Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sat. 2-27-10

This has not been a great week. This has not been a horrid week. This week has had more than its share of trying to fight off that demon who always seems to be just outside my door. Alas, that's the reason for my prior post. I needed to PROCLAIM by writing & sharing, just Who is my Strength & my Song AND my Salvation. One sure fire way to begin chasing the demons away is by letting them know Who's in charge baby. Amen? AMEN!!!

We got probably our biggest snowfall of the year within the last 36 hours. Might not be over yet, but the worst seems to have passed. Hopefully.

Yesterday I did 9 miles on the treadmill then shoveled the driveway. Still the w8 clings to me with every fiber of its being. Am I lighter than I was on Monday last? Yes. Am I where I had hoped to be today? No. Am I happy about that fact? No. Will I give up & throw in the towel? You bet your life I will ....... not! I believe we have to try to foresee & be sensible about our days & our schedules, so with that in mind for the remainder of this weekend I am vowing to: [1] Keep up the exercise [ VERY important as weekends have a way of taking on a life of their own ] and to [2] Not saddle up to the weekend trough & gorge myself. [ which can become a "reward" at anytime if we let it be ,,, but esp in the wintertime, in the snowbound bleak areas of our great land. Our inner selves telling us "there's nothing else to do, might as well E-A-T ! ] My schedule this weekend has me alone a lot, so that can either be a blessing or a curse. I shall make it a blessing. I will exercise [as stated above] AND I have several projects that NEED my attention. These projects will help me stick to my weekend vows [ listed above ] and more importantly leaning upon my Strength, my Song and my Salvation!

I hope those of you in the warmer climates are enjoying it. I am getting a little ticked at hearing SOME of those in the southern states complain about how cold they are. Come on up north for a while, you'll be happy to go back home, trust me. And again, please read & study about what global warming REALLY is all about: a increasingly "heating up" of the planet [ which CAN and IS being proved by noted scientists world wide ]. This overall heating of the planet is causing strange and alarming things to happen world wide. Read. Study. The truth [Truth] shall set you free, not that which comes from FOX "news" network or the "tea-baggers" or C-PAC. Give me a break.

Okay, I've raised enough ire for one posting. Time to hit the 'mill. Only 23 days until that which is quite UNusual in my life will transpire ,,, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise that is. Until we meet again ,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25/10 2:10pm

" The Lord is my strength and song,
and is become my salvation."
Psalm 118 :14

w8 Update & Other Ramblings

Yet another COLD day here in Western NY State.

As far as the w8 factor goes, no significant movement to report. Figures, as the previous two days were such winners. That's okay, all good things come to those who wait.

As for the dreaded Dentist appt. he decided to wait some more. The tooth has stabilized, [which is GOOD news ] but he isn't ready to make any decisions yet. I have another appt. scheduled for April 20th [ which is a pre-scheduled cleaning appt. so who knows what if anything will happen then ?] Time will tell.

Have an appt. with the eye Doctor for Friday at 6:00pm, as my eye glasses went all ka-pooky during the fall in Angelica also. Not a bad idea to have my eyes checked anyway I guess.

Other than that, all continues as usual and THAT is NOT a bad thing. Ever notice how when something traumatic happens we l-o-n-g for "the usual regular" days. But when things are just going along day-to-day we seem to forget how blessed we are? Interesting. God must chuckle at the creatures he created in us. We really ARE ,,,,,,, "unique" aren't we friends ?

I'm outta here. Time to hit the 'mill and try to expend some calories. Only 25 days till lift off ,,, so to speak. KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

w8 Post # 13, Etc.

Good Morning Friends! Well w8 was down another 1.5 pounds today. Might have been lower but I was starving [ or so I thought ] after Camelot Choraleer rehearsal last night and SOMEone had left "treats" in the truck,,, put 2+2 together and, well you know ! At any rate it was not a pig-out fest, but I could have lived without it. W8 still heading downward though, praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
Another gray day here in Western NY State. Weather reports are saying another storm heading our way. Getting a wee bit tired of same-o, same-o weather, but that's outta my control so may as well try to make the best of it.
Much to get done today including a [ much dreaded ] Dentist appt. @ 4:15pm to see what can be done about the tooth that was knocked loose during my fall on Main Street in Angelica on Feb. 11th. I do so wish that people would at least attempt to care for the sidewalk in front of their businesses, unlike this person[s] who didn't even salt the area. And so it goes. At any rate, think of me around 4;15pm. The Dentist thinks the tooth can be saved, but since it was knocked loose
and came down lower [ it's one of the 2 front teeth no less ! ]AND moved backwards, he may have to file it off [ YIKES! ] and then possibly put a retainer on it to move it back forward. This to me, a guy who is sooo Dentist-phobic you would NOT believe it. When I was in High School my Dad would NOT even tell me when I had a Dentist appt. He'd just show up at Belmont Central and take me to the Dentist. I would FREAK if I knew about a Dentist appt. in advance. Probably would have changed my identity & left the country on a fake passport or something! You get the picture? Think of me please. PPPPPPPPP-lease !!!!!!!
I'm outta here for now. If your skies are gray [ outdoors OR inside of you ] do what I try to do... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

w8 Post # 12 New Goal !

