem to have at least some common threads running through them. For one, we just never know which way the "wind" may blow on any given day do we? I was surprised at some of the events that affected my life yesterday, others I expected but was still disappointed [ deeply in at least one case ]. I so very much did not want to become one of those people who "expect nothing & thereby aren't disappointed", yet at times it seems they might be onto something with that theory. Just "go with the flow" & let life take you where it will,,, seems to lack passion for someone like me. I feel deeply therefore I also hurt deeply. Sometimes I envy those who seem toughend to what this world [ & its inhabitants ] can dish out. I'm tougher than a few years ago, for better or for worse, but I'm not as battle scarred as some I guess.

Yesterday took a great many twists & turns. I was not at all unhappy when my head finally hit the pillow last night. It had been a day to remember [ in more ways than one ] as well as a day that would see many ramifications in the days, weeks & months ahead. So as I drifted off, after the prayers, I chose to think about the laughter of the day, literally how many people I had laughed with yesterday...and as it turns out there were quite a few, including but limited to my constant companion, Taylor Aaron. So I was thanking the Big Guy from Whom all blessings flow for all the laughter He had brought into my life yesterday amidst all the other "stuff". Try it yourself today. Just try to count how many times you laugh today. If that's too much, then come tonight when your head hits your pillow ,,, think of how many people you laughed WITH throughout this one day. It's amazing how much lighter your mind will feel, even after a semi-yucky day. Try it ,,, count the LAUGHTER today, then thank God for it as He's the One who gives it to us. And all God's children said,,,, " AMEN ! " KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ya Just Never Know ~~~

Last night seemed to be like most every night: Went to bed, had the TV going across the room, read a while, turned the TV off, read some more whilst hearing some snoring in the room [ not from me btw ,, I don't read AND snore! ], read a few more chapters in my Bible [ am reading through it again this year Lord willing ], turned out my bedside lamp, said my nighttime prayers [ which are shorter than the morning prayers ] and snuggled down to sleep. [ I sleep under a top sheet of course, followed by an electric blanket upon which is an afghan hand-made by my sister Marlene ,,, talk about snuggling amidst memories ! ]. I'd anticipated a night of relatively sound sleeping.

Then the nightmare[s] started. Something / someone trying to get me. Beware. Be cautious. Be alert. Don't let the guard down. My friends were all telling me "You worry too much", "Why don't you relax? Nothings going to happen Greg, we won't let it." I want so desperately to believe them but this overt sense of foreboding never leaves me, my heartbeat increases, the hair on the back of my neck starts to rise,, all possible signs that something is about to happen. All my friends tell "It's okay. Calm down Greg, we wouldn't let anything happen to you!." But my internal instincts are telling me to prepare myself, to steady & ready myself for what most assuredly is about to happen. I start humming hymns, then singing hymns, such as " Trust & Obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey."

I've felt this evil before, It's gotten to me in the past & all but destroyed me. I start to sweat, then to shake, because I now realize what is coming after me. I actually smell It first, for It does have a smell, then I hear It... That odd voice, male in fact but feminine in manner. Dressed in black, bearded, grinning,,, knowing the hellish havoc It will wreck, devilishly devouring anyone or anything that thwarts Its efforts. " T'is so sweet to trust in Jesus,,,, just to take Him at His word..." I am singing again, while searching for the "room" that I often hide in [ in my dreams ] where whatever it is that is chasing me can come, but has never been able to find me.

I can't find the door to the secret room! I can't find the door! Where IS the door?

My Nemesis is closing in, coming up the stairway to the one & only room at the top, the room that I am in. Its in no hurry, It is calm unlike me. Evil is often calm it seems, as it lurks around the corner waiting for its prey. I hear ever so slight whistling now, [ not like my Dad used to whistle that always made me happy] but this is a mournful whistle. [ Think of the tune of "neener~neener~neee-ner, only VERY slow. ] A chill goes down my spine as I continue searching for the door to my hiding room.

It has now gone from whistling to slight singing of words to the very same tune,,, " I am goin' to get you... you cannot escape me..." I am near panic now. It has gotten me before, which is why I know what It's capable of. If I can't find the door to the "hiding room", there is another way, a stained glass window I can jump through. The glass looks thick. It is a long way to the ground below. Would I survive the jump ? Where IS that door I need?

It is coming up the stairway towards me, I can hear the footsteps. The whistling & singing continues. It's so sure of itself. It knows I'm cornered. It knows I wanted so very much to believe my friends that I let my guard down a bit, & hence I find myself just where It wanted me. Trapped.... Step,,,step,,,step,,, slowly it mounts the stairway. No hurry. It actually seems to enjoy my entrapment, like my fear gives off a pheromone that excites it. I quickly glance over at the top of the stairway as I continue searching for the door & debating on going through the window. I can just see the top of Its head as it continues up towards me. . . . . . .

A thought comes to me: perhaps the door to the hiding room is hidden. I begin pushing on the paneled walls, round the room I go pushing, Pushing, PUSHING, praying, Praying, PRAYING for that door to BE there. I start singing/praying " What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the Everlasting Arms ,,,, " Leaning. Leaning ? I start leaning on the walls, alllll the way around the room, like I'm rolling against these walls. And then, just then,,,,, there It is. At the top of the stairs. It sees me & smiles as only It can. Knowingly. With hatred. With venom. With one thought in mind: my destruction.

