Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thought of the Day

" For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

If God doesn't give us the spirit of fear, who does try to give us that spirit of fear ?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rod McKuen

One of my favorite Rod McKuen lines goes something like this. It might not be exact, but it's pretty close. It has come back to me many times through the years, including recently:

" Sometimes I'm sorry for happiness once known,

it does not justify the years of remembering

and being able to do nothing about it."

Amen and Amen.

Keep A Song In Your Heart

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

Good Morning - This won't be terribly long as [yet again] much to be done before days end. And yes I do remember that "Random Thoughts" was a phrase used many times on SNL in years past ,,, with some insipid "thought" following each "serious" speaking of the words "...and now more Random Thoughts .

~ Amity Daze / Alumni Weekend 2010 is over, save for the wrap-up meetings. It was a good weekend overall, even with the "chicken monsoons" that hit JUST as the Camelot Choraleers were beginning the selling of their chicken BBQ's. They still did okay, esp. with Mike Feldbauer doing "curb service" so that people did not have to get out of their vehicles unless they wanted to. Mike would run to their car, ask them how many BBQ's they wanted, come back into the tent, tell the workers the # needed then run the order back to the costumers vehicle, get the money,,,, and go for the next order. He was drenched by the time the BBQ was over. Had to go home and change his clothes before we could set up for the Community Awards and Choraleer concert. And that was just Friday afternoon & evening. Saturday and Sunday were also very full days, with exhaustion setting in by/during Sunday morning. And so it goes ,,,,,,,

~ Old friends : T'was nice last weekend seeing some friends we hadn't seen in a while, especially [but not limited to ] the three Harris's. Keith Harris owned Harris Hardware here in Belmont back in the day, and his three children [ not children anymore ] were here this past weekend = Owen, Holly and Steve. We graduated with Steve form good ol' BCS back in 1972. ALWAYS good to see "Hair" ... seems like the years just melt away.

~ Rod McKuen : Whilst looking around in the attic last week [ for the rummage sale at Belmont Central during Amity Daze ] I came across some of my old books. A few of which are by the poet Rod McKuen. My, oh my, the memories that brings back to mind. I had one of his books in my office, but since finding the attic books, I have begun re-reading his writings. It is definitely something from the late '60's and early 70's and I still enjoy them. I have one or two of his records also. I can't take an overload of his writings, as they can be a bit depressing, but some things he's written have stuck with me for nigh onto 40 years. I can quote them from memory [ no small feat as we become more seasoned with the passing years! ] Expect some quoting from Rod McKuen on this blog in the near future.

~ My Dear 'O Meredith called a few minutes ago and is heading to Rochester with her Dad. His "beeper" is going off on his pace-maker, so that means the battery needs to be replaced. His last battery replacement was 5 years ago. Mr. McNinch [ Bob ] is 91 years old I believe, and this is his umpteenth pace-maker ,,, and God only knows how many batteries he's had replaced over the years. What a guy! Both he and his lovely wife Beth are worth their weight in gold.

~ And that is all for now. Enough of an update. Onward & upward as they say. I will attempt to put VERY brief updates on here every few days, just so those who might be interested in such things can be assured I'm still a ROUND [ toooo round btw! ]. I'm outta here .......


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Curly - Part 1

Okaaaaaaaaay,,,,, so this morning as MJ is leaving for work [ poor guy had to stop out front, check his tires, pull back into garage and put air in one of the front tires.... again ] I decided to quickly water a couple of flower plants along the sidewalk out front, etc. Well ya know how one things leads to another --- I decided to pick up a couple of things in front of the garage that had needed to be picked up since " hector was a pup". One item needing to be moved was a medium sized "rock" [ made to look like a rock ] that Connie had given us years ago with the numbers 4998 on it, and now needed to be disposed of due to age. I lifted it a bit, fiddled with it a bit to see if it could be "saved" [ in a non-biblical sense ] and seeing it couldn't, took it into the garage. I came back out, went over to the same general area and moved a cement block, etc. when I noticed a rather "healthy" pile of poo where the "rock" I had just moved was located. I thought "How on earth did ANYthing manage to poo underneath that fake rock? " Thinking that one was one for the books, I started to clean up more in this area when the "poo" moved a bit. It was a snake. Curled / coiled up making it appear "poo-ish" upon first glance. I stepped back. Quickly. It look at me. I looked at it. It was a snake-human stare off. Actually not a stare-off but I was frozen in my spot. For all I know he was frozen too. After some [ not a great deal of ] debate I removed myself to the garage and then into the house. Leaving this curled / coiled up snake to his own early morning peace and quiet.

My Dad hated snakes. My brothers hate[d] snakes. I hate snakes. So now I am asking myself the following question: If I can overcome my fear of birds,,, of flying 35,000 feet above the earth in a "tin can",,, and of numerous other fears & phobias ,,,,, why of WHY can't I get over my overt f-e-a-r of snakes ? I have some inner thoughts on this [ biblical in nature ], but I doubt it would account for all of my inner desperation over those slimy, sneaky, slithering "thangs".
I will admit that there has been improvement on my part. Years ago when we first moved up here if I saw a snake,,,,, I was half way down the road of this hill before I even considered stopping. Today I stepped back about 15 feet and just stood there. Watching. Waiting. Willing it to slither away. [ It didn't ].

I have named him "Curly" for a couple of reasons: [1] H e was curled up [ I prefer curled to coiled as coiled implies could strike at any moment and KILL ME, which I'm rather sure was not the case ] and [2] It helps to name things, humanize them, making them seem friendlier and less threatening.

I will now go hop on the treadmill with about 3.5 days worth of work to accomplish today and this evening. [ "Amity Daze are coming,,,, Amity Daze are coming ! " ] I will try to focus on the many duties of this day, giving as little thought as possible to Curly... dear ol' Curly,,,cute little [ ready to strike & strangle me ] Curly.

Wanna bet after the mail arrives, which door I use to go get the mail ? The garage door [ which means having to walk by ol' Curly's spot ] OR the front door [ avoiding the Curly spot by a wide margin ] ?
And so it goes ,,,,,,,

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