Monday, February 29, 2016


As we begin this 
blog post
" No News IS Good News "
on the medical update front.

Received no calls on Friday
after the tests at JMH
no calls this morning as of 9:20 A.M.




Thanks for your responses to 
blog post

go out to:

for her backup of
"Da Sheriff"
if need be
which wonderfully cracked GGC up

stating her opinion concerning
Mr. Trump
even though it went against the grain of most other responses.

We do not have to agree with one another
but we
at least try to listen to one another. 





   MJ spent Saturday morning working on TBP.  Found another unanticipated development where the toilet is to go.  GGC doesn't understand all this but apparently rather than placing the "which-a-ma-jig"  where toilet goes [same spot as before] the house builders glued it in, making replacement that much more difficult.  But kudo's to MJ who was not pleased but did not use the "f-word".  Not even once. He continued on and placed some of the sub-flooring [not permanently but got a rough idea] and did not let the latest development deter him from his work.  YEAH MICHAEL J !!!!!!!

   Saturday afternoon Paulie had his appointment at The Hair and the Hound groomers in Hornell, NY with "Mz. Lyndsey" .  This may be our last appointment there as MJ wants us to try K&A Kennels on Pig Tail road in Friendship here-after.  We all have been quite taken with "Mz. Christina" and it is closer than Hornell. [[ Note:  Some forty years ago we agreed that if ever there was a situation on which we could absolutely not agree,,, MJ would have the final say.  This has been a good deal through the years, trust us.  GGC oft thinks with his heart and not his brain and MJ is very level headed.  The groomers situation called for MJ to make the final decision and he did.  I respect that decision and MJ too.  ]]
   We had a light lunch at Applebee's, then shopped a wee bit after which it was time to pick handsome Mr. Paulie up from the groomers.  He always seems to know he is sooooooo good looking after his grooming, even though he seems to give us some grief as he's spent weeks getting his "stink on".  Rest of Saturday was spent at the Palace.

   Sunday morning we had SJC choir rehearsal at 9:30AM [we usually hold it on Thursday eve but we'd thought we might either still be in Strong Memorial or just getting home from there, so we'd placed it on Sunday morning ... so much for that thought. ]  after which there was regular 11:00A.M. mass ....... and the electric went out at 11:23A.M.  It was off until 12:26P.M. during the Community Meal downstairs.  That was interesting.  God presented us with a great opportunity to let the SON shine through all our activities!
   Sunday afternoon we were home until we went to Connie's for MJ's Birthday Dinner,,,and free showers came with the deal too.  Had a marvelous meal, White Russians, Pine Apple Upside Down cake and ,,,,, hot showers.  Paulie was included also as he usually is at his "Aunt Connie's".

  That was our weekend in a nutshell.  Rather regular weekend all and all, but we have learned through the decades to truly appreciate the "regular" in life.  Can I get a witness ???



whilst we were lunching in Applebee's Saturday afternoon
we asked MJ a question
that caused him to pause and think,
even changing his answer a few times
he was finally rather stumped.

we knew right then and there 
that we must present said question
to our readers.

it is an unanswerable question,
we don't know
as we have little to go on
[ personally speaking ]
in this category.

It's a somewhat

kind of question
[and by that we aren't not trying to ignore female athletes]

This is the question
also your

which sports activity
has the most 
physically in shape 
players,,, as team/unit ?

As a team, not as individuals per se'.

MJ's first answer was a soccer team.
Then he had second thoughts.

As we sat their eating
more and more sports teams / activities came to mind;
soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby, 
swimming, tennis, golf, bowling,
and on and On and ON.

Finally MJ said:
"Apples and Oranges"
and then:
"Ask Harris, he has articles on EVERYthing."

So in other words,
if one were to take an entire baseball team as a unit
place their physical agility / strength / etc.
against let's say
a soccer team,
which TEAM come out ahead as being 
most physically fit overall 
?  ?  ?

We await your thought
we thinks
there is no concrete correct answer
Mr. Harris can prove that assumption wrong.


