Friday, March 14, 2014

!!!   WHATEVER   !!!

For SOME reason WAY beyond my comprehension this freaking blog will not allow me to add pictures, photo's at the moment.  It. Is. Really. Bugging. Me.  I have tried and Tried and TRIED but it will not post the pics I pick.  Dang !

I fully realize that is no excuse for not having a post since the beginning of the year, [ tons of other reasons for that ] AND two of the three blogs that I follow on a semi-regular basis have FAR more problems than my asinine failure to post pics,,, but it still bugs me.  I mean I confess to not being  Pete Johnson  who was born for this techno age, but you'd think by now I could figure out a  few  things.  [ I admire him sooooo much, I could do at least an entire post on Pete someday as a matter of fact.]   Anyway ,,,, here's what's been happening:

Apparently Marcine Hovey Delo  [ a BCS class of '72 friend O' mine ] has put a JINX on me.  I commented on facebook that she  CHOSE  to live in Minnesota, so she was not to be showing us how cold it gets there.... it was HER CHOICE to live there.  Welllllll, she has apparently CHOSEN to leave me FROZEN !   Temps have been horrid here since I made that public statement to her on facebook.  Never, EVER underestimate the power of a woman. 

Another dear friend passed away, Ella Louise Ross from Angelica / Friendship.  She was a great friend of and to Wanita Presutti and Louise passed away something like 51 days after Wanita passed.  We were privlidged to be asked to provide the music for Louise's funeral [ at the United Methodist Church of Angelica ], and it was packed.  No shock there, she was loved by so many people.  Another one of the "old guard" is gone.  The heart still weeps.

Not too terribly long after Louise passed away, Jean Gambino [ from Belmont / Belvidere ]  passed away also.  And we were also asked to provide music for her funeral.  Michael sang a combination of " Goin' Home"  and " There Will Be Peace in the Valley for Me Someday" at the beginning of the funeral service at St. Philip's.  Took my breath away.  [ Jean was the mother of another of our BCS class of '72 members, the late Beth Donavan Kud ]

Spent some time with JAXSON!  here the last weekend in January, which is ALWAYS a hoot.  To see Mike play "chase" with Jaxson & our dogs around the diningroom table is, as they say, worth the price of admission.  Have also seen Jax other weekends, both in Corning and at "GaGa's" [ Connie's ] house. How does he manage to become cuter every single time I see him ?

Speaking of that child  I ADORE ,,, his birthday is coming up at the end of the month.  If you recall, he was born on the exact day on which we had scheduled his local baby shower = March 31st.  The child had his own mind even then.  MJ [ Mike ] is working with Fran Pettnot creating his gift for his " Two-Two" birthday party.  [ Two-Two = he loves trains, this year birthday theme. ]

And speaking of Fran Pettnot, he is about to be inducted into the Allegany County Sports Hall of Fame [ or some such thing ] at Houghton on March 22nd.  Congrats Fran,,, you are aMAZing !

Okay, I know I have forgotten a great deal, but I want to get this posted before yet another month goes by.  Geesh.   For those of us who are STILL frozen, hang in there, it can't last forever, right ?  I mean it CAN'T right ???


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