Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thank You Jesus
[ & Michael James Feldbauer ]

We can finally add photos once again.

I know it might seem a rather small thing in the grand scheme of things but it was driving me CRAZY[er] to not be able to post pics on this blog.  MJ [ I hear you brother Mark Joseph, there is indeed more than one "MJ" but Michael is the original ... ] helped me get to the bottom of the problem to fix the "no pic posting challenge" this morning.   Am so pleased about that.  He remains my hero. [ after nearly 40 years under the same roof ]

I am going to TRY to post once a week hereafter.  STOP LAUGHING !  I can do it if I put my mind to it.  Then again we are about to be absorbed into another production at GVCS, so .......

My week began with that child whom I adore & will end the same way = yeah !  Jaxson spent last weekend with us in all his overt cuteness & energy.  He & his Mommy are at GaGa's house right now & I will spend time with him later today also.  Any week with double Jaxson is a GOOD week.

Held auditions at GVCS this week for  9 to 5 The Musical [ have never held auditions in the summer = pre school starting but we only have eight weeks to put this together so we had to start early].  We still need more cast, especially [ eternally ] males, but we shall not give up as of yet.  Have been in this position before and the best thing to do is to send out pretty young ladies to "encourage" the men to join.  Yes, this is a bit sexist I suppose..... but it works.  In years past Carmella Losi and Autumn McCumiskey were the best at accomplishing this endeavor.  Interesting that they both are pursuing careers in acting.

The response to the last post " HE LIVES" was rather surprising.  I gave it little thought except I was embarrassed that it had been so long between postings.  But the fb PM's and the texts I received truly warmed my heart.   What a BLESSING my friends are ... as well as my " Family of the Heart".

Since more than a few of you have asked,,, YES my weight is still a HUGE issue [ pun intended ].  It is such an issue that I will leave it for its own separate post at a later date.  Oh to be back where I was even last October / November.  Geeeeeeeesh.

Congrats to Andrew Lewis on some good news from this week, via last Wednesday AND yesterday. Never give up  HOPE  Andrew.  It's ALL in the attitude Mister !

My dear Sarah [ mother of that child whom I adore ] remains such a blessing in my life.  She is struggling right now but we still manage to have the BEST TALKS on the phone [ and in person too].  Especially [ but not solely ] about the Bible.  Of course we also agree a great deal about politics so that helps.  LOVE IT when you are so close to a person that when you are together you KNOW what the other one is thinking with just a certain "look".  Right Sar ?

Of course Connie is a blessing that STILL amazes me, even after 21 years.  [ She is Mother of Sarah & GaGa to that child whom I adore].  How her shoulders have not collapsed by now is beyond me.  Lord have mercy.  Cannot begin to describe our relationship ... much more than a friendship ,,, yet we'd kill one another if we were under the same roof.  Some things are best left as they are rather than to try to define them I guess, right Lew ?

A dear Christian friend of mine is soon to be with the Lord.  Will respect her privacy and not mention her name at this point, but my heart is weeping EXCEPT that [ as she would say ] " I know that I Know that I KNOW " where she is gong.   I miss her already and await the day that we will be reunited once again.  Our early [ and I mean EARLY ] morning chats on the phone were ever so revealing & personal, the empty place in my heart will likely n'er fade away. 

Blessings from this week include [ but are NOT limited to ]: GOD'S eternal patience with me,  MJF , Connie, Sarah, Jaxson,  good news for Andrew, Christopher Lewis, Gary Nevinger, ALL the students that auditioned at GVCS, Penny Miller, Donna DiGirolamo,  Joe & Laurie Mead,,,,,,,,,



Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Yes indeed I do still live.  As I stated in the last [long ago] posting, I still canNOT get pictures to post on here, but figured I either needed to do a blog post again OR take the danged blog down once & for all.

So much to catch up on that I hardly know where to start.  SOME things I either have to hint at or be VERY careful as to what I say.  Those of you who truly know me realize that for me to remain silent or cautious as to what I share on here ... is nigh onto miraculous.

And speaking of miraculous, something occurred in April that we thought would never ever happen.  Unfortunately it is one of those things I cannot go into detail about except to say that after roughly 38 years, MJF and his Dad are on good terms.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good.  Talk about SONshine.  Amen!

And life being what it is, along with the sunshine also comes some rain.  The parents of that child whom I adore,,,are legally separated & headed for divorce.  It came as a huge shock to all of us, especially to the wife.  So far my dear Jaxson is doing okay through all of this, but who knows what goes on in the mind of a two & a half year old child ?  As any of you who have been through or close to a divorce situation know, it is an ongoing saga. & since we are only a little over two months into this sad event there is much road ahead to be traveled.

And back to some sunshine.  MJF got a new truck in mid-June.  His first ever new vehicle.  A black 2014 Ford 150... something or other.  Sorry but he could spit out all the technical jargon, not me so much.  It has 4 doors and enough room [ when the seats are up ] behind the front seats to hold a barn dance.  He loves it, which is all that matters to me   :-)

More sunshine:  Three family weddings since I last posted.  [1] Cara Hebblethwaite is now Mrs.Andrew Freeman[ Cara is my Great-niece, and the daughter of Dawn Cline Hebblethwaite
[Palmer] and the late Chip Hebblethwaite]. [2] Dawn Cline Hebblethwaite[ my niece ] married Roy
Palmer at the end of May AND last Saturday Eric Case [ my great nephew and son of Delnore Cline Case and Mike Case ] married Jessica Lynn Ransom at the Alfred Lake Lodge.  ALSO... we have a new family member Emily May Whitbeck, [ my Great-great-niece ] daughter of Jill Case Whitbeck and her husband Darrell. I got to hold this two & a half week old baby at the reception on Saturday and what a sweetheart.  Full head of hair, sooooo tiny,,,, they need to have more babies !

A little rain :  An event occurred late Saturday night [ the 9th ] that was frightening, hurtful and unforeseen.  It is one of those things I cannot go into, but suffice it to say it is not "over" yet and
remains very disconcerting indeed.

And some sunshine :  Have chosen the GVCS musical for this year:  9 to 5 The Musical [ that's the actual title I am not being a smart alec .]  Those of us with a certain amount of "seasoning" will remember the movie  9 to 5  starring Dolly Parton, Lilly Tomlin & Jane Fonda.  Welllllll Ms. Parton made this into a stage play a few years back and it will be presented at GVCS soon.  [  Details provided on facebook page entitled " GVCS Musical Auditions "].  I am excited about this one.  GVCS has some of the best drama students around.  I truly love them all.  What a crew !

I've left out a TON of "news" I'm sure but at least this is a start.  I will TRY to have MJ help me figure out the reason I can't post pictures on here and I will TRY to post more often. [ Don't hold your breath ;-)   ]   In the meantime .....


A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...