Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Try as I may, I can hardly control my ANGER at OUR country for allowing such an avoidable tragedy as this to occur. I care not whether it's a Democrat OR a Republican or whatever "brand" ,,, those who have said and keep saying " Less government intervention" and "Less Regulations all around" need to answer for their OVERT INSIPIDNESS !!!
LESS government intervention led to the economic raping of us all & consequently to the
which we may NEVER recover from by the way.....
"LESS regulations all around..." led to
that canNOT be over-estimated.
I am VERY unhappy with some reeking Republicans who ruined this country for eight LONG years and now PRETEND to have all the answers [ some via their supposed "Christianity" ].
And I am none to happy with some dumbed-up Democrats who can't see past their overt longing for a society that is overly regulated and totally & tediously taxed.
Is there no middle ground ???????
There ya have it. I'm done ....... for now.
If at all possible, try to !! KEEP A SONG IN YOUR HEART !!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just so you know ~~~~~~~


The above picture is how I feel right now. Have put on weight and am hating me. I know, I KNOW that is NOT the right attitude to have, but isn't the truth suppose to set us free? [ We all know that the Truth does = with a capital T ! ] And before you assume anything, the weight did not go on and stay on due to Hawaii. I stayed right under control until the very last couple of days there. Then I got as little "cocky" and it's been DOWNhill and UPscale ever since.

I must try harder. Work harder. Exercise harder. And EAT LESS, especially later in the day.
The choice is mine, just as it is yours each and every day. I have failed me and ME is NOT happy about that. Period.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camelot Choraleers

Greetings Loved Ones,

Just a quickie here. Had a GREAT rehearsal last night with the Camelot Choraleers. We are back at Belmont Central once again, and for some reason everything just seemed to click last night. [ well, there was one slight "fly in the ointment" but we didn't let that particular "joy sucker" get to us. Better to ignore certain things when possible! ] The group was, for the most part, spot on last evening and a tremendous blessing to be around. THANKS CAMELOT CHORALEERS !!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

POST # 100

Remember that LAST post about "Hang in There" ? Looks like this little one not only hung in there, he got caught & cleaned too !

I see my last blog post was April 30th, which means I took a MONTH off from blogging. Not sure what that "says", but had you asked me when the 100th post would be I would NEVER had guessed it would be: [1] On a Tuesday [ busy day as it is Choraleer rehearsal night ] OR [2] The day after Memorial Day OR [3] A Tuesday that feels like a Monday. [ Due to #2 ]. Alas, here we are. Isn't that special ?

What were you doing seven months ago ? [ this BLOG began approximately seven months ago ] Think back. It would have been the very beginning of November 2009. What were your days being occupied by? What were your concerns? Who or what was giving you the most joy in your life ? I know of at least one of you that was having severe family [ health ] concerns, culminating with the passing of not just one, but both parents in the month of November 2009. But that is [ blessedly ] rare, for most of us we have to stop & think a bit in order to really recall what was happening a certain number of months ago.

My point? Unless we are in the midst of some life-altering event, most of the big concerns of the moment aren't that big at all. That's something I remind myself of over & Over and OVER.

What's big deal today usually will take great recall skills to even bring to mind a few months from now. When framed that way, today's concerns seem so small, don't they? Amazing what we put ourselves through sometimes isn't it ? "Don't sweat the small stuff" really is good advice, which leads me to ,,,,,,,

Memorial Day. In our small corner of the globe, we have local parade with the Genesee Valley Central School Bands, fireman, ambulance crews, boy scouts, etc. This annual happening comes to it's conclusion with a Service of Remembrance in our village's Park Circle. At that time a prayers is offered, a speech delivered, a 21 gun salute, songs [ including but not limited to our National Anthem ] sung by the Camelot Choraleers, etc. It's not an elaborate ordeal, but rather predictable in its simplicity & understated manner. Thankfully no one passed out yesterday [ that HAS happened in the past ] even though our weather was sunny, bright & hot and the one delivering the speech was brief indeed [ Speaking wAAAy to fast due to overt nervousness ]. Yet small & simple though it be, there is something so happily "Hooterville" about these small town traditions. Quite often I find myself with tears running down my cheeks, either from the blessedness of it all OR from something that someone does that makes me say inwardly "Only in Allegany County!". Both of those type moments visited me yesterday & I thank God for each of them.

Also had a couple of remarks made yesterday at the same event that I could have lived without. Hurtful comments made from someone who should know better. Why is it that some people have a need to draw attention to themselves by putting others down? Their inferiority complex compels them to perpetually attempt to whitewash themselves by blackening others. It is not necessary. It is not attractive. It is not amusing. This bothered me for a while afterward until I realized that to let this continue to gnaw at me, was to empower this individual with rights they should not have: The right to intrude on my happiness & my well being. So I released those nagging thoughts [ SHOO FLY don't bother me ! ] & had myself a splendidly beautiful & memorable Memorial Day.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. I hope we can all SOMEhow & SOMEway remember that today's "concerns" are tomorrow's "can hardly remembers". I know that's how I'm going to try to approach today, the first day of June,,,and seven months from today [ when, Lord willin' we begin a new year ] ...I hope and pray I am continuing on that path !


A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...