Monday, March 29, 2010

Paradise IV

Greetings from Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel,,, a nice [ not little ] resort that is breath-taking in every sense of the word. This has been our "home base" since Saturday and we intend to depart tomorrow sometime. We have taken excursions from here, but really everything you could possible need or want IS right here.

We worked out in the fitness center Sunday morning as well as this morning, it was GREAT to be back on a treadmill again. LOVE walking outside, but I can really PUSH myself on a treadmill it seems. And this morning I made a WONDROUS discovery: my TM at home goes up to a level 10 incline...the ones here go up to level 15 = yowser !

The last two nights we have strolled the beach by moonlight, with the waves gently caressing the beach as we walked by. Heaven,,,or as close to it as one can get on this side anyway.

We ate at this resorts restaurant, The Ocean Terrace on Saturday evening. Can I just say right here that I get a little concerned when the prices of the meals are not even listed ? T'ain't no burger & fries at COOP'S on Schuyler Street in Belmont, I can tell ya that ! MJ & Al split a bottle of wine & I had a Blue Hawaiian. MJ's main course was Mahi Mahi with Macadamia Nuts crushed and baked on the outside, resting on a bed of scallions & asparagus. He deemed this to be ,,, ! wonderful ! My main course was a local seasonal fish called Ono, it was EXcellent indeed !

Last evening after touring a bit during the day we sat on one of the terraces [ there are many, both public & private at this resort ], and whale watched, saw quite a few actually. There was a Hawaiian guy singing gently in the background,,,really good & soothing singer. He sang Blue Hawaii at one point as I was gazing out at the ocean, can't begin to describe the emotions running through me at that point. UNbelieveable. BTW my drink of choice last night was called a Lava Slide,,,and Sarah Elizabeth IF you are reading these [ which you should be if you know what's good for you,,, ] I am having pictures taken of these special drinks...they are so beautiful they remind me of you my Dearest Bride-to-Be.

Okay this is it for now. MJ wants to try to load some more pics so that I can share some sunset pics etc. with you later one. Our temps today: Low of 71 and a High of 83 ... sunshine wherever you look too. It is a little after 11:00am as I sign off from here for now, which means it is about 5:00pm for you. Ohhhhh,,,,,,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TERRI ROSS who is coming into OUR decade age wise ,,,,,,, finally. She is SUCH a BABE !

ALOHA and as always ,,, !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!

P.J. Pics 11

First pic above is us outside a LUSCIOUS bakery ,,, need I say more ? Yikes!
Second pic are the Royal Palm trees near the parking lot at the same bakery.
Third pic = a little garden are at same bakery. Lots of these gardens around,so beautiful !
Pics four and five are where we will celebrate Easter Vigil service five days hence.

P.J. Pics 10

You can read the first photo & see where we were on this day, again sooooo incredible. WoW!


You can send me a comment about this BLOG and it does NOT go "public" for all to see unless I read it first and MAKE it public. So since I am not responding to E-mails right now or even reading them for that matter, comment on here and I will see it. I know that some of you don't like to be made "public" and I will respect that. If you assume I wouldn't know that, then just tell me in your comment to me: " Greg, don't post this one." and I won't.

Gone for now... !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

P.J. Pics 9

Touring on last Friday perhaps, if memory serves. Various parks and sites not too far from Al & Will's place. I promise you, the scenery really IS this beautiful, it's incredible. I loved that big old tree you see in the second photo down, so had to have a pic of that of course.
We are both having a grand time, but MJ is in his glory. He would travel nearly ALL the time if he had his way [ and had the money to do so ] . I am VERY happy that he is VERY happy.

P.J. Pics 8

Okay, the first two photos are of that MONK SEAL that I wrote you about a couple of days ago. He is sunning himself on the beach, and trust me he DID flip over & do his other side, he was NOT shy in the least. What a show-off. I thought of the Wizard of Oz, only I changed the words: " I an the king of the beaches ! "
Next three pics are a walk we took on a public pathway in the Hawaiian "forest". These silly birds [ the darker ones, not the rooster ] walked right up to us as long as we stood still. YES Greg did manage to hold still even with these birds within two feet of him. He WAS however, keeping a close watch on their peckers [ beaks that is ] . I thought of you immediately Meredith when I saw that rooster....Gregory Peck's cousin ?
The picture with MJ & GK by the trees that just naturally grew towards one another and are forever entwined, needs no explanation what-so-ever. It was a photo=op made for US.

