Monday, December 30, 2013

o MYYYYYYY Goodness !

Back Row:  David, Jaxson, Hunter, Fat Greg, Andrew & Christopher
Front Row:  Mike, Sarah, Connie & Kristen
[ 12/30/13 Weight = 230 ]
Last summer when we were together for July 4th we had a snap shot taken of everyone with a cigar either in their mouth or in hand.  SARAH got to choose the "theme' for the Christmas picture and she chose a " CRAZY CHRISTMAS SWEATER " group snap shot.   Shortly after dinner [ delicious beyond description ], we all scattered in various directions ....upstairs, downstairs, in the bathroom, etc. to get our duds on.  Most of us had no idea what anyone else had come up with.  The results can be seen above.  Mike had a bit of trouble getting the timer to work on the camera, so Jax was getting a little less than happy, but it all worked out anyway.  Good idea Sarah !   Boy was it HOT though.  We could hardly wait to get into something cooler for the opening of the gifts, which by the way took h-o-u-r-s
MJ had been off 12/20 through yesterday 12/29 in order to use or lose his paid days off.  It was a nice break for both of us.  He's back at it today, then will have New Year's Day off.  He is busy at home at times with the wrapping up of the financial matters of St. Philip's Episcopal Church before handing over the books to the next [ and past ] treasurer Nancy Bryant.  This will be a relief to Mike , it is not something that he has enjoyed doing but rather something he did to help out St. Philip's.
Jaxson was a HOOT & A HOLLER for Christmas.  He had such a  l--o--n--g  day but was wonderful all day long.  So much fun to watch this year at 21 months compared to a year ago.  Can't even imagine next Christmas.  Have I mentioned that I  adore  that child ?
This is all for now, I needs must get a hoppin' lest this day gets away from me like Christmas 2013 did !       And so it goes .......

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wonderful Waneta ~ Part II

We will pick up at about where we left off last night,,,this brings us to the "visitation" or as some still call it the " wake ".   We chose to go Sunday evening before we went to Holy Family Church to practice [ the music for the funeral ].  Ember's Funeral Home was packed and the noise level was high.  Talking, laughter, handshakes and hugs for all.  There was deep respect up near the casket where Waneta's remains were, but the further out from there you went, the nosier things seemed to get.  This was not a bad thing, it was in fact & indeed, a "Presutti thing".   Much like one of their partiers for First Communion or Confirmation or a Wedding reception.  If you've been to any of those Presutti happenings, you know exactly what I mean, 'nuff said.  [ From there we went to Holy Family for about 90 minutes, then home. ]

I can honestly tell you that neither one of us slept well Sunday night into Monday.  We both admitted this to one another  after  the funeral was over.  Neither one of us wanted the other one to know how edgy we were in hopes that  this funeral mass would be one that would make "Mom Presutti" proud. We arrived at the church plenty early, but because we have had quite a bit of snow as of late [ esp. compared to the last couple of winters ],  folks began showing up not too long after we had gotten situated in the choir loft.  [  Up behind everyone, where Catholics tend to keep their musicians.  This is fine with me, although it seems to be changing in some R.C. churches.  Michael, the cantor, goes down in front of the congregation for the Responsorial Psalm & the Gospel Acclamation, but everything else he does from "the loft". ]

The funeral began late, like 12-15 minutes late.  This was due to the casket and the family arriving late from the funeral home.  Could be because this is no small family, who knows?  At any rate, the mass was concelebrated with three priests as well as Zach Presutii who has taken his first vows as a Jesuit , and Deacon Frank Pasquale of Holy Family. [ Zach was up front most of time, but isn't able to consecrate the elements as of yet. ]  Zach led us through the funeral mass wonderfully, making things easier for non-Catholics & perhaps even some lapsed Catholics also.

The priests, Deacon Frank Pasquale & Zach Presutti led Waneta's final procession into the church as everyone sang " Here I am, Lord " .  Quite good singing I must say.  Waneta's  grandchildren were asked to place the pall over her beautiful wooden casket [ there are 12 grandchildren I believe ] and to say that this was a touching moment is an understatement.  As their Grandmother had wrapped them up in soft cuddling coverings as they began their lives, they were now covering her in this  long ,white symbol of her new eternal life.  Very moving.

After the initial greeting by the priest, etc.  Mary Kay Presutti proclaimed the First Reading which was Isaiah 48: 17-19 which speaks of  "the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, that teaches thee and leadeth thee in the way thou should go.....for hearkening to His commandments you would have peace like a river,  and righteousness as the waves of the sea,,, your seed will be as the sand and your offspring as the gravel thereof..."  

This was followed by the Responsorial Psalm, led by Michael Feldbauer as cantor.  Based on the 23rd Psalm, the refrain goes as follows: " Shepherd me O God, beyond my wants, beyond my dreams, from death into life."   The tune is written in a minor key and is not only appropriate, but haunting in that it sticks within your soul for quite some time after its hearing.

The second reading was proclaimed by Patricia [ Sheehan ] Presutti and was  Philippians 4: 4-7.  It speaks in part, as follows: " Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice! ...Be anxious for nothing ,,, but with prayer & supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made unto God..... And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts & minds through Christ Jesus."

This was followed by the Gospel Acclamation [ Celtic Alleluia ] with Michael Feldbauer as cantor, then Deacon Frank Pasquale proclaimed the Good News:  From Matthew 11: 28-30..." Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest ....."

Once the congregation was again seated [ they had stood, of course, for the reading of the Gospel ]
Zachariah Presutti gave a VERY MOVING homily about his Grandmother.  Combining the readings and the fact that Waneta " LOVED LAVISHLY " her entire life.  How she had a close connection to the Blessed Mother her entire Catholic life, but especially when her son Dana passed away, for Mary the Mother of Christ had had her son die also.  Many examples were given by Zach relating how his Grandmother  LOVED LAVISHLY  right to the very end of her earthly life.  Towards the end of his homily Zach read a note that his Uncle Mike Presutti had written to his parents  years  ago [ Zach had found this note on the attic floor of 21 Court Street as they were cleaning the old homestead out before the county took it and later tore it down to use for parking for the Court House ].  The note was explicit in Mike's praise for having such wonderful parents in Leonard and Waneta, and that given the choice, he would NOT have chosen any other parents than the ones God had given him.
Very emotional.