*******       *******       *******

Saturday, February 27, 2016

We try.
We really, really try
to write at least an acceptable blog here at

Yesterday we spent something like two hours gathering those photo's into their own file, then putting them in some kind of order [which in yesterday's case was some kind of dis-order ], then seeking a permittable song to use as background music so it's not too boring, etc. Etc. ETC.  We thought we had done a good thing or at very least an okay job on yesterday's KASIYH blog post. 

However to then see a comment that went something like this: " It's not a video.  It's just a bunch of photos....." really upset us.  And this was not the first snide remark [off-handed or not] from this regular reader of the KASIYH blog.  It upset, saddened and hurt us.  We checked with MJ to see if we were over-reacting, he said what he's been saying for some time now: "Block ________ from your FB page!  How many times do I have to tell you ? "  So we did.  Said individual will probably [as has been their practice in the past when their name was inadvertently left from the FB "roll call" list ] complain about it, but again [as MJ says] "Sucks to be them".  

GGC is well aware that yesterday's video/movie/slideshow did not appear on all devices.  MJ could not get it on his cell phone [ not sure about his Kindle ] but got it just fine on our P.C.    It was kind of a crap-shoot as to whether you could see it or not, we acknowledge that, but to say: " It's not a video.  It's just a bunch of photos......."  Oh boy.

"Back in the day" 
[for those who have known GGC for decades] 
our reaction would have been something like this: 

 But with six plus decades behind us
we chose not to respond last evening
[ on FB or on this blog ]
but rather
let some time pass
trying to keep in mind
the following:

This morning we are indeed much calmer, more hurt than angry.  [ Thank you Lynn Manning for your advice late yesterday.  L.W.M. was also the one, months ago, that freed us when she said something along the lines of: "Greg, it's your blog,,,write WHEN you want and WHAT you want. Your true friends / readers will understand and as for the other ones?    $#$^%$&^*)  them!!!  Gosh GGC loves Lynn Manning !  ]   We have taken MJ's advice and that is that.  Except for maybe the complaining part from the "Block-ee".   It seems like we may have written the following yesterday, but will reiterate it once more today,,,,sometimes...





Did you happen to see the little exchange between Hard Ball's Chris Matthews and Bernie Sanders? It was fascinating.  Chris asked some hard questions about exactly HOW Bernie Sander's would implement his ideals [which we happen to agree with BTW ] if Bernie were to become President. If you haven't seen this exchange and are interested, look it up on You Tube.  Mr. Sanders did a good job of answering and although he was quite serious, he did not lose his cool.  These questions needed to be asked of Bernie Sanders.  IOHO Mr. Sanders has not been "vetted" as has his opponent Hillary Clinton.  Good God in Heaven ,,, HRC has been through the wringer in all ways possible and yet still keeps going.  Mr. Sanders = not so much.  That being stated, if BERNIE SANDERS becomes the Democratic nominee for President, we will support him.  Period.  

And on the Republican side, you must have seen that Chris Christie has now thrown his support behind Donald Trump.  Didn't see that coming.  Not quite sure what to make of it.  What are your thoughts?  It would seem [as things are today] that Mr. Trump is well on his way to being the Republican nominee for President [barring any unforeseen circumstances].  Remember last summer and early autumn when most of us thought Donald Trump would be a "flash in the pan" moment in U.S. political history?  What's happened in the meantime is nothing short of extraordinary.

GGC has been thinking this morning about "what if" Mr. Trump becomes President...
from this perspective only:  

If "President Trump" did manage to get our economy in a great place ... 
but at the expense of the poor, disenfranchised, those on Social Security or disabled, 
the almost non-existent Middle-Class, etc.  ... 
what would the reaction be from the majority of American's ? 

Now some of you are going to say
"It would never happen"
"We'd be blown to kingdom come first"
"That's why we need to get [big] money out of politics"
"That's why we need Bernie Sanders in there"
Yada, Yada, Yada.

try not to do that.

Simply answer the question as stated.