Me? I keep leaning on those walls. This is a huge room, I have finally covered just about all of the room,,,, except the part that is so very near to where It now stands. In order to

continue rolling & leaning into those walls I must in fact, get closer to It. " Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. There was no one there." [ This was a phrase that my dying brother had written on a piece of paper we later found in his wallet after his passing. I think of it often. ] I keep saying that phrase over & over & over as I get closer & closer to It. When I am just about close enough so that It could grab me, the wall gives way and I am IN that room. My hiding room. I have been here so many, many times through the years, through the fears, through the tears. Whatever is chasing me CAN come in here, but it has never, ever been able to locate me once I am hidden in the hiding room.

I am capable of describing this room in great detail but I won't. I will tell you that the room appears to be sparse, but it isn't. In this room are many hiding places. The hiding spots are not obvious to all eyes. I pray that if you ever need this room, your eyes will be able to see the hiding places as mine do.

I feel safER, but not safe. It CAN come in here. My hear is still pounding like crazy. It must still sense that fear has not totally dissipated. It pushes against the hidden passage-way. My eyes grow large as I survey this wondrous room for yet another hiding place, but I needn't do that as I hear It say..." Not now Greg. Not today. But soon. Soon." I hear his footsteps as he walks away from the hidden passageway. Then he whistles that tune again, following the whistle with words to that same tune..."I am goin' to get you,,, you cannot escape me."

I awake. My bed is drenched from sweat and tears. But I am safe. Though the nightmare has returned, yet again I am safe. I am safe, I am safe, I am safe, I am safe, I am safe. I keep repeating that phrase as the tears start to fall again, I am safe,,a torrent of tears are now falling. I am safe ,,, again,,,,,,, I AM SAFE within my Hiding Place .

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

w8 Post # 9 ~ X-Factor Part 1

A Wonderful Wednesday to y'all ! Today we will begin discussing the X-Factor = EXercise !!! Here's hoping you haven't just said " OOOOh noooo we won't ! " and stopped reading. I know that's how I used to look at exercise ,, avoid it at all cost. I figured I got enough of it in walking to the mailbox by the road to retrieve today's [ mainly bills and junk ] mail or by opening the 'fridge door to look for more food or by picking up the house and God knows I stockpiled it if I mowed the lawn --- on the RIDING mower ! I mean, come on, why push it ? And boy could I point to [ and just about name ] those people who had either [a] exercised their entire lives and still dropped dead or better yet in my view at the time [b] dropped dead whilst exercising. Everytime that latter happened I would [1] pray for the surviving family/friends as that must have been horrible for them,,, then [2] use the passing of this individual as a Sign from God of what could [ so easily ] happen if we undertook "risky behavior" like exercising ! Oh & the reasoning for not exercising didn't stop there either. Here's just a few [1] I have sooo much going on in my life HOW would I ever add more to an already busy enough schedule ? [2] I really WANT to but I hate doing it alone & I don't have an exercise buddy [3] I huff & I puff enough as it is, can you even imagine what would happen if I tried to REALLY exercise? [4] I know of a plan that calls for no exercise & you can still lose weight! And on & On & ON it goes, excuse after excuse after excuse. GET OVER IT people !!! The road to perdition is paved with "good" excuses as the old saying goes.
When I first started exercising [ for those of you who know where I live ], I could barely walk down to the sawmill, maybe 1/10 of a mile & back. But I did it, sweating so much I nigh onto left a wet trail behind me. [ NEVER mind ! ] I did it because to not do it, to refuse once again to get myself in shape, could have very well have been my demise. My health was very precarious & it was up to me to make my friends happy & my enemies cringe. What EVER your reason might be, and it should include, being the best that God meant for you to be , do it. PLEASE trust me on this one. Start small & keep adding a little week by weak by week so to speak. If you do it & keep adding just a tad, you will NOT regret it.
When I had conquered walking down to the sawmill & not having to contemplate an ambulance to bring me home, I walked a little further [ down to Joe Mead's house ] and back. Then when that seemed a bit easier I walked to the top of the curve [ but not down it ! ] by where Pastor & Faith Lyon's live. The BIG day for me was getting to the end of my street = 7/10's of a mile. Of course if you DO know where I live, to walk back home was ALL up hill !!! So I took a breather [ read = QUITE a breather ] & walked back, stopping along the way as needed. But I made it. I made it = get it ? I had done something that here-to-fore I'd thought about [ in one of my less sane moments! ] & now I had done it. Oh man, the satisfaction!!! A-n-d nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked at lowering my w8 like the exercising. I was eating far more healthy by that time so to add the X-Factor = exercising, it made the scales fall quicker & me feel oooh SOOO much better about me !
Here's your first X-Factor assignment: Add SOMEthing [ walking is highly suggested ] to your routine that you wouldn't normally be doing & that you consider planned exercise. If your legs hurt for some reason, try an exercise bike. [ DON'T tell me you can't afford one. You certainly have afforded God only knows how much JUNK FOOD over the years. PLUS, from those who often give up on their exercising plans, you can borrow one or get one at a rummage sale, etc. Trust me Dear Ones if you really WANT TO DO THIS ,,, you WILL DO THIS ]. Lift some dumb-bells in some kind of planned manner. Do SOME thing extra. If you are reading this blog yo are probably doing so online. Google or Bing the word " exercise " or " beginners exercise ", you will get TONS of info, but YOU must DO it !!! I cannot tell you enough how IMPORTANT this step is.
And please make this planned, scheduled exercise, not "Oh I vacuumed today & I don't do that EVERY day, so that can be my exercise." Nope. NaDa. Not at this point friends [ although later on I am going to discuss with you how certain chores really CAN be counted as exercise.] But for now I want & NEED you to set aside a scheduled amount of time [ 10 minutes if that's all you can do,,, then next week 12 minutes, then the following week 15 minutes, etc. ] and do some planned exercise. If you have any questions, just write me. I will respond to you. But make this a PRIORITY please ,,, if you follow this, then when we move on you won't be "left out" because you weren't ready for what WILL follow.
By now you should be [1] Eating better. At the very least being aware of what is going IN your mouth, that's a beginning, but hopefully you are [2] Writing what you eat as well as your thoughts in your Journal. That is very important also. Doesn't matter WHAT it is [ I have everything from old stenographer notebooks to leather bound little books ] it just matters that you DO IT ! And now you need to [3] Adding the X-Factor = EXercise. Bit by bit, each week adding a wee bit more. If you can't do much [ and I happen to know that some of you who read this cannot do a lot right now, God love ya ! ], just do SOME thing... it WILL be worth it. I PROMISE. [ The older I get the less I promise ANYthing as I take a promise as very, VERY serious now that I am a bit more seasoned. ]
Adding the w8 Posts to this blog is a commitment on my part, so please make one on your end too, okay? In a few days I am going to ask you how you are doing in the areas listed above. Not now however. NOW I just want you to concentrate on the three areas above to the BEST of YOUR ability. It will be different for each one of you, even if you were twins.[ Oh & I happen to know some VERY well btw ! ].
At some point in the the X-Factor w8 Posts I will tell you about the long & wonderful walks that transpired after I was fit enough to do so. I'll also share the absolute HIGH that you can get from exercising. [ NOTHING equals it btw = NOTHING. And I DO have things to compare that "high" to,,, in my past ! ] I still exercise just about every day [ probably 27 to 28 days of the month ] & for the most part I love it. There ARE days when it seems a bit repetitive, but if nothing else the results from DOING IT are great & from ignoring it the scales go UP = not good.
I might also share with you the time that I only ate the same amount of [ or less ] calories as what I had exercised off during the day [ I'll explain later on ]. I certainly made my "goal weight" for that time period, but I wouldn't recommend it for any extended amount of time.
Okay, enough for now. Please remember that I plan on asking you to tell me how you've made out in the three areas mentioned above. I will ask for that feedback in a few days, so be ready.
Don't respond now, you haven't been at it long enough. So I am off now, to get onto the treadmill in a short while. HANG IN THERE. The difference may seem small now, but O Baby, you's gonna be shinin' soon ! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