The General Intercessions [ Prayers of the Faithful ] were done by Zoie Presutti  [Mike's daughter ],  Kristen Presutti [ Dana's daughter ], Briranna Presutti [ Mark's daughter ] and Karleigh Presutti [ Alan's daughter ].

Preparation of the Gifts [ bringing them forward to the altar from the back of the church ] was done by Waneta's children, with Debora Presutti representing Dana, whilst the congregation sang " Amazing Grace", which Waneta had requested.

Next came the Liturgy of the Eucharist, with all the mass parts being sung and this led us right up to Communion, the songs for which were:  Holy Is His Name  and  On Eagle's Wings .

The family eulogy was given by Steven Presutti and was, quite simply, amazing.  Steve was very low-key [ too quiet at times ... " PrOject Presutti ! " as Mr. Gary Nevinger would say ] but none-the-less humorous and heart touching.  He spoke eloquently about what is was  really  like being raised in a household with seven children.  Since so many of us had  been there it was great hearing Steve relate and thus relive so many wonderful times at 21 Court Street .  He spoke also of some of the hardships the Presutti family had weathered, not the least was the unexpected passing of his brother Dana.  And yet Steve also took the time to mention that Waneta had but  TWO  requests for her funeral mass:  Number 1.]  That Zach be a major part of it's planning and deliverance and Number 2.]  That Greg and Mike provide the music.  [ which Steve added, she reminded Greg & Mike of just about every chance she got ! ].  I don't know if Steve will ever read these words, but never were we more proud of you Steven Gregory, then we were as you delivered this eulogy.  Your Mom was smiling down on you for sure.

Shortly thereafter Michael Feldbauer as cantor sang the Song of Farwell  [to the tune of O DannyBoy

