Friday, December 16, 2011

This & That 12-16-11

Good Morning from Belmont -  nestled amongst the hills of Allegany County, N.Y.

Aha!  Some of you thought that the commitment I made to a once a week posting during December had been forgotten, right ?  WRONG-O kiddos,  how could I forget you ?  [  Well actually quite easily to forget things nowadays, but that's an entirely different story .]  This posting will undoubtedly be rather fragmented, but that's not a virgin experience for me.  [  The more "seasoned" we become, the fewer of those there are btw. ]  So, in no particular order.......

*  Attended a lovely Christmas concert at Genesee Valley Central School on Tuesday evening.  It's amazing [ probably shouldn't be, but is ... ] that as much as things change, some things stay constant in life.  There were moments at that concert that I could close my eyes & I was at Belmont Central School and it was "our" Christmas concert "back in the day".   Mr. Don Strach led the band and his beautiful wife led the vocal ensemble.  What a duo.  The "aud" [ actually the gym in which chairs had been set up,,, chairs that came from underneath the stage btw ,,, chairs that are still there to this day, under the stage ,,, chairs that cannot be removed now.  When that old gym was finally and justifiably made into a proper aud, the permanent seats were installed whilst the old pull out wooden seats were left under the stage ,,, entombed there forever one might suppose. ]  At any rate, those young people singing and playing their instruments the other night not only filled my heart with a wee bit of the Christmas spirit, but enabled me to be a "time traveler" , if only for a few minutes. 

*  Speaking on time traveling,,,, have any of you read Stephen King's latest book " 11-22-63 " ?  I am not a huge S.K. fan [ he scares the heck outta me! ] BUT I have read many, many books concerning the presidency & assassination of President Kennedy, so when I heard of this book by S.K., it took me about 15 minutes [ or less ] of debate to order it and had it delivered to my Kindle.  ! WOW !  I was wonderfully enraptured & taken to so many places I can't begin to describe them all.  Briefly,,, in this Stephen King book, his character Jake Epping finds a "rabbit hole" [ for lack of a better term ] that takes him back in time, always to the moment in time on a September day in 1958.  Although on this side of that 'rabbit hole' the person going through it is only gone 2 minutes,  he or she can stay over on the other side for as long as they wish.  However, when they return [ a mere 2 minutes later ] they will have aged the total amount of time that they were on the other side.  In other words, eventually Jake Ebbing [ through some prompting from the time span of 2011 ] decides to go back in time to September of 1958 and to wait until the fall of 1963 in order to stop the assassination of JFK.  That means he will be back in time for a little over 5 years.  Although only gone from the present for 2 minutes, he will have aged 5 years during those 2 minutes.  Jake gives the 'rsabbit hole' an attempt or two before he makes the commitment to try to stop the assassination, in order to see the effects of what his stopping of other events actually has on the persons future.  All is well for those things, so he heads back one final time, to change the events leading up to  11-22-63.   Oh my, as Stephen King says numerous time [ through Jake Epping ] " The past is obdurate and does not allow change easily." That's an understatement when all is said & done.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which btw, manages to touch the heart with a beautiful love story also, between George [ Jake's name in the past ] and his beloved Sadie.  IF you get a chance, read this book.  You will not be disappointed.

*  From rhe concert last Tuesday, to 11-22-63 to ,,, the Camelot Choraleers Christmas caroling in Wellsville, NY last night.  What a hoot.  Although small in number, this was the FIRST YEAR that is was neither raining nor freezing weather wise.  In fact, for western NY, it was darned near balmy.  Of course the topper of the evening was ending up at the Texas Hot.  If you don't live in these parts, the "Hot" is thee place to end up, a smallish diner on Main Street, where most locales [ and those returning "home" ] seem to end up sooner or later.  It can't be described, it has to be experienced.  Of course when we were done eating, those working there insisted on a couple of songs from us before we could leave..." to get us in the Christmas spirit ".  Soooo " Up On The Housetop" we went, followed by " We Wish You A Merry Christmas".... ending in applause from all.  Delightful end to a delightful evening.

