Monday, January 6, 2014

We were soooo ready to kick 2013 out on its keister it wasn't even funny.  Not that 2013 was the most horrid year  ever  but it sure was challenging and not in a good way either.  At times it felt like if we didn't withdraw from some people, they too would end up a part of what we experiencing = not fair to them.  So we did, we withdrew from many things & people.  And even though some people didn't [ and some still don't ] understand it, looking back we are glad we did it.  We have yet to "climb out " of our self imposed "hibernation ", but we are trying to leave the deepest struggles of 2013  in the past  where they belong.  Lord, have mercy !
Last year for Christmas we had a real tree from Kent Farms, a red & green color scheme, sent out Christmas cards & were really in the spirit of Christmas.  THIS YEAR:  MJ put up three decorations two days before Christmas: a four foot white artificial Christmas tree with fiber lights built into it [ Noelle Meise DeTine calls it our " trailer trash tree " ], and an 18" tree on the piano along with a holiday type swag in front of it.  That was it.  No Christmas cards sent or given to Anyone, no other Christmas decorations or " Ho Ho Ho's ".  Connie said to me one day on the phone " In nearly two decades of Christmas's with you I have NEVER seen such little effort put forth from you guys.  What's up with that ? "  [ We did Christmas shop a couple of times, got all the gifts wrapped one day before December 25th though, thank God ! ]   Connie & I got to thinking about it and this is what we came up with as for a possible "reason" :  MJ & I were so focused on getting RID of 2013 that we cared not to over emphasize Christmas. BRING ON JANUARY 1st seems to have been the focus.  PLEASE BE KIND 2014 ... P-L-E-A-S-E !!!
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to Sue Lewis [ my niece-in-law], Meredith Chilson [ our lovely friend of many years ] and Zoie Presutti [ whom I would adopt if I could = love her soooo very much.  She is Mike & Barb's daughter ].  Birthdays that pop up at the beginning of the year kind of freak me out.  Another reason I need to be better organized.  Less excuses.
So onward and hopefully upward we go.  You all KNOW that the eternal w8  struggle is far from over.  To say that I still HATE this me is an understatement.  It's my own fault and only I can correct it.     AND SO IT GOES  - - - - - - -

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...