"President Trump"
has somehow managed to greatly improve the U.S. economy
but has done so at the expense of the
"little guy".
How will America react?

Awaiting your brilliant responses.

*******       *******       *******

Friday, February 26, 2016


And why is GGC happy it's Friday?
Because after today there's little chance 
that for at least
Saturday  and  Sunday
any medical establishments will be calling us.

   We left for JMH at 7:00am today, did the registration thing [ they know ALL about me by now ], had blood work at JMH Medical Imaging [instead of JMH Lab where the usual blood suckers are located], had an I.V. inserted into left arm,,,,drank some purple Powerade Sports Drink, waited an hour, then had C.T. scans on chest, abdomen and pelvic areas.  Arrived back at The Palace around 9:20am.  A few more tests under out belt. [Rolls eyes.]  Now, let's move on to more important things, shall we ?



your responses to the
[ So to speak ]
post on Wednesday's KASIYH blog.

sometimes after we write a post for this blog
we start wondering if  maybe  we shouldn't have shared
that particular part of our lives.

when we look to see how many people read a particular post
[ Wednesday it was 275+  which is high for our little  KASIYH blog ]
when your FB responses start flowing in
[as they did Wednesday]
our doubts fly right out the freakin' window.

Looking back on things, we're pleased MJ did what he did also.
enough IS enough.

Gracious to those who understood and felt likewise




Gags / Jokes
   So once we lifted ourselves out of the "Oh, poor me" crap due to the medical challenges we've been dealing with since  12/2  we got to thinking about some gags/jokes we could play along this journey. Now none of these are original, but still could be fun:

1.] Keep a str8 face and say that we are pregnant and they should be aware of said fact before performing the latest tests.  [ What would their facial expression be ? ]

2.] Give our name [not at registration, but later] as "Jack Meeoff" and wait for them to call our name out loud as next in line.  [ Remember doing that to local Bars?  Call and ask for Jack,,,they'd call out his name and come back to the phone eventually asking for the last name  ,,, then they'd call both names out to the entire establishment ?  Geeeeesh that was fun ,,, or so we've been told.]

3.]  When they are doing the family medical history, claim that our parents were from West Virginia and even after they divorced they remained brother and sister.  [Just saw that one this week on FB].

   You get the idea, right? 

 Do you have any ideas of your own that we might add to this list of possibilities ?




Here's a quickly put together
pics from

for any reason you cannot view the video,
oh well,
at least we tried.

*******       *******       *******

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[ And we sure try to be so with y'all ]
We are truly feeling like the first video:

But are
to tune  ourselves into
this video:

This video is what we'd like to tell all
our recent medical institutions / connections:


   When push come to shove, we have absolutely no reason to feel the way we do this morning.  There are children starving all over this planet, wonderful people dying horrid deaths even as we write this words [ and as you read them]...and yet, and yet ,,, when is enough ENOUGH?  Yes, everything is for a reason and God certainly is in charge of it all ,,, and yet, and YET ,,, Yes we know by now that when life hands us lemons we are to make lemonade,,,and yet, and YET.  Can you tell that DoD is trying to take control today?  We're trying desperately to fight him off as he keeps reminding us that all this medical crap began December 2nd ,,, and continues on and On and ON with no visible end in sight.  Oh well,,,, as Connie always says:  "It is what it is" which in our case she oft ends with "So buck UP Buck-o" ,,, but even she isn't handling this one easily.  MJ is really down about it all.  That upsets GGC more than anything else.  He is our everything ,,, a man of vast patience who is beginning to loose said patiernce with this situation.  As Mother always said: This too shall pass" ,,, and yet and YET ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,





How about a
[ so-to-speak ]
Belmont, NY
[ Some details may be altered to protect the innocent ]

   MJ and GGC had moved from Olean, NY to a house on Norton Street in Belmont belonging to Barb Dunbar, where Barb lived, along with Mark [Fart] Rose and another individual [ Not relative to the story ]. After this residence we managed to get a very nice apartment in Belmont.  [ Sorry but to say "where" might be revealing too much.] 