w8 post # 8

Just found the following in my "Devotions for Dieters... a 365 Day Guide to a Lighter You" book by Dan R. Dick ~ thought I would share it with y'all.
JANUARY 12 " Draw night to God and He will draw night to you. Cleanse your hands ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. [ James 4:8 ]~~~~~~~ Eating right involves a constant struggle between two intense desires: the desire to lose weight & the desire to indulge in the foods we love. This is not an easy struggle. We are doubleminded. God wants all of His children to learn to be singleminded. Once we decide that something IS important, we should learn to stick to it. That's not easy to do on our own. For that reason, it is helpful for us to draw close to God. He will listen as we tell our troubles. The closer we are to God, the more He can help us through difficult times. If we ask Him to, God will help us become singleminded. He is as anxious as we are to see us attain this goal of us being all we were meant to be. Today's thought: God will keep us on the right track !
I changed a couple of words in there, like dieting" became "eating right", etc. But the thought behind it all remains the same. I know I might upset some readers with the God inclusion, but so be it. He happens to reign over everything as well as everyone in my life & I have no intention of leaving Him out of this to keep from upsetting anyone. Their are plenty of other blogs that might be more to your liking if this upsets you. 'nuff said.
Anyways, I liked this reading & thought I would share it with you. It really does encourage us to be singleminded, especially in our efforts to be a healthier person. I mean, come on folks, this comes from the Top & I don't mean me or the author of "Devotions for Dieters" either. This singlemindness comes from THEE Top. Think about it, pray about it. I know that when I call upon Him that He can & has kept my [ big ] mouth shut & not just when it comes to eating either! Now THAT'S a MIRACLE !!! Have a terrific Tuesday friends whilst you ,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Tuesday 1-12-10

Good Day Friends ! I don't have the time I want to do a proper w8 blog this morning, so you will most probably have to w8 until the morrow for that. All went well with Cardiologist btw. Guess I'll be around a while longer to make my friends laugh & my enemies frown. I really, REALLY want to begin discussing with you the " EX Factor " = the exercise factor. It is HUGE [ pun intended ] & in my estimation can make you or break you in so many ways. PLEASE don't start dreading it, trust me I've been there/done that, but the EX-F as we will refer to it IS your friend. It will be up to YOU [ yet again ] to make it work for you, and let me tell you something,,, you CAN make it work FOR you in more ways than you know. Right now I need to hit the 'mill [ treadmill ], then tonight is the first Camelot Choraleer rehearsal of twenty-ten [ I made myself write that out so I get used to saying it PROPERLY ] & there's much to accomplish before this evening. In the meantime loved one, you know the drill,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