P.J. Pics 7

Inside the Orchid Shop where Al & Will buy most of their Orchids. What a nice shop this was and the workers / employee's / owners were MORE than friendly to us neophytes. Had a grand time here for sure !

Sunday, March 28, 2010

P.J. Pics 6

LAVA MEN !!! That's the top two photo's. Then you see the Lava Arch AT sea level in the Hawaiian Volcano National Park. The last couple of pics MJ took of GK inside one of the LAVA TUBES. Very interesting but a wee bit creepy. I wasted no time getting through there. Better than an elevator though. We are in a LOT of those BTW. And who the heck WAS Otis ? He must have had a lot of highs and lows in his life. Every elevator I am in says " OTIS ". Yet another mystery of life.... like a philps head screwdriver. I've always wanted to see the original Philip who modeled for that invention. Lord!
Okay I am done for now. Getting weary of this blogging right now,,,and we had to pay $11.00 per day to have Internet access here at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, thee resort where it must be just one step lower than heaven itself. Till we meet again,,, ALOHA and,,, !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

P.J. Pics 5

At the top is a place called "City of Refuge", what an interesting place that was. As with just about every where here, lava, lava wherever you look. This site also had an old temple area, as well as some huts, some carvers of canoe's, some turtles [ they just showed up = neat ! ]. The last photo, the one just above is your's truly me on Wednesday morning with a cup of coffee that IS REALLY a cup of coffee people! MJ and I shared it [ or I would have had to make numerous stops along the touring day ! ], But this was one fannnnnn-tasssss-tic cup of java !!!

P.J. Pics 4

The first day. These darned pics loaded in the reverse order of how I chose them SOOO the ones closest to my typed words are the first ones, then you work your way up. The second pic up from here is one of my favorites as it really IS what you see sooo much of. The pics near the top are of our tour of a coffee plantation. MJ became an old time coffee cherry picker at one of the sites. You can also see him holding the coffee cherries, then a coffee bean, of which there are two per cherry. BTW : Please ,,, look CLOSELY at that top TOP photo and see what Danniel the tour guide at the coffee plantation has on his hand. Notice HE has it on his hand. It's a Jackson Camellion,,,, we were offered it ,,, I politely but firmly declined said offer. Ha !

P.J. Pics 3

In HAWAII!!! This is GK sea-side, calling Connie around 3:45am EST,,,whoops! Well it wasn't all THAT later HERE ! Right after this call we had our first drink [ but not the last ] in Hawaii.

P.J..Pics 2

"Chicago, Chicago, you're a hell of town, a hell of a town..." We'd made it this far. This was when I had truly thought that I might take a BUS back to Belmont,,,, but didn't,,, thank YOU God!

Paradise Journey Pics 1

This was us in Buffalo at the airport on Monday morn last. Notice how confident the guy on the right looks,,,no where's NEAR stepping foot on a plane yet,,, HA !