   Across the hallway from us lived a former Class of '72 BCS graduate with her husband.  It did not take a great deal of time to realize that the marriage was not a happy one.  All was calm across the hallway until he came home ,,, then things often turned sour, very sour.

    We always treated the wife [ our former classmate ] very kind but she asked us not to acknowledge her in front of her husband, lest he become overtly jealous, at which point she knew not what he might do.  We agreed but it was not an easy situation.  The husband rarely spoke to us when we would see him coming or going in the hallway, except to [ once in a great while ] nod his head at us but he always had this horrid staring glare about him.

    After we'd lived there a few weeks he must have thought it "safe" to do [ once again ? ] as he pleased with his wife,,,and his yelling turned to physical violence.  At first we heard him slapping her after his verbal assaults then, as time went on, it sounded like punches.  She would scream of course which was just blood curdling.   We ended up calling the local police, but she would never press charges and he would beat her even more after we'd called the cops.

  The husband, in no uncertain terms, told us [esp. MJ ] to "Mind your own f_cking business!" to which MJ responded: "You beating a women IS my business."  Hubby's response?  "She's MY wife,,, I'll do as I please.  Got it?"   Readers, can you tell this is not going to have a good conclusion?

   One night too long thereafter the husband beat the hell outta his wife ,,, she even ran to our apartment in fear for her life after her husband had left for a local watering hole.  She stayed at our place most of night but refused to get the police involved.  She went back to their apartment before he returned home.  

   When hubby returned home MJ greeted him at the top of [ guesstimating ] a six or seven step landing.  Hubby said "What's your f_cking problem, Queer Boy ? "   Can't recall what MJ said  [if anything] but MJ proceeded to PUNCH the wife-beater and knock him down the steps, where he landed by the front door of the apartment building.  BAM!   We do remember MJ saying: " How's it feel wife-beater ? "  

   Of course that "man" who would beat his wife and expect her to take it, would not fight a man.  Oh no, he called the cops and ,,, MJ was charged.   When MJ went before the local Justice of the Peace [won't name the JP but his initials were J.B., he is now deceased.], with Belmont being a small village, the J.P. knew everything that had occurred [ including why,,,and the fact that "hubby" was one mean guy whose wife was too afraid to press charges ].  Consequently MJ was given a "stern" talking to, fined and then ,,, and then the JP said yo MJ  "Tempting as it is Mike, we can't handle violence with violence...BUT I'll bet it felt good to punch that a_shole, didn't it ? "  MJ replied: "It sure DID !!!"  [Rest in Peace J.B. ]

   MJ is not proud of this incident [and yes we asked permission to write about this].  It upsets him that he lost his temper.  However, and this is not just because we love and adore MJ, if ever a moment called for such an action, this was it.  We ended up moving soon thereafter [ but whilst we continued to live there the husband no longer beat his wife.  He'd yell at her, but no physical violence, at least whilst we were there].   That couple did have at least one child [she may have expecting when he was still beating her,,,can't recall], but she later divorced him.  Thank You Jesus.

What are
on the incident above?


*******       *******       *******

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Good Morning Friends

Most of you know that today's events at URMC were postponed right after we'd dropped
off at K&A Kennels
yesterday afternoon.
Suffice it to say that we are not where we had anticipated being this morning
we will not leave you hanging.

We do not have the time nor inclination
to let everyone / anyone know individually the latest news
concerning the health challenge / surgery.
We DID post on FB yesterday.
Keep up to date or not,

 Now in lieu of being under the knife 
at Strong Memorial Hospital right now,
we are instead bringing you,
our wonder-filled readers
of the
first ever
[ with a living person other than one of our other personalities ]

How's THAT for a TREAT?


Our first
is with none other than
Birthday Boy

He is sitting right here in our office to our left
and we will now commence said interview:

*******   *******   *******

GGC:  Good Morning MJF 1, and happy birthday.  Care to share your years seasoned with us ?

MJ:     Happily!  Sixty-two and counting.  My goal is to reach one hundred,,,,at least. 

