Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schwarzenegger's ~ Part II

Oh mYYYYYYYYY Goodness !

Well, well, well what a bombshell came out today about Maria & Arnold.  Oh boy.  Hmmmm, perhaps things are little more "involved' than first imagined.  I am well aware that SOME of you [ the more self-righteous ] will say "Told you so..."  but last I knew NONE of us was to be judge & jury of all creation.  Seems to me we have enough to handle in our own PERSONAL lives.... those who live in glass houses and all that don't ya know.

Suffice it to say that perhaps one of the biggest shocks was the fact that the news of Arnold's other child was kept from the public for so long.  Granted, apparently the L.A. Times was working on the story, but for the child to be nigh onto 10 years of age and THIS is the first time the public has heard of it ?  WoW!

Let's hope & pray that healing can soon begin on all fronts.  Being such public figures they won't be granted the solitude that most might hope for, but perhaps they can find some way to pull themselves together once again and "keep on keepin' on".

I confess to being a PollyAnna but in my heart of hearts I pray for some sort of resolution to all the obvious hurt & pain that has transpired and that at least some  unity / peace might be restored to hearts that were, at one point in time, joined together as one.

God-speed Schwarzenegger family ... as Mother used to say,,, this too shall pass.  In the meantime, here's
hoping you can somehow manage to .......


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


!   Schwarzenegger's Separate   !

Well after 25 years [ in a day & age when 25 months seems like  a l-o-n-g marriage ] Maria & Arnold are separating.  The news broke yesterday, all over the tele.  I am quite distressed about this.  I mean it's not as long as Al & Tippor, but come on, is THIS now going to become the rage?  Stick it out until it looks like it's the "real deal' THEN throw in the towel ?  Give me a break.

It has not been announced that they are divorcing, just separating, so hope springs eternal that they will be able to work on their marriage & get back to being a couple once more. [ I know I sometimes live in the Land of Optimism, but it can be pleasant here folks ].    Still, this is not a good sign & they both remain in my prayers,,, particularly Maria.

Maria has lost both of her parents in the recent past = not easy, and of course Arnold has now stepped away from being the Gov. of California = another big change for them.  She is a Kennedy at heart, which if you know me at all places her above the average fray.  Call it remembrances of my youth, call it silliness, call it seeing only what I want to see, but my heart LIVES in the realm of "Camelot" .  [ Hence the name of the choral/drama  group I lead = The Camelot Choraleers ]  My heart is with dear Maria in this, not so much with the republican she married... bless his heart.

I even dreamed about this in a fashion last night.  I won't go into the specifics of the dream, but suffice it to say that what's curious to me is how ANY of us can partner with ANYone and survive day after week after month after year after decade.  It truly IS amazing, isn't it ?  Apparently most people are "wired" to want to be "with" someone and yet that very union, although bringing its share of joy & laughter, is some of the most difficult & demanding "work" on earth.  Lord, have mercy !

Okay, before I get too carried away with that last paragraph I will  ! STOP ! for now.  I need to get on with the day and quit obsessing over poor Maria and "him".   We will pray the prayer that cannot fail and leave it at that.  I won't think about this ANYmore today [ yeah right.....].  HOWever, if you have someone in your life that you really DO love with all your heart,,, take a second and remind them.  So what if it's repetitive, do it anyway.  Maybe, just maybe if Arnold had told Maria how much he adore's her just a wee bit more often...   I'M  JUST  SAYIN'   .......


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Ramblings on 5-10-11

This is exactly what the title says,,, just random thoughts.  Perhaps more will follow later today, perhaps not. Any one of these thoughts might be a blogging in & of itself, but for now, just rambling...

*  Becoming more "seasoned" [older] certainly has its advantages in that more pieces of life's "puzzle" somehow [oddly] seem to fit together.

*  We ALL have our crosses to carry.  The grass MAY look greener on the other side, but no one gets away with a life Scot free of troubles.  Some hide them better than others though.