" May choirs of angels,  lead you into paradise
And may the martyrs come to welcome you,
To bring you home into the Holy City
So you may dwell in New Jerusalem.
May Holy Angels be there at your welcoming
With all the saints who go before you there.
That you may know the peace and joy of paradise,
That you may enter into everlasting rest."
After a few prayers, it was time for the final hymn:  " How Great Thou Art ".  The Presutti's had asked Bill Fay to play the trumpet as I played the organ for this final song.   It.  Was.  Potent.   Trying to hold one's self together enough to get through  this song was not an easy task.
And so it ended.  The casket was loaded in the hearse, the family followed it to the cemetery whilst the rest of us went to the squad building to await the family.  Once again the entourage that assembled at this gathering was typical Presutti.  Many family members went person to person, thanking them for being there and/or for participating in the funeral mass itself.    
Gracious.  Kind.  Caring for each one of us as if there  were  only one of us = the Presutti way.  But most importantly, as Zachariah pointed out in his heavenly homily ,,, they were following Waneta's example and...
Waneta  Winchell  Presutti
Born into this life:  May 10th, 1933
Born into Eternal Life:  December 11, 2013
YOU will NEVER be forgotten.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Some of you have encouraged me to write concerning the events leading up to & including Waneta Presutti's funeral mass.  I will do so now because to leave it for "some other time" might be my way of putting it off.  I shouldn't do that.  Not only do some of you [ esp. those who do not live around here but knew Waneta and know her family ] but also because this will serve as some kind of written remembrance for me to return to in future days.
We received a phone call Wednesday evening from Donna Dawson-DiGirolamo.  I did not take the call.  Had this horrible feeling of what it might be about.  Mary Kay had contacted me via fb PM late Tuesday eve, asking for more & more prayers for her Mom.  I was already praying, lighting candles,  praying some more, lighting incense & praying even more.... so I just doubled up on it all.   When Donna May called here Wednesday eve later than she would normally call, I just couldn't answer the phone.  Couldn't.  Didn't want to hear what I thought she had to say.  Please God, one more night of believing all would work out.  I slept [?] horribly.  Got up during the middle of the night & checked FB.  There it was, from Caitlin Eukin Perry " Our community has lost a grand lady ,,, farewell Grandma Presutti " or words to that effect.   Waneta was with God.
I purposely did not tell Michael early Thursday morning, let6 at least one of start out the day w/o said knowledge.  But to say that hearts were heavy that day in this community would be an understatement.  Mary Kay called me around 2:15pm Thursday, I expressed our condolences, then she "reminded" me of our promise to Waneta,,, to provide the music at her funeral mass.  [ Were we really talking about this ? ]   Of course I said yes, agreed to meet with Mary & Zach the following night, and then called Mike at work.  First I had to tell him Waneta had passed [ had not reached Friendship Dairies as of 2:30pm Thursday ], then reminded him of our promise to Waneta.  His first response was ' Are we going to do it ? "  [ Read my blog about " Man Plans ~ God Laughs ].  I told him "Of course we will .... it's for 'Mom Presutti !'  "   
Friday morning I received a call from Mike's sister Mary Jo that their Aunt Francis Hurd had passed away in Texas & she also wanted us to do the music for her funeral mass.  Of course we would.  [ See previous blog post if you haven't already ! ].
Friday evening at 7:00pm we went to meet with Mary Kay & Zach Presutti at Steve & Pat's lovely home.  [ Previous home of Uncle Joe Presutti ].  After the warm greetings & hugs of Mary Kay, Zach and Zoie [ Mike & Barb's daughter ] Presutti, we sat at the kitchen table and began planning the funeral mass for Waneta.    At various times other family would appear from the "basement" and all of course handed out hugs & all kinds of love.  Can you feel the Presutti warmth ?  Pat is a lovely hostess & made sure the wine was to our liking, Luanne we could barely let go of = what a sweetie,  Mary Kay's granddaughter 'Addie" completely warmed my heart, as did Jacob's BULL DOG "Ace" whom I immediately bonded with... typical Presutti gathering, animals at no extra cost !   We went over and over the songs for the funeral mass, making absolutely SURE that the "flow' was just right, changed a few things [ line-up only ] as the family [ & Waneta herself ] was quite sure of what they wanted.  It was emotional, but in a good way.  We all knew how blessed we had been to have known Waneta Presutti:  she was Mary's Mother, and Zach & Zoie's Grandmother, and our friend as well as a 2nd Mom.  This just HAD to be perfect for Waneta.
Once the planning session was done we were invited downstairs.  Now one would expect a "basement", albeit a NICE basement [ I mean it HAD been Uncle Joe's you know ! ] but Holy God we praise Thy Name ....  A  FULL kitchen  [ 2- 3 times the size of ours & remember there is a kitchen & dining area UPstairs also ]  a general family / game area [ where the desserts were ] and a huge = HUGE "general" area with a flat screen TV, more seating than I could count and a full bar with barstools, AND barkeep = Steven Gregory himself no less.   Needless to say the kitchen was FULL of FOOD, nearly wall to wall.  And the atmosphere = PURE PRESUTTI !  You were greeted like you were EXACTLY the person they had been waiting for and their main goal was to make sure you had something to eat, something to drink [ thank you Steve !] and were treated like royalty.  Like I said.... PURE PRESUTTI !  We were there because of Waneta ,,, and each one of her family were shining examples of all that she had taught them. 
As I sat there on the floor because I wanted to be near Louise Ross, one of Waneta's "best buddies" [ as well as the mother-in-law of Alan Presutti], I was over-whelmed with feeling how PROUD of them all Waneta & Leonard must be.  Then of course my mind drifted to Dana Presutti & how HE now had his parents with him.  Oh how I missed his craziness that night.  Next to Mary Kay I felt closest to Dana.  As with Mary Kay, things happened with Dana that can never be shared!  I had to put my head down a few times as I sat there, the emotions became to much.  To have been around THIS family [ or at least parts thereof ] since before Kindergarten [ right Mary Kay ? ], then to see them all on this night so many decades later, to SEE how they had all turned out, to WITNESS the love in that family ,,, took my breath away.  I needed 'Depends" for my eyes.  After a while I simply needed to leave.  I was afraid I would make an  a--  of myself by crying when THEY were the ones who had such a right, not I.   I sent a text to MJ [ yes a text, he was at the bar of course, not close by ] with one word " READY".  He replied with one word "YES".   We left shortly thereafter, with gratefulness in our hearts for this entire "clan" but especially for Waneta & Leonard and all they had taught their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren.  At least at home the tears could flow with no embarrassment.
I am going to halt  this  particular post soon & continue it tomorrow, but before I do I have a PERSONAL Waneta Presutti memory to share with you.   As some of you may recall I was raised in the Belmont Baptist Church [ for which I am VERY grateful by the way ], but when I was the ripe old age of 19, I became a Roman Catholic.  This did not set well with my parents.  Partly because I tried to hide it from them whilst I was taking instruction to become a Catholic.  At any rate, thanks to a slightly more understanding sister [ Marlene ] who took me in for a while until the worst part of the "storm" passed,  we all survived this family crisis.  But as Saturday, June 9th, 1973 approached, the day of my entrance into the Catholic Church [ and my FIRST confession = that had to cover 19 years of sinning = a completely separate blog post  EXCEPT  to say that Michael Francis Presutti, among others, had told me that my "first confession" would be pure hell on earth & I'd be lucky to get through it."  Of course 6-19-1973  turned out to be a HORRIDLY HOT, HUMID DAY also = God's sense of humor ? ] , as this day approached, so did Waneta Presutti approach me.  Very gently she said " Who's going to host you First Communion party dear ? "  I said " I just want to survive the day if truth be told."  She replied..." Oh, okay then.  It's settled.  WE'LL hold it here.  My treat,,, from one convert to another ! "  And that was that.  First Communion cake, drinks, food, laughter ,,, all because of Waneta Presutti, you know "...from one convert to another..."   So now you see why I could never, EVER had said anything but YES to Mary Kay's call & reminder that I would provide the music for Waneta's funeral mass,,,, you know "... as one convert to another."    
I needs must stop now.  Can't type through the tears.
WONDERFUL WANETA  PART II ~ The Wake & the Funeral Mass  
[ J2W Days 54-58 =  223, 224, 224.5 222.5, 220 ]
I am literally forcing myself to make this blog entry.  The last few days have been mind boggling at best.  There is not time nor energy to go into ALL of it, so I decided on this particular topic of: " MAN PLANS ~ GOD LAUGHS ".
A little while ago, after some consideration, I decided I no longer wanted to be a church musician.  I feel tired, drained, inadequate, defeated and more than a little "seasoned".  Even though St. Philip's Episcopal Church here in Belmont is not holding regular Services anymore, our wonderful Bishop Singh is coming here for Christmas Eve Service that will be ALL of the Allegany County Episcopal Ministry [ St. John's - Wellsville, St. Paul's - Angelica, Christ Church - Cuba and for one "final" time, St. Philip's - Belmont ]  We were scheduled to provide the music for this extraordinary event.  A while ago I contacted Rev. Carol Stewart & asked her to find someone else to do the music ministry.  [ There is a fine chap at St. John's in Wellsville, a Mitchell Bush, who would do a marvelous job.]   Add to that the fact that a few weeks ago I had been asked to "sub" at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Wellsville for a couple of Sunday's at the end of December and the beginning of January.  I had originally accepted, but later contacted them and said I simply could not do it.    I was done.   I had cleared my plate [ at least for December ! ]. THAT WAS THE PLAN
Then dear Waneta Presutti passed away.  Mary Kay Presutti called us & reminded us we had promised "Mom Presutti" we would provide the music for her funeral mass when the time came.  It had come.  We could not say no under ANY circumstances to this woman who had showered both Michael and I with  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for our entire lives.  [  I hope to blog more about the events leading up to & including Waneta's funeral in the near future.  The Presutti "clan" are quite simply  amAzing....even today, after all these decades.  It's enough to take your breath away.]   Soooooo, I figured " Okay, ONE more church musician[s] service & then we were done.. THAT  WAS  THE PLAN.
BEFORE we even got to the funeral mass for dear Waneta, Michael's Aunt Frances Feldbauer Hurd passed away in Texas.  [[ What a sweet, dear soul she was also ... such a gentle spirit.]]  And you guessed it, we were asked to provide the music for this funeral mass too... come next Friday 12/20.   Of course we would never say no to family for any reason.  A final farewell to Aunt Frances would make a good final farewell from us also.   THAT  WAS  THE  PLAN .
After Waneta's funeral mass [ which was extraordinary BTW ], we attended the reception for family & friends at the beautiful squad building just outside the village limits.  So many people, so many friends we hadn't seen in ages.... and so many people  reminding us  that we had agreed to provide the music for THEIR funerals when the time came.  In fact at one point I was asked if I was still a church musician at any particular church on a regular basis.  I replied " No, in fact I am stepping away from it, today & this coming Friday for Aunt Frances are the exceptions."   Wellllll, we had a few "at the table, in your face" conversations once that hit the rumor mill.  I had some back tracking to do,,, in a hurry!  We will of course keep our promises  [ we are not great musicians by any means.  Michael's voice is "golden" (at least to me), but neither one of us is going to make a splash in the music world.... Good Heavens ! ].   But promises are promises.  Period.
And hence my title of today's blog posting.   It seems to happen MORE than I might want to admit.  I plan and God laughs.   I will say that it was a bit surreal being back at the parish formally known as St. Mary's, now called Holy Family, where we spent so many years as music ministers.  It's so good to be able to leave the past in the past [ as far as the negative is concerned ] and just appreciate the precious present.  God is good all the time --- all the time God is good.   And God sure has a sense of humor,,,, for WHEN MAN PLANS ~ GOD LAUGHS !