And I am hereby typed out.  More could be written, but will not be,,, for now.  Enjoy these last few days pre-Christmas.  I hope & pray y'all have your shopping done,,, we do NOT and it is driving me bonkers.  This afternoon we have Dr's appt.'s [ always such a "joy" ], so maybe this weekend we can get at the shopping thing... geeeeeesh.  I mean there are only 9 days left !  Oh well, as my dear Connie Lewis is so fond of saying ,,,,, " It IS what it IS ! "  Yep.  Indeed.      I'm gone, my love to all ,,,,,,,


Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh myyyyyyy Goodness ,,,

I cannot believe how LONG it has been since I last posted on here, good heavens.  Well, I am hereby making a statement I hope I will not later regret:  I am going to post in this blog at least ONCE A WEEK through the month of December 2011.  [ Unless I take that last sentence out when I'm done writing this and before I actually "post" it,,, ] 

Man, if indeed the last post was October 21st, then we have some [ brief ] catching up to do, and away we go .......

When I wrote the last post [ which no none "caught' the real truth of, then again would they have mentioned it if indeed they HAD " gotten it" ? ] we were in the middle of rehearsals for Blithe Spirit [ by Noel Coward ] at Genesee Valley Central School.  It is the smallest cast that I have ever directed, only seven people, but it was not easy.  Blithe Spirit is not a "fluffy" comedy like so many schools or groups chose to consistently produce.  Rather the humor is somewhat adult [ not in a shameful way ] and sophisticated.   One has to be aware of that fact and dare I say, more "tuned in" than usual, in order to catch all the wonderfully written nuances of this play.  Suffice it to say that had I chosen a different vehicle [ Something "Hee-Haw-ish" perhaps ? ],  many would have preferred that fair over Blithe Spirit.  Be that as it may, the production came together okay in the end.  The actors did a decent job overall.  And the Director, once again learned far more than he ever dreamed possible, unfortunatley not in the best sense this time.  'nuff said in this public blog.

   About a week prior to Thanksgiving we,, along with with my oldest sister Barbara & her soon-to-be husband Charles,,, took my youngest sister Marlene & her husband Ron out to Dinner to celebrate Marlene & Ron's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Man,,, that's a LOT of years ,,, I remember that wedding vividly even though I was only 7 years young.  Doesn't seem like five decades have passed since that Friday night in November 1961 at the Belmont Baptist Church ,,, Unbelievable.
   The day before Thanksgiving, [ 11-23-11 ] we "discovered" that Sarah is carrying a baby boy, and that PRAISE GOD, all is well with mother & child.
   Thanksgiving morning we once again provided the music at Christ Church in Belvidere for the annual Thanksgiving Service.  Good attendance, with Marian Schnieder as presider.  Lovely morning followed by a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Connie's, with Sarah & David & Christopher there as well.  TOO MUCH FOOD though = geeeeeeesh !!!

MJ was on vacation from Thanksgiving until he returned to work this morning and a LOT was actually accomplished around here.  That used to always be the case, not so much in the last few years. Seems like we are always going somewhere or in the middle of some project elsewhere, and this place receives precious little attention.  Am thankful that was not the case the last eleven days.  Doors got hung, closets totally revamped and still time was available to relax too = good vaca !!!

My TONAGE is UN-freaking-believable.  I almost always lose weight during a production,,, ANY production, so even though my weight has been an issue most of 2011, I [ insipidly ] thought that it would naturally go down as per usual once we began the production process for Blithe SpiritWrong.  Instead it gradually [ and in some cases NOT so gradually ] went up, Up, UP.  I am not a happy camper in that respect.  Not happy at all.  And of course my health is [ as expected ] not as good as it had been when the weight is kept in an acceptable range.  I have no one to blame save myself.  And no one can get this situation under control but me, with God's help... and boy do I need God's help !!!

Enough for now.  Hopeully this gets us caught up.  If indeed that is the case, then in the next post I can move on to other issues [ for the most part ].  Want a "hint" as to what is on my mind and may be coming off my fingertips to the keyboard to this blog ?  Here's what's running through my little brain at the moment:

*  Why do people become so warpped up in
 "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays" ?

*  How much is our present influenced by our past ?

*  What would life be like if people really knew
how much we think of & care for them ?

*  How many people do you  totally trust ?

*  What was the most delightful and
 the most shocking events in your life in 2011 ?

