Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let my tree be ever green ,,,,,,,

     The more "seasoned" one becomes the more intriguing life becomes.  You would think that the longer a lifespan, the more "truths" would be revealed, kind of like an  "O Wise Grasshopper" theory or some such thing.  I must have missed something, because it sure isn't turning out that way... at all.

     I would not need the fingers [ maybe not even half the fingers ] on one hand to count the people that I've met on my life's journey whose countenance is such that they always appear unfazed by whatever life hands them.  That being said,  [ and only one person is coming to mind currently ], the impression left on my heart by said individual(s) is unbelievable.  [  If I were to mention the name of this person here & now, at least 60 - 80 percent of the people in my village would immediately know of whom I just wrote. ]  Why am I writing about this ?    Because ,,,,,,,

    Many people people [ or so it seems ] are just the opposite of what was described in paragraph two.  Every ache & pain, every hangnail, every sullen mood, every less-than-favorable word uttered to them, every negative thought they entertain ,,, is shared with any/all who will listen.  Hence one of the vast attractions to  FACEBOOK.  It provides a stage for these people to perform their "Woe is me, I'm absolutely tied to the railroad tracks of life ,,, what EVER shall I do?"  act.  Lord, have mercy on us all.

   So what things are truly important challenges in life and what are just simply a part of it ?  My tiny "hangnail" may be someone else's "complete meltdown", right ?  Well, "seasoning" has taught me that those things that remain "on the front burner" for some length of time AND are memorable for quite a while thereafter [ dare we say for years or even decades ? ] just might be the "biggies" of life.  And for the moment one is not discussing issues of life, death, marriage, divorce, family drama, etc.  but rather some other topics that, perhaps a year or ten or twenty from now, will still occupy space in your mind.

   One of those challenges is now transpiring  for us as well as some of those who are very close to us.  Because of the rather complicated issues surrounding this challenge, it is best not to go into too much detail at present.  [ Side note:  I just realized that the title of Hillary Clinton's book  published in 1996 would be very appropriate if I were to disclose here & now current challenge ... ]  Along with everything else involved with this issue, amazement abounds that one single solitary person can, for better or for worse, effect the lives of countless others,  [ Sounds idiotic when written out like that, but ,,,, ]  sometimes without the majority of people even being aware of what's transpiring all around them.

  Many "problems" in life we forget almost as soon as they are passed.  What was thought to be a big deal at one moment is hardly remembered a week later & certainly is far gone a month later.  But some issues, because of their complexity and/or intensity, remain with us for a very long time after resolution.  [  I kept  detailed journals for approx. three decades & to read some of them now makes me want to burn them ,,, such small concerns seemed so huge at the time... "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" is right ! ].  And some challenges leave marks on us that never seem to leave us.  Always there reminding us of the lessons we learned [ or should have ] from their tough tutorial. 

   I pray that a year from now, when I look back on this current time, [ oh Dear God let this be well over a year from now]  I will see that I've grown through all of this, in a good way.  That I am a stronger & better person because of what currently appears to be a thorny & possibly treacherous pathway.  As JFK said " It is only in winter that we can see which trees are truly ever green."

Lord, let this current challenge prove my tree to be 'ever green'.


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