Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Bless me readers, for I have sinned.....

... I promised to blog once a week in December & I failed to do so."
I will graciously accept whatever [ ? ] punishment you deem necessary  ;-)

Happy " JAXSON" Year !!!!!!!
For those that may not know, Sarah Lewis Wyre is expecting her [ their = hers & her husband David's ] first child, [what I consider my first grandchild ]  We already know that the baby is a boy, with the planned name of JAXSON David.  Therefore I am wishing everyone a "Happy JAXSON year , as to me JAXSON = JOY FILLED   ;-)  This is SUCH an EXCITING time.  Watching / listening to Sarah alone is sooooooo much entertainment.  She is a HOOT !  I spoke with her via the tele on Jaxson's Year day [ 1-1-12 ] for just shy of 100 minutes and laughed so hard my face hurt afterwards!  Yes, we also shared some serious moments, which was a good thing also, but it was the laughter twixt the two of us that was so very precious to me.  Hey Sar, if you happen to read this, do you KNOW how MUCH I love you and how PROUD I am of you ? Just sayin' .......

So the HOLIDAYS were delightful, from Thanksgiving clear through  Jaxson's Year Day.  Busy, but totally delightful.  As I stated in a previous post, the battle over Christmas vs. holidays when extending a greeting is such "poo-pah".   If you are that concerned about sounding "religious"  [  and in fact wearing it on your coat sleeve ], doesn't "holiday" come from or remind most of us of the words " holy day" ?  Can't you in fact & in deed wish someone "Happy Holidays" and in fact be wishing them "Happy Holy Days " ?   Would seem to me that the content of our lives should speak much louder than the mere words coming out of mouths. 

Connie [ Sarah's mom & my dear "friend" + ] once again prepared a Christmas that was UNbelievable.  The decorations, the MEAL [omG the food was delightful AND there was enough for at least two platoons to have been fed ], the drinks, the gifts [ TOO much, absolutely TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.  I try to talk her into doing LESS each year = so far = not happening.  NEXT year will be JAXSON'S first Christmas, so maybe THEN we can concentrate on the baby. ]  It was a delightful day, one that now lives on "Memory Lane" , to be visited on those days that aren't quite as special  ;-)  

My eldest sister Barbara got [re]married on Saturday last, December 31st at the Belmont Baptist Church with the reception in the upper room at The Beef Haus in Wellsville, NY.  Both Barbara and her new husband Charles, had sent their spouses onward to heaven in the last few years, so to be as seasoned as they are [ 75 & 74 years young ] and find such happiness is indeed a blessing beyond description.  They have known one another since their years at ol' Belmont Central School.  What a great day their wedding day was for our entire family.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!!!!!!

Attended a Happy Jaxson's Eve party the very same night of the afore mentioned wedding.  This was held at the home of Joe & Laurie Mead here on Noble Street in B-town.  Small gathering: Joe & Laurie, Dana & Sue { Tronetti } Ross,  John & Diane { Fuller } Maynard,  Carol Mead and Mike & I.  Had a good time = MUCH laughter.  Joe & Laurie's home was decorated in a truly festive manner and that, combined with the refreshments [ both solid AND liquid ! ] and great company made for a splendid evening.

Mike was off from work the week after Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and Jaxson's Year Day.  MUCH needed time off for him.  Of course NOW he is back at work and it is freaking freezing her.  Minus 6 degrees this morning.  I shouldn't complain as our friend Marcine [ a classmate from our days at BCS ] lives in Minnosota and her temps make ours look like a tropical heat wave.

Welllllll, shiver [ literally ] me timbers, I have turned into "Chatty Kathy" or some such thing.  Time to quit & hit the treadmill [ not a January thing, I do it ALL year round folks ].  Please KNOW that I wish the BEST for all of you, I truly do.  May not say it enough, but your love & friendship mean the world to me.  That's always been the case, but ESPECIALLY as we become a wee bit more seasoned.
Life is so short, best ENJOY IT whilst we can,,, for these days too shall most certainly pass away.

!    !    !    !    !    !    !

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...