w8 Post # 7

Hello out there. How did the weekend go? Do you feel like you did the best you could as far as eating healthiER ? Did you slip up ? Do you wish you had done better? Are you happy that at least ALL of it didn't go to h_ll in a hand basket ? [ Count me amongst the last sentence please ! ]
Busy weekend but good weekend here overall. Could have been 'better' eating wise, but I've SURE had a lot worse weekends also. What GRADE would you give yourself ? A+ ? F ? [ O please don't let it be so ! ] I would give myself a C for this weekend. It might have been less if I hadn't exercised both Saturday & Sunday mornings and it might have been higher had I not been at a Brunch Buffet on Sunday after church. Overall though, I guess I "okay' with a C, but will do better next weekend.
I really must go for now Dear Ones. Have an appointment with my Cardiologist today, who if all goes well, I only see once a year. Problem: I am heavier than I was at last January's appt. I could have weighed less than I actually do, even starting last week BUTT then no one, & mean NO ONE would have wanted to be around me during all that time. I made the decision to go with what it is [ suck it up "Big Boy" ] and keep on keepin' on. So think about me around 12:45pm today or so. Oh, to make matters worse, this Dr. is a tall & thin [ read = VERY skinny ] gal that comes down here from Strong Memorial in Rochester, NY. So it just might look like a ritzy-bitzy, skinny-minny lady interviewing a blimp from the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving Day. " So tell me Big Boy, what actually HAPPENED to you in the last 12 months? " HA! Ya gotta laugh, as the battle of the bulge continues... on and On and ON...and so it goes. Later, friends, later....... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

w8 Post # 6 ~ Week-end !

Don't ya just LOVE this picture above? Well this is my HOPE for you this weekend: Be kind to yourself, love yourself & may someOne be watching out to help you along the way. Weekends can be so tempting & tantalizing, but I have FAITH in you that you will do your best at decision making & eating better than you usually might.
By now you should have STARTED YOUR JOURNALS [ no excuses please: you should not & can NOT be 'too busy" for this most important part of the journey. You owe it to YOU to cover all your bases & journal writing is a crucial base to cover. NIKE = Do it ! ]. This first week might have been a trial for you OR it might have been a little easier as it is the beginning of a new year & you are really motivated. Either way, you have made some GOOD DECISIONS for YOU and you are on your way to being that person God meant you to be. Right? RIGHT !!!
I will attempt to check in with you later this weekend, but if I don't please keep the faith as you begin to mold, sculpture and create the new you. Don't be too harsh on yourself, do the best you can do at any given moment [ One or two slip-ups do not have to muck up the entire weekend you know! ] and at least TRY to enjoy the journey as well as looking forward to the destination. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE BABY ,,, there's a new you comin' and it's going to set jaws a waggin' and lips a smackin'. You WILL be ALL that you CAN be and were MEANT to be. I believe in Y-O-U !!! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