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A sadness that cannot be defined

[[ J2W - Days 51, 52 & 53 = 225.5, 224.5, 225 ]]
"Mom Presutti " to so many of us.

Monday, December 9, 2013

 [[ J2W Days 46, 47, 48, 49, & 50  =  222, 222, 222, 223, 224 ]]
For years I have kiddingly stated that if some people only knew how often they come to my mind, they might try to have me arrested for "mental stalking".   This began wAAAy before social media, but it has only grown more prolific since the advent of the same.  It's rather like a tune the gets stuck in your head, it may be pleasant [ or not ] but it plays over and Over and OVER ,,, until something takes its place.
How many people do you think about in a day ?   If you're like me you couldn't even begin to count them.  I mean that.  I tried a couple of days ago, & it's impossible to count the people who cross [ some fleetingly others slowly ] my mind each day.  I am thankful for all of those mind wanderer's ... they take me to pleasant places & I needs be careful lest I linger there too long.  So easy to get lost on "Memory Lane" and perhaps by doing so, miss the precious present.  Be that as it may ,,,here a few of the people I was "mentally stalking" recently.
Mrs. C. = Dianne Comiskey =  Teacher of English at Belmont Central School for our senior year on 1971 - 1972.  I stopped by "her place" on Memory Lane the other day and most assuredly did not want to leave.  Did she / does she, have ANY idea how influential she was to so many of us ?  She of the gentle spirit with whimsical  ways.   I think of her often and  SMILE !  One of these days I just may blog in more detail about this lady, and I  DO  mean lady.  In the meantime I will continue our visits on Memory Lane.
Carole Winterhalter :   This childhood friend passed into the next world on Friday last, December 6th, after bravely battling that dreaded " c word".   For me it is impossible to think of Carole without thinking of raucous laughter.  She was one of those peeps in High School that was a magnet to almost everyone around her. She was, among other things, thee BCS cheerleader whose family had thee best parties [ from what I hear].   I had the pleasure of working with her in ARSENIC and OLD LACE [ directed by Gary Nevinger ] and that's when I really got to know Carole.  She was one of the old lady sisters and along with Sherri Hein, had to change costumes right above us "guys"... and guys being guys... let's just say that Sherri Hein was VERY prim & proper and Carole = not so much.   " So it's the laughter, we will remember, whenever we remember, the way we were..."
Jaxson, my sweet Jaxson --- He is probably "stalked" more than just about anyone.  By now most of you know who he is and more importantly, who he is to me.  It's not how much I think of Jax during a day but rather how many times I think of him each HOUR.  I adore this child and thank God for him more than I can ever tell.
Sarah Elizabeth Lewis Wyre -  My " daughter " of the heart.  I plan on doing a blog about her soon, but suffice it to say that my life would have been LESS BRIGHT, LESS INTERESTING and LESS FABULOUS  had Sarah not been in it.  She is a peer counselor for Planned Parenthood and is WONDERFUL at what she does.  Since much of her work involves talking to teens about sexuality, Sarah & I have some SUPER-GREAT conversations [ even at the holiday dinner table ] that might begin as me saying ... " So Sarah, did you read that article I sent you about masturbation, male vs. female..."  We have THEE BEST conversations whilst some of the rest of the family try to ignore us.
Oh Sarah, how MUCH I "stalk you" with gratitude for each moment we have shared through the 20+ years,,,, and the ones we've yet to experience.
Steven Harris - Childhood friend AND current friend.  Even though he & his BEAUTIFUL wife leave across the country from MJ & I, we KNOW that if we ever needed anything, Steve would answer the call for help asap.  What a blessing he is... Patty too !
David Brown -  One of my former drama students and a stupendous young man.  I am planning a longer blog post on him in the future also.  Just the THOUGHT of David warms my heart.  He is such a good, caring, compassionate & kind person.  I would indeed be proud if he were my son .
Family members [ it's that time of year ] near and far away.  Over and Over and OVER I think of each of them.  How we are who we are BECAUSE [ not in spite ] of what we've been through and what an influence [ positive & otherwise ] family members are to us.
The list is endless.. Janet Potter Norris, Barb Zlomek, Craig Hutchinson [ a friend from when we "moved' to Chandler Arizona in 1966.  Whatever became of him ? ],  Bessie Gilmore, Pastor Gruenburg [ now at Home with the Lord ],Tad Johnson, Heidi Mangels,  Twila Canfield Vitthun [ my first 'wife" ], Bob Dorsey, Cody Hampton,  Joyce Shelley, Sharon Abbott Cartwright, Shelley Jones, Theo Turrybury, Father Hassler, Judi Lewis,  the two guys who made my life a LIVING HELL in Junior High school [ C.C. & J.G.],  Ellen Bogan McNinch, Donna DiGirolamo, ,,,,,,,,,,, The list goes on and On and ON...... I seem to be mentally stalking people continually. 
 All of them have had their influence on my life and still do.  I am thankful for each and ever one of them [ even the not so good memories ] .  They are part & parcel of who I am today, for better or for worse.   Soooooo when I say that I am your " friendly stalker" know that the ABOVE is what I mean, nothing more nothing less.   " I give thanks to the Lord for you always, the great gift He has given to me...."    
See you shortly on MEMORY LANE but in the meantime,,,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[[  J2W Day 45 = 221 ]]
Welllllll, it's nice to see that some are out there reading this AND commenting.  I am MOST THANKFUL that most of the positive comments were public [ on FB ] and the negative feedback came privately via E-mails, FB PM's, etc.  Of course I am referring to yesterday's post.  Some of you made me LOL [ Steve Harris, Lorie Feldbauer, Meredith Chilson , Nancy Wright-Brown, Christine Jefferds, Jen Presor, etc. } and some of you inspired me [ Mrs. C. ~ Michelle Libertone-Cook ~ Leslie Keesler, etc. ]  Michelle you really got to me dear heart, you who is [ rightfully] still grieving the loss of your beloved Dad.  You have such a big, gentle & compassionate heart Michelle.  What a good person you are.  Thanks you.
I really haven't the time [ or don't want to take it = more truth-filled ] to get into anything too deep today, but trust me,,,,, it's coming.  Since the peeps I care the most about had the positive reaction, we will explore some other "really bugging me" issues in the not too distant future.
Still battling the bulge ,,, but not 100% focused to be honest.  Call it the December effect if you like.  MJ and I are considering the Paleo style of eating come January.  Still looking into it though, so nothing concrete yet.  Speaking of MJ . . . . . . .
Had a little "less than 100% bliss" here in "Camelot" last evening.  I felt a little bit like Sue Tronetti Ross at times.  [[ " Why can't he just realize that I am always right ? " ]  Well of course that is NOT true but when subtle comments are made that's one thing, but when one starts to pontificate and sound like their Dad ,,, oh boy.  Thank heavens after 39 years under the same roof, we both know when to "back off" and allow silence to truly be golden.   Only when I feel compelled to tell him WHO he is sounding like [ & therefore taking after ] and he retaliates with informing me WHO I am sounding like ,,,, do the dogs scramble for cover.  Thank the Good Lord above those times are rare and become increasingly so the more "seasoned' we become.  [[ Remember that I don't care for the words  "old"  or  "older". ]]  Alas, things were cordial by bed time.  " Let not the sun go down upon your wrath" or something like that, right ?
Okay.  Enough for now.  Thanks for your comments about yesterday, t'was interesting indeed.  Thanking you for your time this time till next time..... And so it goes.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


