Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old "art work" ~~~

I found some "seasoned" [ meaning older but I don't care for that word myself ] "pics" on the Internet & decided to share them with y'all. MOST of you are too young to remember art work such as this, these were around during the "Dick and Jane & Spot" years, during my "yout" as Mayor Daily of Chicago used to say.
Everything is so fast and quick and computer generated now, that enjoying art work from decades ago just holds a certain warmth for me. Is that a sign that I'm getting more "seasoned" myself? And so it goes.......

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Danger Will Robinson, Danger ! "

! STOP !

STOP right now and read no further if you came here expecting or needing "Christmas cheer". THAT is not what this blog entry is about. Also STOP if you don't care for my opinion on things, for in this case... it IS about me.

I had a weekend that seemed to have MORE than its fair share of disappointment. In one case the disappointment [ the worst one of the weekend ] came from out of the blue. I do not think it was in any way "planned" or even for that matter, meant to do the damage it did. In the 2nd case I could see it coming, but with hope springing eternal, had prayed for a different outcome. The third case involved a remark that was innocuous by itself, but the physical reaction that followed it was rather shocking [ not to mention infantile ] .

So I spent some time this weekend in self reflection concerning the above listed moments. One tends to do this in ones more "seasoned" years, rather than to take everything at face value & spaz out or ???

These reflections [ at least at first glance ] lead me back to a conclusion that I have come to many times over the last few years: The more we open our hearts to someone[s], the more we enable them to hurt us. Seems simple, right? Wrong. There are numerous layers to that conclusion, some of which I am contemplating even as I'm typing. The first & most obvious would be that to be hurt less, close up ones heart. Then doesn't that solution lead to its own "hurt" ?

Hmmmmmmm ,,,,, much contemplation ahead to say the least. I felt a need to share this, or at the very least to write it out. It doesn't make the disappointment disappear, but it does allow a certain amount of clarification at least. And so it goes ,,,,,,,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GOOD MORNING LOVED ONES ~ Now this pic IS me, somewhere around 2-4 years old. I just put this on FACEBOOK as my profile pic. I find most interesting the TOYS [ gifts] that are under the Christmas tree. It certainly should be obvious that this was somewhere around 1957 or there abouts. AND it looks like I was quite pleased with what "Santa" had done that year !
I'm thinking that probably the bathrobe was new also , again SOOO 1950's. And so it goes.


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Good Evening !
The little one pictured above is a Elinor, daughter of one of my peeps I met through directing of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat back in 2004. Her Mom's name is Michelle & her Dad's name is Bill. They are a wonderful couple, truly "in love" and Elinor is proof positive of that fact. [ I'm not using the last name of Elinor or her parent's out of respect for their privacy. Some of you will know of who I speak, some will not... and so it goes. ]
I am always somewhat surprised when people are shocked that I like "kids". WHY wouldn't I ? Not only do I not have any under foot day to week to month to year [ oh MY how I admire PARENTS ! ], but I find kids the purest form of humans ANY where. They haven't been painted with the negativity brush that most adults have and they have their entire futures ahead of them. WoW ,,, the world is theirs to own, run or ignore. But for those as young as l'il Elinor pictured above, none of that matters. She's simply modeling the hat that her Mommy made, and doing a darn good job of it too !
LOOK at that face folks..... "Jeeeeeeeee-ruslaem Godfrey" as the saying used to go. I mean don't ya just want to HEAR the giggle that she makes ? I cannot decide which of the above pics is my fav, but I am partial to the VERY top pic ,,,, she looks a little Jewish or Yiddish, OR maybe it is the Italian coming out in her, whilst she is explaining some great part of her little life,,, perhaps why she endures all the photo's ...." Sooooo, what I'm sayin' is,,,ya gets used to it, ya know? The flashes going off, the oooo's & the ahhhhh's,,,, what am I to do? I mean come on girls ,,,, gorgeous is as gorgeous does, ya know? " Ah, Elinor, my heart [ as do all hearts that know you ], hold wondrous dreams for you Sweet Heart. God does miraculous things with ALL His creations, but he did an even more wondrous thing when he made you Elinor, daughter of Bill & Michelle. Thanks for the smile that you brought to this ol' guys face when he saw your pic on FACEBOOK. You ARE a doll Elinor ,,, a living, breathing doll. May ALL your dreams [both Christmas & otherwise] come true. God bless you,,, SUPER HAT btw!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here AND Facebook

Good Day Folks ,,,,,,, I put the above pic on my FACEBOOK page as my "profile pic" even though it isn't me, it's Michael. I wanted to add it HERE to for those who might not be "on FACEBOOK
if you can even IMAGINE such a thing.
This pic would have been Mike's first Christmas back in 1954. No siblings yet,,, so I guess we could call it "The Early Years" ! Much love to all .......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Good Morning,

Don't let the shock kill you, I'm well aware that I'm taking "too long" between postings. Some "questions" I have this morning..... hopefully brief, but you never know.

* WHY is December so "December" ? Even when one tries otherwise, the emotional aspect of this month is unbelievable. It seems to begin [ at least for me ] in November [ perhaps thee greatest month of the year = LOVE it....FAR better than the month that follows it] and continues into the ever lurking December. Okay, this topic is a future post in & of itself, so will leave it as is for now.

* WHEN is our dear President going to "grow a pair" ? Oh calm down, yes I voted for him, yes I want to support him, yes he is "trying" [ VERY trying currently ], but his capitulation to the republicans on these tax "breaks" [ giving them to the RICHY-RICH as well as to us lowly folk whose annual income is less than $250,00.] seems to be yet another example of his unwillingness to stand up for what [ we were led to think ] he believes in. The Dems are sooooooo poor are getting their message across while the republicans are great are delivering theirs, even though I disagree with much of what their message is. Come on Barack, step up to the plate and play ball or do you want to be a one term President like "Bush 1" ?

* WHERE has "common" courtesy gone ? I fully admit [ well maybe not fully, but mostly at least ] that I am getting older BUT why is everyone so rude nowadays ? In this case, the general public we meet on the street but don't know by name. Are we in that much of a hurry that we need to leave courtesy at home? Try going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. [ We did NOT do it THIS year. Have only done so once in my life & don't plan on repeating that mistake again. ] Not only do people push, shove & elbow you [ sorry ladies, but it's mostly women doing this ] but they will steal right from your shopping cart. Common courtesy is NOT common anymore, it has become extraordinary indeed.

* How can one go one after the passing of their life partner ? Bet this one just slapped you, huh ? Of course for those of us that have faith [ which some call a crutch ] we rely on Him who strength is sufficient for all our needs, but how do others do it ? Or even how do faith-filled folks face another day "alone" on this journey we call life? This question haunts me at times, especially the holidays I guess. My little village / town has lost a LOT of it's residents unexpectedly this year, so that also brings this question closer up on the "heart-meter". My thoughts & prayers are with ALL THOSE who have had to bid farewell to the love of their lives. Can't imagine it... take me first Lord, PLEASE !!!

Okay, that's it for now. Just a post to keep in touch with y'all. If you have ANY comments on the above,,,PLEASE let me know. I would LOVE to post them even if I disagree with you,,, at least the door is OPEN to learning from one another,,,, or sharing. And at this time of year SHARING is suppose to be what it's ALL about. Sending you oodles of love from B-town with a reminder to .......


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