Who shot J.R. ?

Enough for now....let's see how faithful the writer of this blog will truly be.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Ode to ......

You think you do ~ but you don't

You want to ~ but you won't

You think you should ~ but should you ?

You think you could  ~ but could you ?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Winds of Change

     Rarely do I compose a blog entry in the evening; there's more than one reason for that, but I'd hesitate to guess that the main one is that I tend to "wind down" at the eve of the day.  With that "winding down" comes a bit of reminiscing, and at times one can become a little maudlin too.
     There are changes afoot in my life, some can readily be seen necessary and for the good of all concerned, some leave me with a questioning spirit.   It seems rather trite at times to "look at every ending as a beginning" , but maybe in its overt triteness therein lies some sort of bandage for the soul.  For if indeed we didn't have the hope that things will continue on ,,, perhaps in a new form, but continue on none-the-less,,,would we be able to withstand some of the "changes" life hands us ?
    My heart is sad tonight, remembering what used to be and is no more.  And yet my heart smiles tonight knowing that although changes are afoot,  the most important aspects of my life remain strong and stable.  I will let the later comfort the former.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update & Thoughts

     Must be the summer [ at least June & July ] of the Internet / computer.  Seems like no sooner had we gotten Internet service restored, then my computer "died".  I was [ thank God ] able to use MJ's laptop computer, but after my PC, his laptop computer seemed like playing with a l'il persons "tea set" complete with those teeny-tiny tea cups.  Alas, new computer is here, hooked up & running although I have opted not to transfer all my files from the last hard drive to this one [ if that was even possible, what with the demise of "old faithful ] so as to cut down on "junk" being attached.  THAT means I must relocate sites [ like Amazon, Home Depot, Staples, Travelers, etc. ] which is taking some time, but so be it.  At least at the moment ,,,,,,, I am HERE !!!
    Couple of comments this morning.  First of all, find a cool spot if possible, for a few days.  The heat wave hitting the USA is continuing = NOT complaining though,,,, last winter is STILL embedded in my mind = gEEEEEEEsh.  Just try to stay cool when / if possible.
    That being said, we spent a fair amount of time around family at the end of June and the beginning of July: graduation, wedding, grad party, ,, and it was actually quite refreshing.  There's something rather comforting about knowing what to expect and from whom to expect it.  Was also nice to be a part of things, to contribute a wee bit to the happenings, but not to have a great deal of the concern of things on one's shoulders.  Is that "age" or "common" sense.  [  I wrote the word common like I did as MJ & I have spoken much as of late about how "common" sense is not so "common" now days.]
At any rate, have enjoyed the family gig,,,, and CONGRATS to Jes-see-ca Lynn & Dana Hand as well as to Gregory Lewis ,,,,,, ye ol' Uncle is very proud of y'all.
   Last but not least WORDS>  I don't even know where to begin.  I am highly dismayed as of late at how people say/write one thing and yet do / act in another manner all together.  Due to time, I will simple repeat an old saying & leave it that ,,,,,,,for now.  ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words.  Get it ?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 days withOUT Internet - - - - - - -

How DID we do it BEFORE the Internet ?

   We have been sans Internet for eight days.  It has not been pleasant.  MY main connection to the world in which I choose to live,,,,, is the Internet.  A longer blog entry may be written in the future about this but as for now I NEED to become more ME and less Laura Ingalls from "Little House on the Prarie" ..........
suffice it to say that I nearly lost what little of my mind there is left during this hiatis from the world as I know it.  May this NOT happen again.  Good-bye.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

PLEASE remember ,,,,,,,

,,,,,,, that we are called to LOVE ONE ANOTHER & leave the rest to the best = GOD.
,,,,,,, that none of is called to be judge, jury & executioner
,,,,,,, that if NOT measured out very carefully words have the power to hurt BEYOND measure
,,,,,,, that without doubt your life wasn't always perfect, so perhaps others may not be that way either
,,,,,,, that if you are a parent, gently guide your children, don't herd them around like cattle.
,,,,,,, that oft times the least lovable among us are in need of the greatest love.
,,,,,,, that if you need to do so, apologize TODAY ,,, we have no promise of tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schwarzenegger's ~ Part II

Oh mYYYYYYYYY Goodness !