[[ J2W =  39,40,41,42,43,44222, 225, 227.5, 223, 222, 221 ]]
I   LOVE   YOU !
[HAD to get that in there as she is VERY important to me in more ways than I could ever count.]
[  Now, for the regular blogging ... ]
Well, well, well,,,,, looks like SOMEONE has not been any where's near as faithful or dedicated as he had thought he'd be.  Shame on me.
Thanksgiving Day my weight was 222 and the day after = 225 = the turkey was not the only thing that was stuffed !  The day after that = 227.5 = oink !  Of course when I'm THAT FULL I tend to skip exercising, so WoW, did I ever let things get outta hand.  Shame on me again.
By Saturday I was cutting back a  little  and on Sunday, December 1st I was exercising again.  At the moment I am only doing treadmill every OTHER day.  My legs [ esp. the left one ] hurt so bad when I use treadmill even to do a measly 3-4 miles that it is unbelievable.  I have spent YEARS using the treadmill basically EVERY DAY with little or no problems.  But the last 6 months or so it has been a big problem.  Will ask Dan Woolston about it at regular check-up on 12/13.  But  I  WILL  NOT  GIVE  UP !!!
I probably should not be blogging today, as there are some not so pleasant emotions bouncing around inside of me this morning.  Am feeling let down by some folks and downright frustrated by others.  Much of this I simply cannot comment on publically,,,,, but some of it I can,,, and will.
STOP calling events " SPECTACULAR " when they are FAR FROM IT !  It's like the term "mega-star".  I realize that this is all subjective, but this has GOT to stop.  I know, I KNOW " One man's trash is another man's treasure" but Good God Almighty I am offended by the insipid use of the English language by some [ most ? ] people nowadays.  It's driving me BONKERS.  Just as Pee Wee Herman is NOT a "mega-star" , likewise a "spectacular" is not a subtle & laid back presentation that would better be described as  " A  true break from the holiday rush,,, time for you to relax, calm your inner self and refresh your Christmas spirit."  A " Spectacular" is folks entering to such high energy one would be almost startled at such an beginning.  With HIGH ENERGY and very few [ but much needed ] quieter moments from which to momentarily relax from the nearly endless momentum.   I know this may cause some to be upset with me [ NOT a virgin experience ] but so be it.  Geeesh, get a grip people !
Also, and I need to get on and get OFF this one asap.  STOP the fake war on Christmas !!!   Happy Holidays is INCLUSIVE of a LOT of things and is NOT leaving CHRIST out of our hearts.  Don't you have OTHER priorities to do in HIS name ?  Feed the poor ?  Clothe the naked ?  Help the homeless ?  LOVE ONE ANOTHER as best you are capable ?   Making it a point to say " Merry Christmas " does NOT make you a better Christian than me or anyone else,  just as standing in your garage does NOT make you an automobile.  Get a life !!!
I guess I'd best cease for now.  I told you that perhaps I shouldn't be blogging today, well now you have it  [ not ALL of it, but some of it ].  There are so many, MANY things that need rectifying in this ol' world..... wouldn't it SPECTACULAR if we could get to some of those priorities, instead of  self-righteously seeking out friends, family & MEGA-STARS who might say something other than... " Merry Christmas" ?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[ J2W 34, 35, 36, 37 & 38 =  220.5 - 219.5 - 220.5 - 219.5 - 218.5 ]
My apologies but the computer has been mucking things up a bit and I could barely get the above picture and stats on here earlier this morning, then had to go offline and try to rectify this situation.  Finally after about five attempts or more, we MIGHT be on the right track now.
THE ODD COUPLE at GVCS now lives on Memory Lane.  The students did a GREAT JOB and I am very proud of them.  I may post some pics in the next couple of days if MJ gets them downloaded from his camera.  HE take the GREAT pics,,,, I take cellphone pics .
W8 :  As you can see during  The Odd Couple  production days things seemed to vacillate but never got totally outta hand, thank God.  When I consider that we began at 230, I am counting my blessings the weight is not back up there.  AND get this:  I didn't exercise during that time period either.  Schedule was just too hectic.  [[ I am VERY THANKFUL that MJ made the choice to take Tuesday the 19th through Monday the 25th OFF from work.  WHAT A BLESSING that was indeed !!! ]]  But now  I need to buckle down a little more, even with Thanksgiving being tomorrow.  If I can just keep telling myself that not every meal has to be looked at as " The Last Supper" so to speak, I should be okay.  I also am drifting back to desiring that FULL feeling when I go to bed = in my mind it helps me sleep [ having trouble there as of late].  What I  NEED  to concentrate on is how WONDERFUL it feels to wake up feeling slightly hungry and empty.  THAT'S a GOOD thing.
I received a wonderful FaceBook private message from a friend last night = totally unexpected indeed, as was a personal E-mail from another Dear'O sent to me recently.  Suffice it to say that I surely am  NOT  alone in these w8 struggles.  The info shared by both these friends lifted my spirits and meant a great deal to me... " That's what friends are for..."  The FB PM also gave me some info I want to check up on soon ,,,, may be worth a try !
It is cold here in western NY today but at least we didn't get blasted too bad by the winter storm that hit last night into today.  Some folks got 6-8 inches, but not us.  Just a dusting and some ice.
Tomorrow we get to see JAXSON DAVID WYRE !!!   I am counting the hours.  We will be providing music for the 10:00am Service at Christ Church in Belvidere, then later on will be at Connie's for the family Thanksgiving.  JAXSON, JAXSON, OUR WONDERFUL JAXSON,,,, Poppe G. can hardly wait to see you and to hold you !!!
That's it for now.  Please KNOW that I DID try to write on here before now, the computer and / or internet was simply not cooperating.  Have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING friends and remember ,,,