Four weeks from yesterday something "unusual" will be happening in my [our] lives. A few folks already know of this planned occurrence, so for now I will just leave it at that. [ I may share it with y'all later on, not sure.] Be that as it may, I have set some goals for myself before this event transpires, one of which goes along with some of the postings on this Blog: I want lose about 20 pounds in the next [ slightly less than ] four weeks [ from yesterday ]. I know that I can do it, but will I do it, that's the question? Of course the w8 loss/control battle is on-going with me, so that's no shocker to anyone, but hopefully this upcoming event will give the much needed incentive to "keep on keepin" on".

I have a ton [ pun intended ] of reasons to get my w8 under control & keep it that way anyway, as we ALL should. But this year of twenty-ten is providing some extra incentive also, including but not limited to the event four weeks away as well as a certain wedding that is planned for early October.

NOTE: The following is NOT recommended by anyone with a brain, I am simply sharing an experience with y'all. Period. A couple of years ago I needed to get myself back "on track" & it seemed like nothing was working. I was at best "maintaining" but certainly not moving any w8 off. Sooooooo I got the idea that I would attempt to eat only as many calories [ or less ] that I was exercising off. Are ya with me? Over the years, through research etc. I know my body quite well. [ What works for one of us might not be the same for another BTW ] I also have a calorie counter on my treadmill [ yes, I already KNOW that they aren't totally reliable, so STOP RIGHT NOW with your attempts a negating this story. That would go along with " I'd like to exercise but I don't have the time!" Bull. Trust me, you HAVE the time to do what YOU want to do. Period. At any rate ,,,,,,, ], so between the treadmill calorie counter AND searching the Internet for approximations of calories expended during various activities, I made my resolve. How did it work for me? Wonderfully. Absolutely wonderfully. However, one can only do this for a brief amount of time. The body will only take so much, at least THIS old body. BUT it got me "back on track", feeling MUCH better about myself and proved well worth the effort. I have used that technique only once or twice since then, & then only for a briefer amount of time. [ Like 2-4 days as compared to the original experiment of about two weeks.] Do not try this at home. Consult your Doctor before trying ANY w8 loss plan what-so-ever....... OkAAAAAAAy ???????

Yesterday via the treadmill I exercised off XXXX amount of calories. Then throughout the day I ate less [ 250 calories less ] than I had exercised off. I did not count any other calories that we all expend by normal day-to-day activities. Results: I lost 5.5 pounds of the [at least] twenty that I want to lose before March 22nd. [ Don't freak. I always weight more after a weekend. I need not explain, right ? Tomorrow's w8 will tell the real tale ! ]

So there ya have it. I almost posted my actual current w8 on here, but thought better of it for many reasons. I will however, attempt to post the results of how this endeavor is going. I will try to that ever day or two, okAAAAAAAy? It would be of great help if you would write me with any comments or words of encouragement. Thank you ,,,, and until we meet again, you know the drill ,,,,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


LENT. Does it mean anything to you? LENT of course begins with Ash Wednesday, a day that may hail memories of its own. To some it's a religious tradition they first learned in their youth, which some still participate in & many {?} do not. To others it brings memories of their Mother's telling them as they left for school: " If you see someone with smudges on their foreheads today, don't say anything. It's Ash Wednesday for some folks, that's just not us." [ I am being kind here, as some people worded things in a harsher manner.] One very wise man once told me " Gregory, I simply do not need a special time set aside for recollection & reflection,,,I do that every day of my life." And indeed he did. [ If I could become even half the person that he was, I would be most blessed among men.] And yes, I am aware that there are negative historical aspect of setting aside these forty days, so you needn't write me to tell me of those. But be all that as it may, there is something beneficial & refreshing about LENT, at least for some of us.

Each day is a new beginning, but how many of us continually look at life in that respect? Not many I'd dare say IF we are bring totally honest. So when LENT comes along, that time when we specifically remember our Lord in the desert being tempted by Satan for forty days, it provides yet another opportunity for us to strive to be the person He meant us to be. To look for areas where we know we need a little {?} improvement, especially but perhaps not solely spiritual areas. If the idea or purpose of LENT doesn't offend you & if you want/need a time set aside to reflect on past failures and future hopes, join me in the journey of the next forty days.

If indeed your perfection level is so high that you need no improvement, good for you, I truly admire said "perfection". [ He stated with tongue in cheek. ] But for the rest of us mere humans, let the journey begin [continue] as we strive to be all that He wants us to be. In the meantime friends ,,,, KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!! [[[ P.S. Thanks to my friend Meredith for informing of the correct spelling of the word "desert", otherwise I may have had our Dear Lord wandering in the "dessert" for forty days ! ]]]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Everyone needs a complain-a-thon once in a while ,,, this is mine. If you have no interest in it, stop reading now. I will TRY to counteract most complaints with some sort of a silver-lining blessing also.