Well, well, well what a bombshell came out today about Maria & Arnold.  Oh boy.  Hmmmm, perhaps things are little more "involved' than first imagined.  I am well aware that SOME of you [ the more self-righteous ] will say "Told you so..."  but last I knew NONE of us was to be judge & jury of all creation.  Seems to me we have enough to handle in our own PERSONAL lives.... those who live in glass houses and all that don't ya know.

Suffice it to say that perhaps one of the biggest shocks was the fact that the news of Arnold's other child was kept from the public for so long.  Granted, apparently the L.A. Times was working on the story, but for the child to be nigh onto 10 years of age and THIS is the first time the public has heard of it ?  WoW!

Let's hope & pray that healing can soon begin on all fronts.  Being such public figures they won't be granted the solitude that most might hope for, but perhaps they can find some way to pull themselves together once again and "keep on keepin' on".

I confess to being a PollyAnna but in my heart of hearts I pray for some sort of resolution to all the obvious hurt & pain that has transpired and that at least some  unity / peace might be restored to hearts that were, at one point in time, joined together as one.

God-speed Schwarzenegger family ... as Mother used to say,,, this too shall pass.  In the meantime, here's
hoping you can somehow manage to .......


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


!   Schwarzenegger's Separate   !

Well after 25 years [ in a day & age when 25 months seems like  a l-o-n-g marriage ] Maria & Arnold are separating.  The news broke yesterday, all over the tele.  I am quite distressed about this.  I mean it's not as long as Al & Tippor, but come on, is THIS now going to become the rage?  Stick it out until it looks like it's the "real deal' THEN throw in the towel ?  Give me a break.

It has not been announced that they are divorcing, just separating, so hope springs eternal that they will be able to work on their marriage & get back to being a couple once more. [ I know I sometimes live in the Land of Optimism, but it can be pleasant here folks ].    Still, this is not a good sign & they both remain in my prayers,,, particularly Maria.

Maria has lost both of her parents in the recent past = not easy, and of course Arnold has now stepped away from being the Gov. of California = another big change for them.  She is a Kennedy at heart, which if you know me at all places her above the average fray.  Call it remembrances of my youth, call it silliness, call it seeing only what I want to see, but my heart LIVES in the realm of "Camelot" .  [ Hence the name of the choral/drama  group I lead = The Camelot Choraleers ]  My heart is with dear Maria in this, not so much with the republican she married... bless his heart.

I even dreamed about this in a fashion last night.  I won't go into the specifics of the dream, but suffice it to say that what's curious to me is how ANY of us can partner with ANYone and survive day after week after month after year after decade.  It truly IS amazing, isn't it ?  Apparently most people are "wired" to want to be "with" someone and yet that very union, although bringing its share of joy & laughter, is some of the most difficult & demanding "work" on earth.  Lord, have mercy !

Okay, before I get too carried away with that last paragraph I will  ! STOP ! for now.  I need to get on with the day and quit obsessing over poor Maria and "him".   We will pray the prayer that cannot fail and leave it at that.  I won't think about this ANYmore today [ yeah right.....].  HOWever, if you have someone in your life that you really DO love with all your heart,,, take a second and remind them.  So what if it's repetitive, do it anyway.  Maybe, just maybe if Arnold had told Maria how much he adore's her just a wee bit more often...   I'M  JUST  SAYIN'   .......


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Ramblings on 5-10-11

This is exactly what the title says,,, just random thoughts.  Perhaps more will follow later today, perhaps not. Any one of these thoughts might be a blogging in & of itself, but for now, just rambling...

*  Becoming more "seasoned" [older] certainly has its advantages in that more pieces of life's "puzzle" somehow [oddly] seem to fit together.

*  We ALL have our crosses to carry.  The grass MAY look greener on the other side, but no one gets away with a life Scot free of troubles.  Some hide them better than others though.

*  My nearly life-long semi-obsession with how siblings from the same family can be so utterly different continues.  Sunday last I was in a conversation with someone about my twin nieces [ 35 years young now ] and how alike yet different they are.  If maternal twins can be so different, then it shouldn't be a mystery that regular siblings would be so inclined.  Yet the fascination [for me] continues.