Friday, November 22, 2013

One Down ~~~ Two To Go
[ J2W - Day 33 = 220.5 ]
Like there was ever any doubt   [ oh yeah there was ]  !   Really folks, I am a bit surprised, well more than a bit.  I was more focused on the "journey' this time rather than the "destination" that I felt I had let them down.  I wasn't tough enough, I didn't demand enough, I let too much go by, I was a slacker by not riding them enough.  THEN LAST NIGHT HAPPENED .  They blew me outta the water.  I sat in the very back of the [ 800 seat ] aud and was AMAZED that these were the same people from the night before and the last 8 weeks.   WoW !
So now, in their honor, allow me to introduce the cast of GVCS's
Audrey J. Warner ~ Audrey [ AJ ] is a sophomore & I think our youngest cast member at age 15.  She is not easy to describe as she lives on her own planet at times, even in her own galaxy.  She is sweet and na├»ve, full of fun & giggles.  So much so that I have to put on my stern face once in a while because when she starts giggling it can be a heck of a chore to get her focused again.  Audrey plays the part of "Vinnie", a man, which took some effort let me tell you. [ There are three gals that had to portray male characters & all are quite female shaped = 'nuff said ].  Audrey Jane has taught me the importance of laughter & giggles & staying unique no matter what.  Love ya A.J.
Sydney R. Keesler ~  Syd is quite the gal.  Of course MJ & I went to school with her Grandpa [ Dave Mapes ] and her Grandma [ Georgia Watson ] , so there's a history here ,,, a  l-o-n-g  history.  Syd is sweet & quiet & respectful,,, and far deeper than most folks realize.  She's had some struggles as of late & I keep an eye on her even when she probably isn't aware of the same.  Her Mom [ Leslie Mapes Keesler ] is a fellow blogger [[ ]] as well as  one incredible gal whom I admire to no end.  The apple didn't fall far from the tree.  Sydney portrays "Roy" = yet another female to male transformation.  My dear Sydney has taught me to  always keep in mind  that there can be a LOT more going on inside of someone than we'd ever begin to think possible.  Be careful, each of us needs TLC no matter the exterior .  Hang in there Sydney ,,, Love ya kiddo !
Imris S. Curry ~  Ah Imris, my dear Imris.  I first met Imris years ago, before she and her sister went to public school.  Imris and her sister Ksa were in a little summer theater program I was privileged to lead years ago.  She was ever so quiet, intense and a wee [?] bit of a perfectionist.  [  She wouldn't even attempt to play a kazu until she took it home and PRACTICED it first = a KAZU for heaven's sake ! ].  I was overtly concerned about Imris once her sister had graduated [ last June ] and Imris was "alone" sans a sibling around her.  I needn't have worried.  The blossoming that had begun pre Ksa's departure exploded once Imris was on her own.  WoW!  Both Imris & Ksa come from a theater background [ their mother Staci Curry founded & still heads The Angelica Players in Angelica, NY ], so working with these gals is a delight.  Watching Imris become even more "Imris" has warmed my heart to no end. Imris plays the part of "Murray the cop" and waers her padding well.   Imris has taught me that not only does life "go on" it truly does blossom into greater and greater things,,, if we are just allow ourselves to BE ourselves..  Love ya Imris Sage !
Noah R.D. Weinman ~  Noah is still a bit of a mystery to me a times.  Gosh I wish I had a picture handy so you could SEE this kid . [ Kid ?  He's a senior and tall-ish ... with bushy, curly hair].  I am always thinking that Noah is a few steps ahead of me and is up to something.  What?  I have no idea.  He isn't afraid to speak his mind BUT [ at least around me ] does so respectfully.  He is joyful yet can be intense, he is fun to be around yet knows when to pay attention.  Noah has taught me that it's okay to keep a few things a "mystery"... keep 'em guessing.  Don't show all your cards to any one single person,,, just in case.  Love ya Noah Randall Daniel .... the "creeper" !
Katrina Temple ~  Now this gal has been transformed before my eyes.  When I first knew of her she was so quiet, so demure, so gentile.  She still can be all those things, but goodness she can also be a bit raucous & has no problem getting her point across.  Example:  Last school year, on her Drama Club "card' they all fill out for me,  Katrina wrote me a note stating exactly what role she would like to portray,,, careful mind you to acknowledge that I was the Director,,,but just so I might keep it in mind,,,, HERE is the part she would like !   I nearly fell outta my desk chair when I read that one... from laughter.  There was a time Miss Katrina would never had been to bold.  And for your information Dear Reader ,,,, she got the part she wanted.  Katrina plays the part of Cecily Pigeon this school year in the Odd Couple, one of the English sisters.  Katrina has taught me many things, not the least of which is never to be ashamed of ones heavenly faith ,,, it's what keeps us & sustains us through all kinds of earthly situations.    Love ya Katrina "full of joy" Temple .
Carolyn M. Duttwiler ~  I first met Carolyn when working with her brother Luke in a production at GVCS.  Their dad [ a teacher at GVCS and coach too ] introduced me.  Carolyn must have been hungry because she barely grunted at me at the time.  I imagined she was either a disgruntled child or shy in nature.  ! WRONG !  I was later to discover she is perky, constantly eating whilst remaining skinny as a rail, detests any inference that women are the "weaker gender" [ Geeeesh have I had fun with THAT one ], is NOT shy, is in my face if she feels I need to HEAR her AND is one of the best little actresses this side of the Mississippi .  Carolyn plays the other English sister, Gwendolyn and does a bang up job of it.  Carolyn has taught me that first impressions can sure be wrong,,, especially in this case.  She also makes me envious of her metabolism!   You are loved Carolyn Marie ,,,  and just in case you're wondering,,, I truly do think you can do just about anything a guy can do.  So there !
Alan P. Salyer ~  Alan must have been born with a tap hat on, singing and dancing whilst making his entrance into this world, blessed with his presence.  Alan has made theater, dance and music his life and plans on pursuing it later in life.  Alan's mom [ for those of you who are local ] was Gary & Nancy's Petrichick's only daughter.  She and her husband Dean reside in Angelica, NY.  Alan has taught me great patience [ did you see that coming Alan ? ] along with the fact that "we are who we are"  [ a line from The Odd Couple as well as an Alan truism ]. Alan has one of the lead roles in this production as he portrays Felix Ungar.    Off stage and in the real world Alan  has made his own road through life and if people choose to travel beside him along the road, fine.  If not, catch ya later pal.  You are loved Alan Peter Salyer ,,, both now AND when you reach Broadway !!!
Aidan A. DeTine ~  My " Double A".  [ Portrays Oscar Madison & has the most lines in the play]. This one is most difficult for me to write.  Both Mike & I are very close to the DeTine family, and have been for years & years.  Aidan is definitely another nephew to us.  According to my "Double A" this is his  15th  production with us, some at GVCS and some with the Camelot Choraleers.  When I think of Aidan so many emotions arise in me I can't begin to describe or define them.  I have made the decision to return to GVCS after the holidays to work with my Drama students on another production [ which hopefully they will write & produce ]  in part so I do NOT have to say "Good-Bye" to this group, particularly Aidan, this coming Sunday afternoon when I recognize the seniors in our group.    Although I know that Aidan will be a part of my life until I have no life left in me, saying any type of "Good-Bye" to the little guy that used to color on the floor at our Belmont Betterment Association meetings, that acted & sang in some of the earliest Camelot Choraleer shows, the little guy who drew me maps that HE made up and ALWAYS had a theater for The Camelot Choraleers on them [ smart kid even if it was "sucking up" ] and that has touched my heart & captured my soul like no other ,,,, to say "Good-Bye" in any respect to Aidan Alexander is not going to be easy. Aian has taught me that laughter is a gift to be used often,  to respect others no matter what, and that life is for LIVING!   I know I don't even have to write it because he KNOWS it,,, but I love you "Double A",,, Now. Always.
I am going to stop now.  I can barely see the screen through the tears.  But before I do, a couple of lines from an old song.  Unlike my dear-o Leslie Keesler, I can't recall who wrote this, but I will find it and edit this post later on.   To my CAST of THE ODD COUPLE:
" I give thanks to the Lord for you always,
the great gift He has given to me.
As we walk life's weary road,
you made less the heavy load
and we share each other's burdens 'long the way "
Ye ol' Director loves each & every one of you.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