GGC:  Name a couple of things that you know at 62 years seasoned that you didn't know when you
            were 22 years of seasoning.

MJ:    Life is only as complicated as you make it or allow it to become.  I've also learned that you                 can't control the things around you, but you can control your reaction to life's events.

GGC:  Okay [ he paused and thought about the above question for too long = over-thinking it ] so
           we'll move on.   Close your eyes MJ and think back to when you were sixteen years                              seasoned.  What are three things that are on your mind at that age?

MJ:     Sex, sports and cars.

GGC:  Well, that's interesting.

MJ:     I was in rebel moad, my Mother had died, my life was a whirl-wind at that time.  I just wanted
           and needed distraction; anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

GGC:  You were [are] eldest child in your family, and as most of us know, your Dad was BCS
            Superintendent for years..  Did either of those facts make life more challenging for you, as                    you look back?

MJ:   Yes!  It seems like I was held to a higher standard.  Always had to set the example, no excuses,
          Didn't have a lot of time to just be "me".  My primary outlets were sports and later on, music
          and drama... means of escape.

GGC: [ NOTE: He's getting quite serious here, may have to change the questioning a bit.]

GGC:  If possible [ and we acknowledge it is not ] were you able to change ONE thing in your
            sixty-two years of life, what would that one thing be and why ?

MJ:     I think I would have been kinder to GGC in our early relationship.  I was running away from
           things and was extremely hurtful to you in those years. 

GGC:  Did not see that answer coming.   Let's try some word or name association.  We'll mention a
            word or name and you must immediately say the first thing that comes to mind.  NO                             PAUSING Michael !

MJ:     Okay!!!

GGC:  Life.

MJ:     Persistent.

GGC:  God.

MJ:     Forgiving.

GGC:   Happiness.

MJ:     Life with Greg.

GGC:  Jaxson.

MJ:     Heart-warming.

GGC:  Mrs. C.

MJ:     Hot.

GGC:  Siblings.

MJ:     Conundrum.

[ Tiger and Jimmy present in mind but not body for this photo.]

GGC:  Republican's

MJ:      Disappointment.

GGC:  Orgasm.

MJ:     Yowser!

GGC:  Death

MJ:    Acceptance.

GGC:  Retirement.

MJ:      A new chapter

GGC:  The Bathroom Project

MJ:      o. m. G !!!

GGC:   Dad.

MJ:      Evolved,,, finally.   Thank You JESUS.


GGC:   St. John's Episcopal Church.

MJ:       Encouragement.  New Family.

GGC:   Okay, let's move on a bit.   What do you see in the next year [ as you enter your 63rd year of
             seasoning ] as your goals / expectations?

MJ:      Finish T.B.P.!  

Would like to get back in shape.


Less work and more recreation.

GGC:   How has being gay affected your life?  What do you wish you'd known forty years ago in
             regards to being gay ?

[ This pic inserted by GGC post interview.
    Just couldn't resist. ]

MJ:      That's a difficult question.  Ummm,,, It's given me an appreciation for those who struggle                     with being "different" in any way, whether it be ethnicity or whatever.  Just because one is                   different doesn't mean one is "wrong" or "out there" but rather it provides an opportunity                     to learn a  new perspective on life.

GGC:    As we conclude this first ever LIVE INTERVIEW,,,,, how do you plan to spend your day
              today ... your sixty-second birthday ?

MJ:      [ Can't post his first sentence ,,,, too adult for this blog ]  Spending ample time with the                                     LOML ... perhaps shopping at some point and dinner out on the town.

GGC:  Anything you'd like to add to this interview before it closes?

MJ:     Yes.  Thanks for the opportunity and would like to this again sometime.

*******   *******   *******

And there you have it.

Can't believe how cooperative and willing 
MJ was for this interview.
He really WANTS to do more at some point.
Fine by GGC.

to you
Love of my Life.

We may write more later, time will tell.

*******       *******       *******

   Long time readers of this Blog know that 2017 held more than its share of health challenges for the KASIYH'S author [ with fi...