*  Going to see  WICKED  at Shea's in Buffalo this week with front row seats = the heart beats even faster!

*  Certain Christians need to stop using the word "just" so much when they "pray".  as in "Lord, we just love Ya Lord, we we just thank Ya, Lord without You we'd just be nothing, just know that we love Ya Jesus,,,Lord I just wanna say how much You're adored......."  THIS has become such a buggaboo with me that, try as I might, I end up counting how many times certain Christians use the word 'just' when they are praying.  And 9 times out of 10, these same " just abusers " are some of the first people to criticize those who recite written prayers.  Well, they need to JUST get over it I'd say.

*  Have said it before and will say it again:  When all is said & done, it usually isn't.

*  Some biological family members are in our lives not so much to love & support us as to make us stronger,, if indeed it's true that what doesn't kill us makes stronger ... just sayin'  ...

*  I often watch when I am on the treadmill.  Am now confirmed that we need to contact one of the shows from HGTV or DIY network, probably more than one:  Kitchen Impossible,  Desperate Landscapes,
Wasted Spaces, Yard Crashers, Sweat Equity, House Crashers,,,,, the list goes on & on.

*  Really liked seeing ! Bingo A New Musical !  in Angelica last weekend.  The Angelica Players did an excellent job ,,, kudos to Staci Curry & crew.

*  Sometimes the need to insulate ones heart has to take priority over other considerations.  Said insulation can protect from the heat of anger as well as the bitter cold of hurtfulness.

*  And we will end [ for now, may add more later ] in like manner as we began the list:  The more 'seasoned' I become the more amazed I am that some folks seem to crumble at the slightest jolt that life gives them whilst others seem to get sand blasted from every angle and still "keep on keepin' on".  I strive to be like the later,,,but I fear being like the first mentioned.   And so it goes ,,,,,,,


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seven Saturday Scenes

   On Saturday last, we spent some time at Sarah & David's house in Corning, NY - lending a hand here and there.  The pics above are from that day.  MOST notable was the lack of rain & abundance of sunshine on that day.  Those of us in western New York  [ although blessed not to have had the horrific storms of some parts of the USA ] are growing a bit weary of the "monsoons" around here.  Weather predicted for today is as follows " rain in the morning, followed by showers in the afternoon" ... and so it goes.
     The top two pics are of the beginning of another flower bed at the Wyre residence.  We'd managed to put one in last autumn & it was high time for the one on the opposite side of the stoop to be created.  Not as many rocks as here on Noble Street in Belmont, but still a rather tiring task none the less.
    Pics three & four are of Michael helping with the siding of the house, just around the corner from where the flower bed was being worked on.  In pic three you can see the very bottom of the deck that David & his dad are working on, piece by piece.  The deck seems HUGE at this point, but will undoubtedly be "just right" when all is said and done.
    Pic five is the completed flower bed, more or less.  Still some hosta's to go in then Sarah will also add some "pop-ability" with the annuals that she chooses.  Pic six is Sar in the kitchen stirring up some goodies for lunch, and pic seven is the front side of the house not too long before we left Saturday evening.
    It was a busy but good day, with many laughs along the way.  Between Connie, Mike & myself we had some aching muscles later that night into the next day, but well worth all of it.  Not sure if the "kids" [ Sarah & Dave ] were sore afterwards, but hey they are some three decades younger than we are !
     HUGE THANKS to Fran Pettnot for the use of the scaffolding,,, oh my, can't imagine WHAT would have been rigged up if it hadn't been [ yet again ] for the Pettnots, God bless them !
    This is it for now folks, just a wee bit of sharing that I thought you might enjoy.  I'd just downloaded the pictures from the digital camera & thought... "What the heck, blog 'em."  and I did.
     Thanking you for your time this time till next time,,,, and least TRY to .......
Keep A Song
In Your Heart !

Monday, April 25, 2011

Richard Kenneth Shelley

Once upon a time ,,,,,,, there was love.

Rest in peace Bro

Richard K. Shelley

December 3, 1938 ~~~ April 24, 2011

Now  you  know ,,, the rest of the story.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V.D.

For decades now I have been wishing people "Happy V.D.",,, long before some comedians picked up on that line. I guess I started using that line because some people were getting wAAAy to syrupy, too "greeting card schmalzy" for my liking. I felt a NEED to add some levity to the heaviness that was taking over. Geeeeeeesh.