[[  J2W Days 31 & 32 = 218.5  &  220.5  ]]
Last evening was the final rehearsal for  THE ODD COUPLE at GVCS.  If the final rehearsal is suppose to be LESS THAN PERFECT in order for production to be good ,,, we have this nailed down.  Overall they did a good job last night save for one of the leads, the one I would never have expected to be anything less than perfect.  He has consistently not been up to his usual impeccable self.  Not sure what "gives" here,,,, but I have some ideas which are best left unexpressed at least for the time being.
Opening night jitters are coursing through me like no tomorrow.  WHY does it always have to be this way ?  WHY can't I just say "Good enough!" and leave it at that.  WHY do I always second guess myself,, and third guess,,, and,,,well you know how it goes.   They are not good kids ,,, they are GREAT kids and I have concentrated more on the JOURNEY this time around than the DESTINATION.  Was that wrong of me?  Was I too "light & fluffy' with them ?  [[ Trust me, I've let things go this year that I NEVER would have let go nine years ago when I began as Drama Advisor at GVCS. ]] 
One this is for certain ,,, they know that I love them.  I would give any one of them a kidney if they needed it and probably even my heart.  Might as well,  each and every one of them owns a huge chunk of it as it is.  Must be my "seasoning"  [ = old age ] ,,, I look at these students too long and my eyes fill with tears.  In them lie the hope of a brighter tomorrow, they are just beginning life's journey, whereas we are towards the end of the same.  In a day or two I hope to post a blog mentioning each of them by name and expressing what I admire about them.  But for now, I needs must get a move on.  I have to complete the Program for tonight, order flowers, gather up just a few more things for the set,,,, and before you know it 5:00 P.M. will be here = the beginning of make-up, hair, costuming, microphone placements,,, and then lights, stage and ACTION !!!
"BREAK A LEG" cast and crew
Genesee Valley Central School's
the old man loves each and every one of you
more than you know, more than you'll  ever  know.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

T-minus TWO days

((   J2W Day 30 = 220  ))
for the FIRST TIME EVER we went through the entire play last night.  Dear God.  They made it but some of the play did not.  They skipped pages, sometimes going back to retrieve parts of it, which at times worked and at other times was a train wreck.  Tonight they will "dress" their parts and tomorrow we add the make-up.   Of course we had a cast member MISSING LAST NIGHT and will have a different one MISSING for most of TONIGHT ,,,,,,, so  PERHAPS  tomorrow night we just  MIGHT  get through the entire play  WITH  all cast members present before they open to the public on Thursday evening.  PERHAPS that will be the case.  PERHAPSWHAT ?  ME WORRY ?