w8 Post # 5

Good Morning Fellow Walkers on the Journey to Wellness !!! Ever feel like this person above? We have our healthy salad or other "good" food BUTT the desserts are waving at us as we walk by? Well I have = LOTS! It's frustrating isn't it ? There seem to be [ so many ] people who can eat WHAT they want, WHEN they want & HOW the want [ gobble gobble ] & still stay relatively thin. Whilst SOME of us even glance at a PICTURE of food in a magazine & immediately add on 5 - 10 pounds. Dang it !
You already know my philosophy on that: Those 'other people' should enjoy it now, as if they make it to heaven they WILL be NAKED, FAT CHERUBS for ALL of ETERNITY !!! The rest of us of course, will have HEAVENLY BODIES that those rolley-polley naked, fat cherubs will have to look at for-EVER!!!!!!! [ and forEVER is a very, VERY long time too, ] In the meantime, so as to keep our eyes on the prize & not to dislike those others, here are some things to keep in mind.
[1] Treat yourself once in a while. Did you HEAR that people,,,"once in a while". Remember what happened to me a couple of days ago, I got started & didn't quit. That is not recommended BUTT go ahead & at regular PRE-planned intervals,,,treat yourself. I know ALL about the w8 experts that tell us not to use food as a 'reward' and that is true BUTT if we feel too deprived of certain things, most of us WILL seek them out sooner or later. The solution? Treat yourself once in a while. I try not to make these a "reward" but I DO tell myself that I can have "such & such" at various intervals so I do NOT feel like I have kissed _____________ [ fill in the blank ] good-bye forever. [2] Don't have the "special foods" in your house or in any way too available. Now, you may ignore this guideline IF you have the willpower to do so [ which begs the question: WHY do you have to lose w8 at all if you HAVE that kind of willpower to begin with ? ]. I just got an E-mail this morning from one of my l-o-n-g time Dear O's sharing this same issue with me. Both she & I can't have certain things in the house. We just can't. Is that fair to others sharing the house with us? Probably not. But do THEY have some "issues" that WE have to "deal with" also? OOOOOOOOOOOh yeah ,,, so do NOT feel bad about this readers. Do what YOU have to do to be ALL that God meant you to be. Period. Get it ? If that involves not having certain temptations in your way, then so be it. IF the person or personS who reside in the same dwelling as you really love you, they will ENcourage you in this endeavor not DIScourage you. Right? Right ! I happen to live with someone who can have a couple pieces of candy & then put it away. Wellll, la-dee-da. If I even think that same bag of candy is somewhere in my house I will EAT it until it's gone people !!! Oh,,,, once in a while I may d-r-a-g it out a bit, but trust me, it's life-span will NOT be at all lengthy once I start in. Wanna know how REALLY BAD I can be? I will ask MJ to "hide that" [ whatever it might be ] when I am not around. Then sooner or later I will search through this house like a CSI Chief until I locate that "treasure". Dang. Once in a great while if I don't SEE something I am temporarily "okay", but when the munchies hit or one of those "horrid" times of day or I seek "comfort" or I am "bored" or any of the other ga-zillion lame excuses I can come up with....... my mind goes " Hey, got any really GOOD stash around here Buddy-Roe? If there's any "GOOD" stuff you'd best eat it now [ read = suck it all down until it's history ] so it won't be temping you in the future...let's LOOK ! " And the search begins...and continues,,, at all costs SOMEthing must be found. Sound familiar ? For your sake I hope it doesn't, but for me it is called REALITY. [ I need to go into this more at a later time. PLEASE share with me YOUR stories,,, it really DOES help & we need to laugh WITH one another as we CONQUER this together ! ]
For today remember that you CAN have those things that tempt you, but only once in a while & if you're at all like me, don't keep them to easily accessible. I haven't even touched on "trigger food" yet. [ Those we have to be VERY careful of or avoid all together in some case.] The way I prefer to have one of those "special" foods is NOT at home but when eating out somewhere. Again, I can't have a little piece of pie at home ,,, then put it away for any length of time. Did you know that pie [ for instance, although there are numerous other things like this also ] TALKS ? Yep. Some people hear God Almighty [ me too, but in other ways ,, ] but me,,, I hear PIES talking. As well as CANDY & anything with SUGAR or with a sugar COATING, or that was made in the same building as sugar [ just kidding ]. And what do things SAY to me? " Hello. Anybody out there? I'm here and I am ooooo soooo good." If I'm able to ignore THAT then things get a little more specific: " Oh Gregory,,,we NEED you " [ spoken like the old "Car 54 where are you " intro ]. IF by the grace of God I can ignore that,,,,THEN I hear... "Hey! Starvin' guy, we're talkin' to you. Get out here NOW & eat, be comforted, be contented, why torment yourself starvin' guy? Ya know ya want to ! " And oh boy do I want to I think to myself. But IF I can ignore that,,, then the clincher,, the 'reasoning' ,,, " Alright Mister, you KNOW you shouldn't have allowed us in your house, so get rid of us EAT US. You can't just throw us out, not with the economy being bad & skinny little children half-way 'round the world s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g.... get rid of us NOW then you won't have to listen to us anymore. Be like NIKE = Just DO it !!! " And I do. I give in. And for the first few minutes, it is soooooooooo good. Then I am feeling full, then really full, then TOO full, then bloated,,, then I hate me. And for what ? JUNK food. And [for me] WHY? Because I had it in the house when I knew I should not have it anywhere around me. If you are one of those people that can have things around, I applaud you. [ But don't feel to puffed up, you have your flaws too,,,we ALL do ! ] But if you're like me, know your limits and yield not to temptation ,,, keep it the heck away !
This is enough for now. PLEASE keep in mind that we JOURNEY TOGETHER on this pathway to wellness. It is, UNfortunately, a struggle for many of us. And it truly is, as I mentioned yesterday " One day at a time Sweet Jesus". [ I am assuming you have faith in the only One who can truly get us through this life & back home again with Him. ] Thanks for joining me on this journey and before I forget it again,,, thank you "Gladys" for prompting me to include the w8 factor in my Blog. Little did either one of us realize how important this would be to some people.
Until we meet again friends, you know the drill ,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

w8 Post # 4 =Forgive me !