The older I get the more I see the blessedness in true love, and I could write several blog entries on that topic & still have many more entries to go. But that is not what THIS subject matter is about. By no means to I want to belittle the power of true, long-lasting, day after week after month after year after decade TRUE LOVE. Okay ? Now, that being said .......

Can we LAUGH a little folks ? If it weren't for laughter, even the most loving & tender-hearted couples would [ in my estimation ] be planning the death [ slow or other-wise ] of their "beloved" at times. TWO people TOO together for a l--o--n--g time = gotta laugh or gotta plan someones departure.

Years ago we had neighbors, the wife of whom declared "My husband and I have never EVER had an argument." Welllll, he was a long-suffering type guy, and we never did hear any voice raising from their direction BUT ,,, either all he said was "Yes Dear" 24/7 for a couple of decades OR [ and I knew him well ] he was seething internally at times. None of us is perfect.... NONE of US, so sometimes we are going to irritate one another. That goes quadruple for those that are around us the most.... hence,,,, couples.

Ya gotta laugh. Ya gotta. I totally believe that God equipped us with laughter for numerous reasons, one of which is it's a "safety valve". Not only so we can relieve some stress within our bodies,,,but also so that we can laugh instead of explode.

LAUGH ! When was the last time you really, REALLY laughed with your beloved? If your relationship is STRONG then probably you have laughed together rather recently. I'm NOT talking about those little "prissy tee-hee's" that "ever-so-polite glove-wearing, tea sippers" might do.... I'm talking about a gut wrenching laugh that shakes the house and scares the pets!

I can absolutely & concretely state that those closest to me are the people I laugh with the most. The more serious folks may have tight friends, but not me. Not my gig, not my thing. Neither are the "whiners",,,, the mopey-mopes that try to gather attention through their latest life drama. Of course they are attracted to the "enablers" [ LOOK around you sometime & SEE the "attention seekers" being coddled by the "enablers". Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. That might be a blog entry topic in the near future. ] As more & more years pass me by, the less tolerant I am of the "whiners" & the "enablers". Life's to short ,,, wAAAy to short for that malarkey. At any rate...... my type of folks are the LAUGHERS ..... the people who seem to say to life,,, "You will NOT get me down, I AM going to get through whatever you throw at me and I WILL, to the best of my ability ..... hahahahahahah-hohohohohohoh-hahahahahahah my way through it. So there !

Go ahead, grab your beloved and laugh. GUT laugh. Start out slow if you must, but let that sound crescendo into something that will have people around you catching it too. People like to laugh, we have just become too [ danged ] reserved about it in some cases. Do it. Do It.




Happy V.D.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Carefully , , ,

I have been trying to compose this entry for days & days now, but each & every time it just didn't pan out as I wanted ,,,,, " when at first you don't succeed..."

The pic above was chosen very carefully for this blog entry, keep in mind that I cannot swim. I feel very much like this is the "bridge" that is in front of me. I need to choose my steps with all kinds of due caution, one slip and ....... And that's not even considering the "unknown" that lies on the other side of this foot bridge ,,,,,,,IF one makes it there.

For at least 7 & 1/2 months now I've become increasingly aware that the actions of many [ not just a few & not just some ] people in my life do not prove the words they say [ or have said ] to me. Turns out yet again that mother was right: "The proof IS in the pudding." One can handle this sort of situation now & then, but when it becomes the rule rather than the exception, that's not easy, at least for me. And when it comes from some of the people one thought of as "closest to the heart", that's really difficult.

Do I expect too much from people? Is the old adage "believe none of what you hear & only half of what you see " REALLY true after all ? Is it better to have only acquaintances & keep people far enough away so they can't hurt you too much ? Good God I'm 56 years old & still wondering such things, shouldn't I have the answers to these questions by now ?

I'm tired of the rickety-crickety footbridge experiences. I'm weary of feeling that if I misstep I will surely drown. Seems like returning from whence one came & taking a good long nap would be a reasonable solution, maybe then the footbridge wouldn't seem so daunting. Or maybe I wouldn't want to attempt it at all.

O Happy Day !

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...