Monday, November 18, 2013


" WHY do we DO this ... it's CRAZY ? "
((  J2W Day 29 = 219 ))
Dear God..... have mercy on us all !   I am being told that it is ALWAYS like this the final few days before production, but then WHY does it feel MORE frantic, MORE crazy, MORE spastic, MORE like I could hurl at any moment than EVER before ?
The GREAT NEWS :   GOD BLESS DAVID MARK WYRE ,,,, my "daughter" Sarah's husband [ and hence the guy I consider my Son-In-Law ]  for giving up his entire weekend to come down here from Corning to help Mike build set.  Chances are MJ & I would have murdered one another by now if David hadn't volunteered his carpentry services.  This is the same man who helped me "see the light" in my house [ l--o--n--g story ] last year.  David you hereby have a bundle of "passes" for any time you might "irritate" me in the future .  Might ?    ;-)    Thank you David, Thank You David, THANK YOU DAVID !!!!!!!  And Sarah it goes without saying that YOU remain the apple of my eye,,,,, along with JAXSON DAVID...... whom I ADORE in case I haven't mentioned it before.   Thank you too Sar ,,,, hope you get caught up on your sleep someday my Love !!!
The " makes me nervous" news:   Actors still struggling with their lines.  I have been very FLUFFY this year and am wondering if I went overboard.  Time will tell.  Do they worry as much as their Director does ?  Regardless,,,, I do love these kids and they know it.  Whenever I am about to be strict with them I say ... " Now keep in mind that what I am about to say does not mean I don't love each and everyone of you, but ..... "   I just feel it sooooooo important that they KNOW they are loved and cared for.   Who knows what they might be going through inside.  It is hard enough being an adult now days,,, can't imagine being a teenager in this day and age.
It will be what it will be ,,,, but I still have some time to do some tweeking [ as opposed to twerking ].
MANY things STILL to be gotten to the school and on stage, even though DAVID & MJ took some furniture over there yesterday, there's still a ton of things to go over.  And of course the back entrance to GVCS is being worked on, so that creates its own challenges.  HOWEVER, overall GVCS has been especially   g-RRRRRRR-eat   this year,,,,,, God bless them all.  Maybe it's because I look so freaking old ,,,, some of the teachers I think are students.  Really = not kidding.  Makes ya wanna ask for their hall pass !
Must fly.  MJ to leave work asap today so we can haul things over to GVCS in the truck.  I have furniture to get out of the attic via the pull-down stairs [ always fun ], and about 1,000 things to locate before 4:00pm when MJ gets here.  Rehearsal to start at 5:00pm  LORD,,,,, have mercy,,, PLEASE.  As for all the rest of ya ,,,,,,,

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Keep on keepin' on

((  J2W Days 27 & 28 - - -  220   219.5  ))
Yesterday, Saturday, 11/16/13 is kind of a blur, at least the morning.  MJ was right when we got up in the morning and he said " Let the games begin ! "  We got haircuts, went straight from the barbershop to a Vestry meeting at church, from there to an early lunch at Big Johnny's with David, Sarah and Jaxson and Connie, from there to GVCS for a rehearsal with the cast of The Odd Couple.  David & Mike worked on lights at GVCS then on set.  After rehearsal I came home, tended to the boys [ dogs ], and took off to Scio to Connie's to spend some time with JAXSON !!!   Have I ever mentioned that I ADORE that child ???
The set is getting there.  The work continues.  MJ was very upbeat last evening due to all of David's help.  David is good for MJ in another sense too:  David keeps MJ moving along.  Last Tuesday when I was "helping" MJ I had to keep reminding him that we are not building the Sistine Chapel here!  God love him,,, MJ is a perfectionist & at times that can be less than desirable.   Just think, a week from this afternoon and this production will reside on "Memory Lane " beside all it's predecessor's.   A brief break, then another production perhaps beginning in January.  I really, REALLY want this next one to be student created ... time will tell.
MJ and David ar at GVCS as I write this, I think the studded walls get there covering today.  Which sounds like a piece of cake, but in actuality is anything is a lot of hard work.  Did I mention that my LEADS for this production are far from secure with their line memorization ?  Oh boy.  Great kids every one of them but giving me heartburn. 
My weight today is 1.5 pounds  HEAVIER  than last Sunday, and up 3.5 pounds from the lowest of last week and of this month.  H-o-w-e-v-e-r  I m not totally spazzing about it.  To many other priority "spazzes"  to consider !  And so it goes ,,,,,,,

Friday, November 15, 2013

What a difference a day makes ---

((   J2W Day 26     218.5 = up 2.5 pounds   )))
Good morning.  Yes, I said Good Morning.  Even though the weight is up  ;-)   there is still a light [or 2 ] at the end of the tunnel.   First = the weight.   Contrary to what has become the norm = right after school,  the cast of The Odd Couple met last night at 5:00pm.  Mike went straight from work to GVCS to work on the set.  Thus we never ate until 8:00pm last night, far later than usual.
Good news:  MJ  DID  have help working on set last night via Noah Weinman and John Morris.  Noah of course is IN the paly as "Speed" and John is a student of Mrs. Caitlin Bowen's technology class.   Studded walls went up last night sans their covering.  I know not WHY this is the case as MJ has never done things this way before BUT we have new regulations to go through this year as regards flame retardation, etc.  ALL things on stage have to be cover with flame retardant, wood, fabric, etc.  It most probably has to do with that newest decree.   Caitlin Bowen was there last night as was MacKenzie Ward, working on lights for the play.  Connie Lewis [ my lady love & Sarah's mom = Jaxson's [ "owns my heart"]  Grandma, who is our costumer was there and patiently worked with the actors on costumes possibilities.  Noelle DeTine who is head of "hair and make-up" was also available,,,, thank You Jesus for all of them !!!
GREAT NEWS :  A little after 9:00pm last night my phone went off [ " Someone FABULOUS is calling you ,,,, pick up the phone,,,," ] and by said ring I knew it was Sarah calling.  I answered and she's like.... " David is more than willing to come help with the set.  He was wondering why you didn't ask him ?  You guys come help us all the time....."   H-O-L-Y    S-W-E-E-T   J-E-S-U-S !!!
We hadn't asked David because they live in Corning  and I guess we were thinking evening work, etc.  BUT   to make a long story short ,,,,, David is coming to help Michael tomorrow  [ and perhaps Sunday if needed ].     HALLE - freaking - LLUIA !  To say that we are relieved is an understatement.  Dear God in heaven this has worn on us both like there's no tomorrow.  David, even though you don't read my blog I know that Sarah does....... 
 thank you - Thank You - THANK YOU !!!!!!!  And don't say " But I haven't done anything yet..."  YES YOU DID ,,, you gave us both a good night's sleep for the first time in ages.    ;-)
So I will concentrate on THAT sand not the fact that one of my actors is VERY ill [ Sydney Keesler  her mom was the former Leslie Mapes, = Dave Mapes & Georgia Watson's daughter].  May be pneumonia.   We'll cross that bridge when we come to it I guess.  Until then,,,, onward and upward,,, and thanks again all people mentioned in paragraph's two & three above... especially David Mark Wyre and Sarah Elizabeth Wyre.   Were it not so cold I might consider going " Chunky Dunking" !

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...