" Bless me Dear Reader's for I have sinned! " Gave into temptation yesterday and ate in an UNhealthy manner. I debated momentarily about whether I should post this info, then I thought "Heck YES!" ,,, everyone needs to know that this journey we embark upon is not one of perpetual perfection but rather of "one day at a time, Sweet Jesus."
When it came one of my [ or our - ? ] danger times of the day = mid-afternoon [ somewhere twixt 2:00pm and 4:00pm is seems ] I thought I would have a little snack. [ The reason for this was in actuality an EXCUSE so I refuse to offer it up for you as an excuse is an excuse is an excuse = PERIOD ! ] I had done 5 miles on the treadmill at some of the highest levels [ 10 down to 6 ] so at least I kept THAT much needed promise to myself & wanted a snack. It was one of those days that a snack led to more snack led to more eating led to " Gimme that food ! " And to make matters even worse I used the horrid rationing which we should never use of " Well, I've blown it now, might as well just go with it. " I oughtta be horse-whipped !!! I know sooooooo much better than this, BUTT it is a grand example of [1] What NOT to do,,,,,,as well as [2] Weakening of commitment, even with much knowledge, can topple anyone.
So what could have been done differently ? First of all now that I see how easily my Demon of Despair can get me off track, I need to prepare for it. Yep. Today I will have a limited snack in mind [ perhaps prepared in advance ] so IF I absolutely cannot make it until Dinner/Supper then that limited [ & calorie pre-counted ] snack is the ONLY thing I can have. Period. And as well as being prepared I need to be aware that this event can happen easily & at any time [ esp. at the danger times of the day ] and that I deserve better than to give into such petty, silly, self-gratuitous behavior. I am worth more than any snacks and/or pig-out food & the temporary comfort if might provide. Period. Just as I put on weight [ no one put it on me ] so I sabotaged myself yesterday. I allowed that to happen. I now MUST move past it & keep my EYES on the PRIZE.
Consequently if this has happened or does happen to you, join me and: [1] BE AWARE that it can happen at any time ( esp. danger times of the day ) [2] and PREPARE for it in any way that works for you . ( sitting in front of TV isn't always good = food advertisements. Reading a magazine also might not help = food advertisements. ) If you want to share with me or us what YOU DO to avoid these moments, please do so. It would be of great comfort to us all.
Last but not least: If this happens don't beat up on yourself too much. That can ever-so-easily lead to dropping your entire resolve and that Dear Ones, is the LAST THING we want. In spite of the possible negativity of others, in spite of past failures & defeats, we ARE on the pathway to a NEW & IMPROVED us and we will NOT let anyONE or anyTHING stop us !!! Amen? AMEN. KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People truly are AMAZING ! I had the same reaction as this guy above when I heard / read the following statements since I last wrote to you:
1.] " I'm a HUGE fan of the Biggest Loser" (TV Show) Can I just tell you that I nearly laughed my butt off [ O let it be so! ] when I heard this on NBC's "Biggest Loser" TV Show last night? I mean, am I the ONLY one that sees the HUMOR in that remark ? And yes, it was one of the contestants making that remark. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. It was not said to get laughs, the lady was being serious! If we can't laugh at ourselves, what's the point in it all? BTW ,,, she was might have been a huge fan but she wasn't the biggest fan amongst the contestants last night. Maybe it's just me [ it appeared to me that I was the only one laughing at that remark in my living room last night, even the dog didn't lol ] but I found that remark really funny & I even thought of it during the night and lol !
2.] "... I've been dissed by two of my favorite people. Does anyone have a science book handy? Why don't they use the Bible to answer some of the questions out there? " This was in response to my attempt [apparently in vain] to explain that Global Warming is not all about the earth getting hot, but about weather patterns changing more than is the norm. It saddens me deeply that some Christians MUST find CONSTANT conflict between the Bible and science. It need not always be so [ yesssss, there ARE times when it is, but not always ]. Our Blessed Creator made a perfect world, it is WE who messed it up, not Him. It is WE who have brought on the reality of Global Warming, not Him. I don't take offense at the disagreement [ if I did I would be offended by most of my blood family btw ] but I did and do take offense when Christians throw their interpretation of the Bible up as a defense of something they hold as "true". I did respond to dear Gretchen, reminding her [not that I needed to for assuredly she knows this...] that "the Truth shall set us free" & perhaps she and I just need to agree that we disagree on that topic. She is a dear soul & a devoted Christian & I continue to love her [ we go back many moons ] even if she is wrong. [ Oh come on,,,,,,,,,,,, you didn't think I was going to let my opinion s-l-i-d-e did you ??? ]
Okay, enough for now. I will try to do another post later on, that one about our blessed w8 concerns, but for now ,,,, I need to jump in the shower, then treadmill workout, then order some music for the Choraleers, then contact a Dear'O,,,,, or something like that even if not in that particular order. Until we meet again... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

W8 # 3 ~ A couple of NUTS & BOLTS

Greetings Friends on the Journey!
Today I will share a couple of the "nuts & bolts" how how I do things. Keep in mind guideline #1 = "What works for one person may not work for another person", okay ?
I choose to write down everything that I eat, even on days that I am not eating as "healthy" as ought. This serves several purposes: [a] It obviously keeps me in check on the days that I am eating as healthy as possible [b] It allows me to see what I "go for" on the days that I am not eating as healthy as I ought and [c] It provides an over-all record for me to look back on when making future decisions. ( or whining about WHY the w8 isn't coming off as soon as I'd like ! )
I know that this is a PITA ( we all know what those letters stand for, right ? ) but I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it really is. TRUST ME it is well worth the effort = YOU are well worth that effort! DO IT ! If you have made the COMMITMENT and that commitment is a PRIORITY in your life, then let your actions speak by taking the time & effort to WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU EAT. If I were there with you as personal trainer/healthy eating pal, I would INSIST that you do this. Since I am not, I can only HIGHLY suggest that you do it. At least write down all that you eat,,, that's a good start. Here's what I do, you may want to start out being less involved. Each day I write out the following COLUMNS :