* Weary of folks who "play the Jesus card" when it suits their current circumstance. On a day-to-day basis however, they have little use for Christianity. I'm fully aware that standing in your garage won't make you a car & neither will going to church make you a Christian,,, but going to His house DOES make a statement to the world as well as SHOULD make a change inside of us. This is not an advertisement for church attendance. It IS a weariness of folks promoting their "faith" when it is most appropriate for them ,,, then the rest of the time they appear to be "too busy" for all of that "business". BLESSING: At least the acknowledge the He exists which some nowadays don't...and their behavior can be a wake-up call to the rest of us.

* Weary of some of my friends putting down some of my other friends. SHUT UP! I accept their faults as they accept mine and God KNOWS I also accept yours. SHUT UP! BLESSING: I want to be more aware of that possibility in myself. I may not understand why some of my friends actually LIKE the people they like BUT it is their business, not mine !

* Weary of all the drama in certain people's lives. Some folks THRIVE on it. It is continual, with periodic brakes [ if that ] and it goes on for weeks to months to years at a time. It is even more irritating when they whiningly say ,,, "But Jesus will see me through [ poor me ] He always does." No wonder the world thinks as it does about Christianity,,, get OVER yourself whiners! BLESSING : Thank the Good Lord most people are not going for the Academy Award in the Most Dramatic Life category !

* Weary that a small handful of people in any community, organization, church, group, etc. seem to have the burden of most of the work involved. Look around you, those "cliques" you think you see are actually very tired people who are doing thrice their "share" of the workload because many or MOST people will not do their share. Sooner or later the 'worker-bees" are going to get TOO tired ,,, then what ? THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE and GET OUT THERE and H--E--L--P ! BLESSING: At least there ARE people willing to give of MUCH of their personal time/talent in service to the communities around them. The majority of people [ at least it seem this way ] are content to sit home on their _ _ _ _ _ & watch TV, all warm & snugly whilst others are in the trenches today doing the best they can for a better tomorrow. Thank God for the laborers in the field !!!

* Weary that the older we get the more excess w8 sticks to us & the harder it is to lose it. BLESSING: The battle can be won, but only but true GUT determination [ pun intended ].

* Weary of writing this right now, so will continue at another time. BLESSING: I refrained from writing some of the things that I really REALLY want to expound upon at the moment, such as friends stay with you when the world walks away. Friends don't just walk out when it suits them. Period. And so it goes ,,,,,,,


Friday, February 5, 2010

A Window Opened

God never allows a door to close but what He opens a window. How many times have we heard that phrase or one very similar ? I only have a minute to write here, but that phrase has proven itself so true in more ways than I could ever count. JUST recently a "door" closed [ perhaps "remained closed" would be more accurate ] here at 4998 Noble. It was like the Martha Stewart phrase stated in the negative " It's not a good thing." But it in the midst of that heart-breaking situation [ the door remaining closed ] a window opened. Foolish me, I didn't notice that correlation until this morning when I happened to be thinking of both situations within a few minutes of one another and ! BINGO ! = a light went on. Sooooooo thank you GOD that during a continuing saga of needless heart-break & despair your brought a sunny breath of fresh air from a totally unexpected & unrelated source. Reminds me of yet another hymn from my youth: " It's just like Jesus to wash the clouds away, It's just like Jesus to keep me day to day, It's just like Jesus all along the way ,,, It's just like His GREAT love ! " Thank You God. Once again You opened a window providing many a breath of fresh air in a room that was stuffy and stale. Our God IS an awesome God always helping me keep a song in my heart !!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Carpe' Diem

OMG! It's a MONDAY and also the BEGINNING of a NEW MONTH. Can you believe it? That is just slightly less than MECCA [sp-?] for those of us who continually VOW to "start over", in whatever categories that may involve: eating right, being more efficient, hoeing out & down-sizing, being kinder/gentler people, stopping smoking-swearing-biting the fingernails-eating between meals,,, you name it. A Monday AND a new month all in one = God's gift to us who continually strive for "new beginnings".

Sooooooo how are YOU going to make use of this new day and new MONTH? Come on folks, as of now one entire month of twenty-ten is o--v--e--r, done, can't get it back. So have you made any changes for the better? Those of you who have been reading my w8 writings have at least been trying,,, I know because you write me to that fact. Others I'm not so sure about. Every day is a new beginning, every minute or second for that matter, but this MONDAY at the beginning of a fresh MONTH is [ as my darling "daughter" Sarah Elizabeth Lewis would say " A sign from God!" ..... BTW this is the same girl who seems to KNOW when Jesus is not smiling and let's us in on that "fact" also. Love ya Sar ! ] a "rare" opportunity. Seriously, if this type of day will give you a BOOST then take it and run with it. Make the most of whatever it takes to inspire YOU to be all that GOD meant YOU to be.

Me? I'm ecstatic that January is O--V--E--R and am clinging to the the HOPE that February will indeed be kinder and gentler. [[ If it weren't for the fact that my Mother taught me never EVER to say "it can't get any worse..." I might be tempted to say that as applies to some areas of our life here at 4998 Noble & January 2010.] Carpe' Diem friends~ Carpe' Diem,,,, and as always KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

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