Friday, March 26, 2010

Paradise III

I am writing this on Friday afternoon 3/26 at about 3:45pm our time. It has been another semi-quiet day, and that is not a bad thing, Sooo back to Tuesday and I will do a quick rundown of events...Very quick !
First of all the days run into each other here, I mean worse than usual due to "seasoning" [or age as some people call it.] We have seen & experienced an historical village, letting us actually see how things were "back in the day" as the kids nowadays would say. We've seen an actual "temple area" site with lots of actual historical area's surrounding it, some of which were new but built to look old. We have toured a coffee plantation [ Greg's idea of "heaven" ], and spent an entire day at the volcano park. THAT was UN-freaking-believable. Miles and miles of volcanic rock, every direction you look. We saw films of how things occurred and when, and what the results of each eruption was, lives taken, etc. That day culminated in a concert by a semi-local singer [ Darlene ________________ ? ] and a trio that sang along with her. [[ I will write down the proper names later, as we bought CD's of each performer or group. ]] Yesterday we spent at the beach, a very VERY difficult beach to get to, but lovely once there. There was a Monk Seal that came ashore, following a scuba diver that was TRYING to act cool at this Monk Seal kind of coming at him,,,right onto the shore. We had just come in from a bit of enjoying the surf ourselves. Can you IMAGINE what yours truly might have done if that Monk Seal had come in towards me ? I would not have needed a plane ticket home, I would STILL be running! And the darned thing was ROARING as he came outta the ocean behind this guy. Lord! I'd a surely had had MORE than SAND in my shorts I can tell y'all that much !!!
Today after a BEAUTIFUL morning walk with MJ, we visited a couple of park areas that are fairly close by, with scenes right out of picture books. We also visited Black Sand Beach which was truly something to behold. We had lunch at a local eatery = Hana Hau, a place where we'd had breakfast yesterday morning = yummy. Got to meet a couple of friends of Al's [ they had lunch with us ] that own a splendorous Bed and Breakfast plantation not too far away from where we are staying. Neat guys, tremendous looking B&B.
NOW,,,I know you are wanting to see PICTURES of this trip and you very well might, but it was quite something just for poor MJ to get me THIS FAR [ to be able to do blog here ] and I am really not sure how the downloading of the pics might go. Then if MJ CAN get the pics downloaded from the camera to this laptop, then I'll need to retrieve them. So I was recently TOLD that MJ is going to TRY to download pics later today,,,time will tell ! BTW,,, IF I can post some pics, you will not believe it UNLESS we post pics with one of us in them,, it is THAT stunning that it looks like postcards. I kid you not.
Sources tell me that tomorrow we leave for a resort in Kona where we will be for Saturday through Monday nights, returning to "home base" on Tuesday next. Apparently the resort has anything/everything one could ever want. I'll let you know about that as we hope to take this contraption with us.
I am thankful for so many things each & every day of my life, but being here is like being in a VERY HIGH STATE of THANKFULNESS ! As I wrote yesterday, tears seem to be always on the ready. I have managed to hold them back for the most part, but this entire experience truly does take ones breath away. I fully realize that I am not worthy to be here. There are sooo many others that SHOULD be in my place. Remind you of anything folks? It reminds me of the One who took my place on Calvary, saving me from my overt unworthiness with His overt Righteousness. " I'm so unworthy of the price He paid for me, I'm so unworthy of His love from Calvary..." is an old hymn that keeps going through my mind whist over here. One of MANY hymns / songs that keep floating through my mind actually. Another one is "It Took A Miracle " The line " I've seen a Lilly push its way up through the stubborn sod, I believe in miracles yes I believe in God. " All these gorgeous islands are actually lava deposits, in fact you can see it in the yards here where we are staying, the black lava sticking through the earth. And yet out of "nothing came everything" so to speak. When touring the volcano park you'd see areas where you never expect it and right THERE was a little green plant coming up through the hard, touch lava. Man ! Our God IS an awesome God !!!
Okay I have been writing for about an hour now, need to get away from it for a bit. Who knows, perhaps MJ will attempt to download some picks tonight. In the meantime loved ones, until we meet again ... ALOHA ... and ... !!! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paradise II

