Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V.D.

For decades now I have been wishing people "Happy V.D.",,, long before some comedians picked up on that line. I guess I started using that line because some people were getting wAAAy to syrupy, too "greeting card schmalzy" for my liking. I felt a NEED to add some levity to the heaviness that was taking over. Geeeeeeesh.

The older I get the more I see the blessedness in true love, and I could write several blog entries on that topic & still have many more entries to go. But that is not what THIS subject matter is about. By no means to I want to belittle the power of true, long-lasting, day after week after month after year after decade TRUE LOVE. Okay ? Now, that being said .......

Can we LAUGH a little folks ? If it weren't for laughter, even the most loving & tender-hearted couples would [ in my estimation ] be planning the death [ slow or other-wise ] of their "beloved" at times. TWO people TOO together for a l--o--n--g time = gotta laugh or gotta plan someones departure.

Years ago we had neighbors, the wife of whom declared "My husband and I have never EVER had an argument." Welllll, he was a long-suffering type guy, and we never did hear any voice raising from their direction BUT ,,, either all he said was "Yes Dear" 24/7 for a couple of decades OR [ and I knew him well ] he was seething internally at times. None of us is perfect.... NONE of US, so sometimes we are going to irritate one another. That goes quadruple for those that are around us the most.... hence,,,, couples.

Ya gotta laugh. Ya gotta. I totally believe that God equipped us with laughter for numerous reasons, one of which is it's a "safety valve". Not only so we can relieve some stress within our bodies,,,but also so that we can laugh instead of explode.

LAUGH ! When was the last time you really, REALLY laughed with your beloved? If your relationship is STRONG then probably you have laughed together rather recently. I'm NOT talking about those little "prissy tee-hee's" that "ever-so-polite glove-wearing, tea sippers" might do.... I'm talking about a gut wrenching laugh that shakes the house and scares the pets!

I can absolutely & concretely state that those closest to me are the people I laugh with the most. The more serious folks may have tight friends, but not me. Not my gig, not my thing. Neither are the "whiners",,,, the mopey-mopes that try to gather attention through their latest life drama. Of course they are attracted to the "enablers" [ LOOK around you sometime & SEE the "attention seekers" being coddled by the "enablers". Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. That might be a blog entry topic in the near future. ] As more & more years pass me by, the less tolerant I am of the "whiners" & the "enablers". Life's to short ,,, wAAAy to short for that malarkey. At any rate...... my type of folks are the LAUGHERS ..... the people who seem to say to life,,, "You will NOT get me down, I AM going to get through whatever you throw at me and I WILL, to the best of my ability ..... hahahahahahah-hohohohohohoh-hahahahahahah my way through it. So there !

Go ahead, grab your beloved and laugh. GUT laugh. Start out slow if you must, but let that sound crescendo into something that will have people around you catching it too. People like to laugh, we have just become too [ danged ] reserved about it in some cases. Do it. Do It.




Happy V.D.


A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...