Time--Food Intake--Calories--Carbs--Net Carbs--Fat-- Protein--Sugar

I know there are a gazillion more columns you can add, but this is what works for me. Seems like a REALLY big PITA doesn't it ? Not so fair ones, not so. After a while you discover that we tend to eat many of the same things over & over. In fact there are certain w8 control guru's that advise doing just that: Keep one or two meals a day basically the same. That makes it easier for you AND prevents you from going off track as easily. Personally I do that quite a bit, and for me it REALLY works. My breakfast & lunches are about the same during the week, on the weekends they vary a bit. Works like a charm! I choose to vary my dinner [supper] as that, for me, is the main meal of the day. [[ I know, I know that many people say have your "main" meal as breakfast or lunch, but that does not work for this guy ! ]]
I have now tried 5 times or more to put underneath the columns what I had to eat for Dinner last night, BUT it always comes out weird once published, so that isn't going to work. Here's hoping you know what I mean w/o me having to write an example for you. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU for now, okay? DON'T SKIP WRITING THINGS DOWN. It shows lack of commitment & that this is not a high priority for you. LET YOUR ACTIONS speak LOUDER that mere words.
I wanted to get to more of the "nuts & bolts' but ran out of time, so we'll get to more at another time. These two mentioned above are good enough for now, the first one being primary for sure.
1.] WRITE DOWN EVERYthing you eat !!!!!!!
2.] Keep one or two meals the same each day.
Let me know what you think, your comments ARE read & appreciated. Keep on keepin' on,
and as always,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Good Morning Friends,
Today we concentrate on what type of a PRIORITY weight loss should be in your life. Remember that what needs be for me, might not be your cup'o'tea, so always keep that in mind.
In order for me to make headway in the w8 loss or maintenance category, I MUST make it a high PRIORITY. When I say high, I mean HIGH !!! I cannot 'dabble" in trying to lose weight or in trying to not gain [any more] weight. For me it is about [1] COMMITMENT followed closely by [2] PRIORITY. If those two are not holding hands & walking together, then I am sunk. Period.
Maybe for you it is not that way. Maybe you can have the weight issue as "part' of your life & still keep things in check. Not so here. I have to keep this issue {almost} first & foremost in my mind in order for success to be relatively assured. Some call this obsessed. They are entitled to their {mistaken} opinion. Let me explain.......
When I was 100+ pounds heavier { & smoked like a chimney }, eating right was not high on my "to do" list. In fact, it wasn't even on that list. Making sure the 'fridge & cupboards were stocked with enough "food" { read: sugar pop, chips, cookies, candy,crackers, snackie this & that } was more important than my caloric intake or { God forbid } any exercise I might do. Watching TV was a good time-waster, { with all it's advertisements for FOOD: McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Apple-Bee's, easy-fic/easy gobble foods and soda's and snacks..... } and TV's influence should never be doubted. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are constantly being influenced by whatever we allow into our minds, be it via TV or radio or computer or reading or whatever. My PRIORITY was not health centered, but rather "comfort" centered. { We will go into the comfort issue another time }.
When I had to lose the weight {due to health issues}, my PRIORITIES evolved. If I were to lose the weight { and not let it take an eternity } they had to change! Gone was the JUNK and in came the GOOD food. { Oh, stop whining,,, it really IS good food, not just good for you! } Was I orgasmic about these changes at first = NO !!! The first time I was told that a healthy serving of meat was 3 ounces, I laughed & said " Are YOU kidding me? Three ounces of meat is an anorexic meatball! " { I found that terribly funny, my dietitian did not.} I had tried & Tried and TRIED to lose weight, and therefore there were many who thought this would just be another "attempt" on my part. Wellllllllll,,,,,
There's something about proving people WRONG that has always delighted me & that coupled with the fact that in order to survive I had to (1) Quit smoking, which I did on 1-19-99 and (2) LOSE weight,,, made me commit do doing it and then to PRIORITIZE that commitment. Making SURE I did not delight my foes by leaving this planet too soon, I embarked on a journey with gut determination that nothing and no one could deter. Can YOU do that ?
How MUCH do you want to BE the YOU that YOU deserve to BE ? Is it "kind of, maybe, ah something that you'd like" or is it a PRIORITY for you ? On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being weak & wish-washy and ten being a determined passion ,,,, what is YOUR PRIORITY level to creating a better you ? YOU brought yourself to this point and only YOU can ultimately take yourself in another direction: not your spouse, not your friend, not your mother, not your brother, not your sister, not anyone but Y-O-U.
I hesitate to share too much of how I make this issue such a PRIORITY in my life, but I will share some. This morning when I got up { at 5:15am } one of the first things I did was weigh myself. { sans any clothes of course. And my friend Meredith say you weigh less if you step onto the scales with your left foot first ! }, then I got washed up & semi-prepared for the day. Later on I recorded that weight in 2 places: (1) In my journal which we talked a little about in the last w8 writing and (2) On my desk blotter. I put it in the journals as that is my permanent record of how this journey is going & on my blotter to keep it ever before me. { If your at work & everyone sees your blotter/calendar, you might not want to do this.} Because I have been doing this for quite some time, I can look back & see what I weighed last week, month, year and even five years ago or more. Is this obsessive? Maybe, but oh the patterns I have seen in my eating behavior. Even after a month, you will be able to see things about yourself that you might not see now IF you are honest about EVERYthing. Fascinating and well worth the effort IF you have made the commitment to having a BETTER YOU as a PRIORITY in your life.
Gosh, this has gone on wAAAAAy too long. When I was first staring out on this journey I read books like crazy on the subject and that too helped me to PRIORITIZE and stay committed. So I am hoping that it will be with you also. Read positive things, concentrate on what you are about to become and never, EVER, give up. You CAN do this, you DO deserve this and only YOU can create the person YOU were meant to be. Trust me. Been there. Walked the walk and can now talk the talk. People are going to be SHOCKED at what you've accomplished when all is said and done. You're gonna "Shine, Baby, Shine" !!!

January Screen-Saver

AMEN !!! The above is a great screen-saver for this month. Remember that you can click on it and it will be much larger. Then right click & save it in one of your folders to add it later as your screen-saver or just make it as such in whatever manner works for you. ENJOY!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday MEREDITH McNinch Chilson !!!

