Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday ~ ~ ~

Sooooooo, this Saturday is the "Big Day" for Sarah Lewis & David Wyre. I will have the privilege of walking the bride down the isle and giving her away. Rather strange "giving away" someone that you never thought you'd be blessed enough to even have in your life. Now,,, to give her away ? That seems rather unfair at best.

I have thoughts of refusing to "give her away". When the minister says " Who gives this woman to be married?" I have imagined saying "Um, excuse me but I've thought it over & since I waited MANY years to even HAVE a "daughter", I want to keep her ! " I mean, what's the worse that could happen anyway? Nervous laughter, giggles ,,,, until they realized that I am not laughing ? Of course I would be torn asunder between the Bride and her Mother ,,, but then again, all those people gathered, just hold my funeral & get it over with.

Oh it's lunacy I know, but a part of me [ not a small part btw ] really does not want to give Sarah away ,,,, that which took so long to obtain must now be given away. So, since I can feel my heart starting to break even now [ again, not in a little way ... ] I have decided I must concentrate on the times that she was less than "perfect". The times when I KNEW she must be acting like her Mother or her real Dad's family, as MY contributions to her raising were not in evidence. And there HAVE been a few of those moments in the last 17 years or so ; - )

I have actually come to like the young man that I am "giving" her to,,,something that did not happen overnight. Due to some past history I did not trust David right away. [ Said history was nothing that he did btw. ] Over time he has made me laugh [ always a good thing ] , stood by Sarah in her most trying times and most importantly ,,, he has convinced my heart that his heart truly loves her. They are building a life together ,,, and it's time to let her go ,,, time to give her away.

So this coming Saturday, some fifty hours from now, I will walk her down the isle of that church, her all dressed in fluffy white, as gorgeous as she's ever been .... and I will "give away'"that which was never really mine to begin with. I just wanted to think she was mine, for a while, for just a little while. I will utter the words that must be uttered and place Sarah's hand into David's hand. Then I will sit down and see how good this old Director's acting skills really are ,,, I will hold a look of dignity and reserve ,,, while inside I will be struggling to ,,,,,,,


~ I Love You Sarah Elizabeth ~

~ Now and Always ~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm so excited [ as you can see by the pic above]. The people of Allegany County, NY have elected their republican candidate for the office of Sheriff and now all our problems will soon be OVER. Yes sir-ree, with the assignment of overtime being put into the hands of the union [ as it was under past Sheriff Randy Belmont ] , all will be well. Soon our taxes will be nigh onto nothing and our county will be saved from all the ills of the current [soon to be passed ] Sheriff's office. Whoa ,,,, what a relief to know that soon & very soon ALL will be well amongst the humble hills of Allegany County. I can barely contain my excitement.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Election Day

Might as well post this pic today as it is Primary Election Day in many parts of the country,
including my neck of the woods.
I'm so sick and tired of the Sarah Palin's amongst us I could literally vomit. There's a local political race going on [ with much to be decided today ] that's also making me ill. How FEW brains does it take to see that if a labor union wants a current 'boss" out and his opponent elected in his place [ said opponent has publicly stated his desire to turn the over time hours back in the control of the labor union ], that something is amiss here ? Duh !
Is the "winner" of any political chat REALLY the one who can slam his fist louder against a table and yell "Well, by God I know what I'm talkin' about & that's that by God !!! " Where is reasonable intelligence ? Common sense isn't common anymore.
I apologize for the rambling here. Idiocy in its various forms is always upsetting, but especially when it's advertised in such a blatant manner. Give me a break.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday but ~ ~ ~

I'm confused.
It feels like Monday.
It's actually Tuesday.
But it really feels like Monday.
"Feelings, all my life is feelings ,,,,"

Friday, September 3, 2010

O boy !

First of all this ADORABLE PICTURE above is of my great-great-niece Jeannie, daughter of my great-niece Aimee .... what a DOLL !!!!!!!

I put this pic up because I feel like this pic looks = "O boy, what a lfe,,I'm just sayin..." Nothing horribly amiss but struggling a bit to stay even close to on top of things. Wanna just go to bed & stay there a few months or so. Ever had those days ???

So Jeannie Darlin' your Great-Great Uncle sympathizes with you today, but like you Sweet Girl ... I know that we aren't in these "O boy" places too long,,,,there are always more invigorating days ahead.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010

~ Happy September !!! Doesn't the mere sound of this month bring back a ga-zillion memories? In my neck of the woods it brings to mind going back to school which calls to memory [ some ] new school clothes & supplies as well as no small amount of angst of wanting to be "accepted" by ones peres, etc. Man, September ,,, beginning of the final 3rd of the calendar year, all the excitement that is autumn [ which of course leads to "you know what" as a kid ,,, December 25th! ] Septemeber that month of kissing summer farewell & embarking on a new, undiscovered & [ hopefully ] exciting autumn journey.

I am well aware that there are memories of this time of year that might not be happy ones, but for those of us always attempting to look UP , we won't go there. [ It's a choice you know, in most cases, whether to be positive or negative... more on that in a future blogging... ] Instead, as September greets me today I plan on dancing with my dogs in the livingroom and perhaps even outside in the yard ! [ By now my neighbors KNOW I'm insane anyways, so who cares ? ]

We will dance to a numerous tunes including "September in the Rain" as well as "And I'll see You in September " and one that we made up from the tune " Chicago, Chicago " that goes ... "September, September you're a hell-of-a month, a hell-of-a-month....." Can you tell that I really REALLY like autumn ? And the dear month of September has the distinction of kicking it all off.... " Sep-tem-ber how I love ya, how I love ya,,,my dear Sep-tem-ber " Hey, so it's not
"Swannee " ,,, who cares? ... Carpe' Diem people, Carpe' Diem .......



!!! Keep A [ September ] Song in Your Heart !!!

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