Aloha Again!
Perhaps I should back up a bit and attempt to bring you up to date. First of all THANK YOU CONNIE LEIWS for taking us to Buffalo airport on Monday last. I am freaking a bit about the return trip as you won't be there with us, but we WILL try to do it w/o you ! Second thanks to Patti Z. Harris for all the heads-up about flying, your help and encouragement were WELL worth it. When we actually boarded the 50 seat small jet which was my virgin flight, I will admit that my ol' ticker was working quite hard. I ended up not sitting by MJ, but rather by a really nice woman that flies regularly and gives seminars to business people. We chatted and I told her this was my first time in an airplane. She was in shock but MORE THAN DELIGHTED to "walk me through it" as she put it,,,and walk me through it she DID! She was sooo patient and kind, what a BLESSING! I was trying to act cool and manly about it, but when the plane taxied, then picked up a LOT of speed,,,I was honestly about to hurl. [[ BTW,,,, MUST they call the place where planes leave and return to,,,a TERMINAL ??? That was one of the first signs I saw as we got out of Connie's car on Monday morning and I thought " Well I sure a heck hope not !" ]] Then of course after all that gain in speed, the plane was no longer touching the ground. My lady helper said "We're off the ground,,,now that wasn't bad was it?" I said "Well, no it wasn't!" the translation of which was really " Oh my G_d, I am about to see the face of JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEsus my Savior !!!!!!! How's THAT for honesty folks ? Of course we weren't on this flight too terribly long, about an hour from take off to touch down=actual air time. Okay NEXT we have the LANDING,,,,2nd point of hurl-ability. But we made it and were at O'Hare TERMINAL in Chicago. WoW=B--I--G for this country boy. YOWSER! I am ever so thankful that all the airlines [ the one we are on is American Airlines ] are grouped together, so there's not a heck of a lot of searching,,,some but not too much. BTW,,,the small jet from Buffalo to Chicago was Economy, the rest of the flights would be first class, more on that later. [ And, I probably shouldn't confess this in print, but whilst on the flight to Chicago, I was SERIOUSLY thinking of getting a bus ticket in Chicago that took me back to Western New York. I REALLY considered this folks,,,read REALLY, REALLY considered it. What kept me from doing that is multiple things, not the least of which is I knew that one of our friends in Hawaii that had set this all up for us ,,, would hunt me down and KILL me. I am not kidding. I would have had to enter witness protection friends. Soooo, I kept going, and my heart kept really thumping ! ]

Not too long of a lay-over at O'Hare and we were boarding the big plane for LAX. Flying across the country in a BIG mother PLANE ! Because I understand nothing about how a plane gets up or stays up it frightens me even more, to be honest. But they ARE suppose to be MUCH safer than automobiles, right Patti ? And as Dear Old Franklin would say,,, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Upon boarding the flight to LAX I was frightened, but pure hysteria was not running wild [outwardly]. Being first class helped, we got on first, then the rest of first class then the "other people". [[ STOP! You just KNEW I had to say that, right ? ]] When this plane took off I was rather sure we were going to die at the end of the runway. I sat there, eyes HUGE in my head [ from what MJ told me ] trying to imagine all the headlines, the voice-overs on MSNBC and CNN [ none of my smart friends even acknowledge "Faux" News ], as well as the sadness of my friends and the elation of my non-friends. But we didn't crash, we just kept lifting higher and Higher and HIGHER. Would it EVER level OUT ??? We finally did level out at 32,000 feet, or so the [ all too young ] pilot said. We later went to 38,000 feet in order to try to get above some of the TURBULENCE that we were experiencing. TURBULENCE = not fun ! I will leave it at that for now.
We landed at LAX = the roughest landing of all as it turns out. At LAX we didn't have a huge amount of a lay-over, but we did grab some coffee at STARBUCKS and called Al in Hawaii [ left a voice message ] and called Connie for 2nd time this day. Then we were loaded in the final leg [ but what seemed like the longest leg of the journey ] the flight from LAX to Hawaii. We were immediately offered champagne upon sitting in plane [ the first of many times on this flight ] and not long after take-off we were served warm nuts, etc. Dinner was a WONDERFUL steak, with potatoes, steamed vegetables, etc. What a delight. And more champagne, or wine or whatever was your choice. DEEEEEEE-lightful.

I am leaving out a batch of things, as time is getting away from me here. How it took me a while to realize that I could lean CLOSE to the plane window and NOT make the plabe tip to my side. I guess I kept thinking of a RIDE at the county fair. How extraordinary BEAUTIFUL our country is. OMG,,,I was in awe and sometimes I was in tears. Yep, real tears streaming down my face. Hope humbling seeing things from this angle. The mid-west, the Rocky mountains, rivers and plains, farms and cities, the estates and the humble dwellings. Amazing. Simply and wonderfully amazing. Our God IS an AWEsome GOD !

HOWEVER,,,nothing and I mean NOTHING prepared us for the UNbelievable beauty of HAWAII ! It truly IS EVERYthing that it's advertised to be. We were greeting by Al, properly leighed, got our baggage and off to the hotel for the night. It was INcredible. Our first stop was to have a drink [ which I can't spell properly, but will attempt to do so phonetically ] a Mai' Tai'=pronounced My Tie. [ Oh hush ! as Gary Nevinger would say. ] This drink occurred close to the beach, with waves gently caressing the rocks below us. Lord,,,it HAS to be heaven,,,it HAS to be !!!