I am not sure how young she is today, but it matters not. What DOES matter is that she
is a TERRIFIC PERSON for a ga-zillion people, including but not limited to the CAMLEOT
CHORALEERS. She has been the Choraleer BBQ Queen for a number of years AND has
been their Treasurer for many moons also. Today we THANK HER for all the GOOD that
she does towards all in her path. Sharing the journey with you Mer, has always been a riot
and NEVER, EVER has it been boring. LOVE YA KIDDO.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Okay, the above pic is NOT ME, but it could be. This is how I feel right now, after the holidays: bloated & not at all ready to face a new year with confidence & assurance in me. Instead I got on the scales this morning & found myself quite a few pounds heavier than last January 2nd. [ Yes, I keep track of such things as you will find out over the course of time.]
Sooooooo, today's main w8 topic is: Commitment. If you are not TOTALLY committed to bringing about the YOU that YOU want and DESERVE, forget it right now. And I mean a TOTAL commitment not some wishy, washy, "Oh I really want to eat better & be healthier BUTT I always give in at night & everytime I turn around is another "celebration" so I HAVE to be "social" & it soooooo hard and,,and,,and.."
Either you WANT A BETTER YOU or whether you want to admit it or not, you don't. Period. End of the excuses, end of the poor me crap, end of "let's feel sorry for me & the shape I'm in and my poor metabolism and my female problems" or whatEVER your excuses might entail.
DO YOU WANT THIS for YOU or NOT ???????
Instead of eating the turkey [ & only if it's lean btw ] start TALKING TURKEY to yourself, be honest with that person you've allowed yourself to become & MAKE A COMMITMENT to the PERSON YOU DESERVE TO BE & WILL BECOME ,,,, come hell or high water.
GET IT ???????
If I'm offending you, tough. It's a free country, leave this blog & never return. If you're still with me, let's tackle this challenge TOGETHER. And btw, this CAN'T be a "one way street" , if I'm to be honest with you, YOU be honest with me and give me some feedback. If you're thin & have battled to get there, let us know. If you're still battling, let us know that also. We NEED to support one another friends. This IS a life & death issue when ya think about it, right? Let's help each other along the way,,, and SHOW it = COMMUNICATE !!!
Okay, first of all if you plan to read this BLOG regularly and want to TACKLE the W8 issue WITH ME, let me know.
You don't have to tell me/us all the facts, but let's make this a giant group hug [ stated that way on purpose ] that gets smaller as WE get smaller. AGREED? If ya only want to PEEP at this blog to see what's going on but you don't want to get involved as I've asked,,,,, I think I can make this a "members only" blog, which might be an option also.
FOR TODAY here is what I want US to do:
1.] Make a WRITTEN commitment to YOU to become the YOU that YOU DESERVE to BE .
have yet to get mine into my W8 Journal, but it will just be a sentence or two so I can remember & repeat it to myself O-F-T-E-N !!!!!!! Kind of like my " W8 Mantra" for meditating if you will. I might share it with you if you'd like. Again, communicate that to me please.
2.] Start a WEIGHT JOURNAL. It can be as small or as elaborate as you so desire. Mine varies from year to year in size [ as do I ! ] but it is one of the most fantastic things I have EVER done for ME. To look back and read the struggles I have been through & the challenges I have OVER-COME is UNbelievable. I kept a journal-journal for years, something like 2 decades or more, but now I use the W8 Journal as my everything journal. UNfortunately I don't write a great deal anymore about things other than my healthy eating style [ or lack there-of ] but it still remains MY gift to ME . I owe it to me AND to my Creator to be the best me that I can possibly be.
I have MADE THE COMMITMENT and I hope & pray that you are joining me also. For this weeks end, I am going to write out my brief commitment to me in my w8 journal AND I am going to put into writing ALL that I eat today & tomorrow. On Monday I will begin counting that calories [ & I will share with you what I choose to write down in that regard also ], AND I am going to exercise also. [[ I have been doing this for quite some time. DON'T rush into anything if you aren't used to it or shouldn't do so medically speaking. ]] However, REFUSE to just PLOP somewhere, move around a bit if at all possible. We'll get to the exercise talk "soon & very soon" as the gospel song states.
ONE more thing, and this is no small matter. DO THIS FOR YOU. If you want to also do it for your spouse or significant other or children/grandchildren, fine. But DO IT FOR YOU & do NOT let anyONE or anyTHING discourage you or stop you. Period. NO EXCUSES !!!
and while creating & molding a new YOU, remember

Before we begin W8 topics---

Okay kids, here we go. I have gotten enough PRO comments concerning the inclusion of the W8 remarks in this BLOG to give it a try. Before we begin, please note the following:

1.] EVERYONE is different. What works for one might not work for another. RE-read that !
2.] I'll be sharing some of the things that work [or have worked for me.] for me. RE-read # 1 again.
3.] Knowledge without action is generally not going to help you...understand ? [ This one personally drives me nuts as I have had said to me by a family member when I try to share something with her " Oh, I know THAT. Oh I know THAT !" Well, if you KNOW it DO it or else don't waste my time asking for my assistance. Geeeeeeeeesh ! ]]
4.] Persistence will win out ,,, Keep On Keepin' On !
5.] I don't want this blog to be ONLY about w8, so it will include that topic but not be solely
about that topic. O-kAAAAAAAAA- ?

Those are the beginning guidelines, but there are lots more coming, trust me. Feel free to write me with questions or comments. If you do not want your comment published you need to say so. All comments come to my E-mail address from this blog then I decide whether or not to put them on here. So if you write something to me via this blog [ a comment ] and you don't want me to publish it, please include that in your remarks.
I am now going to END this blog entry and begin a new one that will include the main W8 topic of the day. In the meantime KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...