*  My nearly life-long semi-obsession with how siblings from the same family can be so utterly different continues.  Sunday last I was in a conversation with someone about my twin nieces [ 35 years young now ] and how alike yet different they are.  If maternal twins can be so different, then it shouldn't be a mystery that regular siblings would be so inclined.  Yet the fascination [for me] continues.

*  Going to see  WICKED  at Shea's in Buffalo this week with front row seats = the heart beats even faster!

*  Certain Christians need to stop using the word "just" so much when they "pray".  as in "Lord, we just love Ya Lord, we we just thank Ya, Lord without You we'd just be nothing, just know that we love Ya Jesus,,,Lord I just wanna say how much You're adored......."  THIS has become such a buggaboo with me that, try as I might, I end up counting how many times certain Christians use the word 'just' when they are praying.  And 9 times out of 10, these same " just abusers " are some of the first people to criticize those who recite written prayers.  Well, they need to JUST get over it I'd say.

*  Have said it before and will say it again:  When all is said & done, it usually isn't.

*  Some biological family members are in our lives not so much to love & support us as to make us stronger,, if indeed it's true that what doesn't kill us makes stronger ... just sayin'  ...

*  I often watch hulu.com when I am on the treadmill.  Am now confirmed that we need to contact one of the shows from HGTV or DIY network, probably more than one:  Kitchen Impossible,  Desperate Landscapes,
Wasted Spaces, Yard Crashers, Sweat Equity, House Crashers,,,,, the list goes on & on.

*  Really liked seeing ! Bingo A New Musical !  in Angelica last weekend.  The Angelica Players did an excellent job ,,, kudos to Staci Curry & crew.

*  Sometimes the need to insulate ones heart has to take priority over other considerations.  Said insulation can protect from the heat of anger as well as the bitter cold of hurtfulness.

*  And we will end [ for now, may add more later ] in like manner as we began the list:  The more 'seasoned' I become the more amazed I am that some folks seem to crumble at the slightest jolt that life gives them whilst others seem to get sand blasted from every angle and still "keep on keepin' on".  I strive to be like the later,,,but I fear being like the first mentioned.   And so it goes ,,,,,,,


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seven Saturday Scenes

   On Saturday last, we spent some time at Sarah & David's house in Corning, NY - lending a hand here and there.  The pics above are from that day.  MOST notable was the lack of rain & abundance of sunshine on that day.  Those of us in western New York  [ although blessed not to have had the horrific storms of some parts of the USA ] are growing a bit weary of the "monsoons" around here.  Weather predicted for today is as follows " rain in the morning, followed by showers in the afternoon" ... and so it goes.
     The top two pics are of the beginning of another flower bed at the Wyre residence.  We'd managed to put one in last autumn & it was high time for the one on the opposite side of the stoop to be created.  Not as many rocks as here on Noble Street in Belmont, but still a rather tiring task none the less.
    Pics three & four are of Michael helping with the siding of the house, just around the corner from where the flower bed was being worked on.  In pic three you can see the very bottom of the deck that David & his dad are working on, piece by piece.  The deck seems HUGE at this point, but will undoubtedly be "just right" when all is said and done.
    Pic five is the completed flower bed, more or less.  Still some hosta's to go in then Sarah will also add some "pop-ability" with the annuals that she chooses.  Pic six is Sar in the kitchen stirring up some goodies for lunch, and pic seven is the front side of the house not too long before we left Saturday evening.
    It was a busy but good day, with many laughs along the way.  Between Connie, Mike & myself we had some aching muscles later that night into the next day, but well worth all of it.  Not sure if the "kids" [ Sarah & Dave ] were sore afterwards, but hey they are some three decades younger than we are !
     HUGE THANKS to Fran Pettnot for the use of the scaffolding,,, oh my, can't imagine WHAT would have been rigged up if it hadn't been [ yet again ] for the Pettnots, God bless them !
    This is it for now folks, just a wee bit of sharing that I thought you might enjoy.  I'd just downloaded the pictures from the digital camera & thought... "What the heck, blog 'em."  and I did.
     Thanking you for your time this time till next time,,,, and remember.....at least TRY to .......
Keep A Song
In Your Heart !

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...