By the time we got to the room, settled, and talked while listening to the waves from our balcony and later from the beds, it was 11:15pm or 11:30pm before all talking ceased. What a day. By this time we had been up about 24 hours due to all the time changes.
We awoke yet again in paradise and after a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, we hit the balcony and just stared at the beauty of it all. Do any of you more "seasoned" people remember the old OLD soap opera "The Edge of Night" ? The waves pounding the rocks ? It really IS like that,,,in so many places as we were to find out in the next few days. Beautiful sight after beautiful sight. I'm sorry to keep using the word beautiful, but it is SOOOO tremendously beautiful that I just canNOT express it.

I need to quit soon. Starting to cry again. I guess I can admit that to most of YOU as you know me and I know YOU ,,, and we can share from the heart. I said it this morning and I will say it tonight,,,, I am among all men, most richly blessed. Amen? AMEN! And so until we meet again loved ones, Aloha and ,,,,,,, !!! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!


We have been here since Monday night current time and 2:30am your time. JUST got access to being online via MJ's laptop. [ Thanks Mike tech here in Hawaii] we are going to take a walk [a first since we've been here as we've been touring all day, every day] then LATER today I hope to catch y'all up on a few things. For now I will say that it IS all it is cracked up to be, it IS paradise and it IS heavenly. So many moments I just want to cry [in a good way] to see all this BEAUTY and realize He made it for us! And I am, among all men most RICHLY blessed to be here & experience this. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! I'll sign off for now,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOELLE MUFFIN DeTINE and to all of you,,, ALOHA and

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From the laptop at home = a test drive

I am attempting to use MJ's laptop, something which I have never done before = use a laptop OR use his "computer". I feel rather like I am back in Mrs. Presutti's typing class at Belmont Central. [ Love ya Irma. May God rest your soul,]

MJ spent quite a bit of time on the phone with someone trying to work everything out before we take off into the wild blue yonder tomorrow. His patience with that gal on the phone were extraordinary,and hers with him also I might add. Bless their hearts !!! SOOO loved ones, I guess we are a go as far as me keeping this BLOG updated from paradise, USA. Question is: Will you actually READ it ? Ah, time will tell.

So for now I am off, we STILL have not packed and it is nigh onto 7:00pm here. We leave the house in a little over 12 hours. YIKES !

Till we meet again loved ones !!! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday 3-14-10

Good Afternoon Friends,

Time is just BREEZING right by ~~~ And just so you know, we are working on a plan to take the laptop WITH us on our "Trip to Bountiful" so that I can keep this blog updated. [ Read: Have a computer with me so I don't completely lose my mind whilst away from "there's no place like home" ! ] Not sure yet if my plan will come to fruition, but we ARE working on it. How nice it would be [ after lift-off ] to be able to blog to you from the wild blue yonder,,, then you might even read my final words as we = oh never mind.

I HAVE come up with a new way of looking at things, since I have never flown before AND knowing our destination: Considering that I am a believer, either way ya look at it I will end up in Paradise ! Amen? AMEN !!!

Okay, much to be done, so can't write anymore for now. The w8 is just being a P.i.t.A. & I am NOT happy about it. Neither am I giving up, what with a concert in 6 days & the departure coming 2 days later. Lord have mercy. ! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow ?

Yes I am still alive. Have no fear. The exercise and w8 factor have been interesting to say the least. Let's tackle one at a time.......

As far as exercise I have done most of what I have wanted to do calorie wise. There HAVE been exceptions, which I will not go into, but if I were to grade myself I would give me something like a B or a B+. Yesterday for instance I did 3 miles, then a while later 6 miles, both sets done with the 20lb w8 vest on. Total calories was something like 1,262. I can tell you that it FELT like twice that many calories were expended [ when wearing the w8 vest ! ]. I only wear the vest once or twice a week. Other days I just vary what I do on the 'mill. I really need to get a heavier w8 vest [ like 50lbs ] and gradually work up to the full w8 [ I add one or two pounds each month. I didn't start out the 20lb vest WITH the full 20lb's, but worked up to the full w8 over a period of time, adding a couple of lbs each month.] I don't jog or run as much as I used to as it seems to bother my [ more seasoned ] knees, but I do variate my routine quite a bit. Should add dumbbells again, maybe mid-April. Time will tell.

As far as the w8 itself,,,it's still hanging in there,,,UNfortunately. Tough times call for tough measures, so am trying something "new" this week. What? Just never-you-mind ! I am tempted to write it on here but due to the fact that SOME people might not know how to be CAREFUL with what they try, I guess it's better that I don't. SOME people think [ even if they are not truthful with themselves OR with me ] "If I can just do what so-and-so does, then I too will take off weight!" WRONG! First of all you probably couldn't do it [ whatever the current "it" might be ] and secondly we are ALL different,,,ALL of us. So I chose not to share what I am currently doing amongst my reader friends. I will write that I am not a fan of "miracle diets" or diets that promise quick w8 loss by what some would consider "unusual" methods. They don't work in the long-run and can ,,, AND [ if done incorrectly ] be dangerous. That being stated, I am trying something I have never tried before, in hopes of "kick-starting" my rather stalled progress. So far so good. Tomorrow could be the teller of many a tale though.
One thing that IS proving to be true yet again, and this is mentioned hither & yon in w8 loss info: repetition CAN be good for you. By that [ I've stated this before, umpteen bloggings ago ] I mean that having one or two meals a day that are basically the same can HELP us. For me it is almost always breakfast and lunch that are basically the same [ at least 5 - 6 days a week.] Then of course, dinner [ supper ] is the meal that varies from night to night. Of course one needs to be cautious NOT to over indulge at dinner time or in the evening [ my downfall = both of them ] or all will be shot. What I am trying right now involves repetition & has been around for ages. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would attempt it, but hey in my more 'seasoned' years, why not ? Anything for a kick -------start !

Enough. Time to hit the treadmill, dreadmill, 'mill whatEVER one chooses to call it. Choraleer rehearsal was changed from last night to tonight, so much to be done today. we are 10 days from a Southern Gospel 'homecoming style" type concert...and 12 days from _ _ _ _ _ _ .


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silly me !

So in a never-ending attempt to get the w8 under control one of my MARCH VOWS is:

To exercise 1,200 calories per day MINIMUM with 1,500 to 2,000 being even better. I slipped a clause in there that it means EACH day not cumulatively as in the past, so I can't [ unless VERY SERIOUS illness / injury ] do like 900 today and 1,500 tomorrow for a total of 2,400. It MUST be a minimum of at least 1,200 calories exercised off PER DAY .

Well SAINTS PRESERVE US ALL !!!!!!! I am telling you on this, just the 2nd day of March, that I must need my freakin' head examined. O stop it,,,, I can hear the AMENS coming from your mouth. Man,,, this is not easy, but,,, "We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome somedaaaaaaaaay".


Monday, March 1, 2010

This post will be VERY brief, haven't a lot of time to spend posting today. The weekend took on a life of it's own, including missing church yesterday : - ( due to some health concerns that came on very unexpectedly. Things are better now, thank God. And secondly thanks to Dear O's Connie & Ray, both of whom were here yesterday to check on me: family of the heart for which I give thanks daily.

Theme of the day: don't give up but keep GOIN' STRONG. I am writing that as much for me [ or more ] than for you. Life can sure hand us its share of 'surprises", some [ many? ] of which we could live without, but we must never, Ever, EVER give up. All the books & sayings that tell us over and Over and OVER again that difference between success & failure is often taking that ONE MORE STEP instead of giving up. [ Besides, if you're anything like me, I wouldn't want to "give up & throw in the towel" on ANYthing that would thereby make my "enemies" happy. Not that I actually HAVE any enemies mind you. Ha ! ]

So hang in there friends. Whatever is bothering you, whatever is nagging at you, whatever is dragging you down, whatever seem insurmountable ,,,, keep on keepin' on ,,, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel ,,, and it really isn't a train ready to plow you over either. We CAN make our goals if we simply do NOT give up. Do NOT give up. Do NOT give up. Do NOT give up. But DO keep GOIN' STRONG and as always ....... KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!!!!!!

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