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  1. slightly indecent or liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive:

    "his risqué humor"


Thanks for all your wonderful comments on yesterday's
blog post.
Sure hope that Vicky was able to view those responses.
She helped create tons of memories
for many of us through the decades.



As you can see by the definition at the top of this blog post,
will be centered on the word

It says something to us that in today's society
we don't hear or use this word very often.

As a youth GGC used to hear it a lot.

" That's too risque' for teenagers to see. "
"How DO they get away with something so risque' ?"
"Darling, that goes beyond risque', that's downright lewd!"

We can easily recall when regular TV channels
would not/could not
show an underwear commercial
unless using mannequins to display their goods.
[ That sounds a bit risque in itself, doesn't it? ]
it wasn't all that long ago,
the late 1970's or perhaps early 1980's
when in order to advertise something like a
"Wonder Bra"
[ Which GGC thought should be called a "Quicker Picker Upper"]
had to be displayed on what was usually a headless/armless/legless  mannequin.

any woman who was expecting
was referred to in the following manner:
" Mrs. _________  is 'with child' "
instead of today's:
a bun in the oven
[God forbid]
knocked up
baby banged

Back in the day 
the Roman Catholic church
used to post [on a regular basis] a list of films/movies
that were okay for R.C.'s to see
on said list were films rated
for condemned.
One could put their very soul in danger of eternal damnation
by even viewing such "trash".
[We're unsure if they still do this.]
The C rated films contained nudity/bad language/sex, etc.
Care to guess which category was most
to teenagers and young adults?
SEE how SMART y'all are?

Point being,
what is risque' now-a-days?

We're relatively sure that those of you with young
children or grandchildren
try to keep them away from certain things that their
young minds can't quite grasp yet,
but as an adult,
what is risque' to you now-a-days ?

We acknowledge the fact that this blog
has floated around this topic before,
maybe not in these exact words,
but it's truly something that befuddles us.

If perchance you're thinking that every generation
simply becomes more liberal than its predecessor,
where do we go from here?

One can view almost anything on the Internet currently.
We need not go into detail, right?
GGC is no prude and very little shocks us anymore.
[Well, some things still do,,,like snuff films for instance, 
which we have not seen nor do we care to...]
Perhaps we've become so accustomed to seeing / hearing everything anymore
that the word
is basically all but gone from our lexicon.
maybe we just use it in reference to our youngsters.
What are YOUR thoughts on this ?

Not to get too involved here
but language is another place where the word
might come into play.
Again, although we are no "Peter Pure Pants"
sometimes the words that are now acceptable
on network TV shock us.

We are not advocating turning the clock back,
because in our estimation we all have choices
as to whether to watch something or to ignore it,
but we're at a loss for words at times
[and you KNOW that's not normal for GGC.]
at what we sometimes hear on network TV.

((Note: A whole other blog post needs to be written on what 'swear words' REALLY are, what words are offensive to society in general 
and what words are truly forbidden for Christian folk, etc.))

In writing this blog
GGC oft thinks of the word
We've had some risque' posts on here in the past
at least topic wise, according to some folks.
But we try to be careful about pictures posted on here
because as you well know
a picture can be worth a thousand words.
[ or complaints ]

truly, TRULY
look for your feedback on

about the word
and whether it's all but gone from current society.

is now

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Thursday, April 28, 2016


 Listening to Accu-Radio ~ Melodies and Memories 
Current song: "Break It To Me Gently" by Brenda Lee

Judy Garland is currently singing

Let's hop right to it, shall we ?




to all who commented on yesterday's
blog post.

a smart young man?
Thank you so much for your input Ryan!

We NEED more
people please!

Send to:

Thank you kindly.





just outside of Belmont, NY
by the
Allegany County Health Department

Easily offended?  Leave now as you're in for a bumpy ride on this one.

   As far as we are concerned this is bullsh_t.   The Health Dept. wants Vicky [ the owner ] to install a Ansell system which costs $10,000.  Even though Vicky has had an offer from a concerned citizen to install said system for free,,, who has $10,000. lying around?  We certainly do not.  So many years, countless meals [always DEEEE-LICIOUS by the way], so much laughter [and at times tears too] shared amongst family and friends ,,, and it comes to this?   Something [ or someONE ] just doesn't jive here.

   The head of the local Health Dept. is apparently one Mr. Tyler Shaw [ we know him not ] who chose to take a Deputy with him to serve Vicky and post the notices.  Is this common policy [to take a Deputy along ] or was Mr. Tyler afraid Vicky was going to pounce on him?  [ For which at this point we would pay to watch.] 

   Vicky has worked her butt off for years and years and this travesty of "justice" [?] is upsetting to so many people.  What can be done?  Precious little apparently.  One can't help but wonder if someone out there wants that property.  Trust us, stranger things have happened in this county [and elsewhere]. VICKY ~~~ Please KNOW that we are ever so grateful for all of your hard work and effort through the years in serving Belmont and the surrounding towns.  Somehow God always heals our broken hearts, but this one will sure take some time.  You are LOVED my one and only "VICTORIA!

?   ?   ?


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


for all the comments on last Friday's
blog post
 Also referred to as:
"Keeping you abreast Friday"
"Boob Friday"
"Tit for tat Friday"

We pretty much all agreed that breastfeeding is a very natural thing.
A few of you thought that perhaps a little discretion should be used,
but most thought breastfeeding was okay anywhere / anytime.
GGC agrees with the later
also agrees with those who would feel calmer
 being more discreet themselves.

It's a choice
all  the  way  around:
breastfeed your baby or not,
go to a separate space to do so,
do so discreetly [or non] in public,
it should be up to the individual.

Two more thoughts:

1.] We'd forgotten how contentious this topic was/is sometimes.
The BFer's should not be preaching to others the following:
"If you truly  loved  your baby you would BF the child."
Man, that irritates us.
There are all kinds of reasons why one would
choose to BF or choose not to BF.
We're so sorry for any/all of you who have been in any way
because of your choice.

2.] For years we have heard how much more content 
a breastfed baby is  vs  one who is bottle fed.
Is that true as far as you ladies are concerned?
Is there truly any difference?
Have you breastfed one child and not another?
[ For whatever reason ]
We haven't read any studies on this as of late.
Your input would be deeply appreciated.




Thanks ~ to all who asked if anything was wrong as we have not posted in four days.  Nope, nothing physically amiss with either of us.  Sometimes life just takes over and ya roll with the punches.

Sarah and Jaxson ~  Have we ever mentioned how much we adore Jaxson?  He just turned four and is a delight [most of the time, apparently not all the time, but we've never seen any untoward behavior ].  New things to be happening in Sarah & Jaxson's life journey, soon and very soon.

w8 ~ Oh Goodness, the eternal struggle continues.  W8 is UP once again, with this morning's w8 being 209.4 !!!   The scales screamed "ONE at a time PLEASE" when we stepped on today.  Must admit we have not been as faithful [read=not at all] as of late, so no one to blame but GGC. Interesting note though:  Our BD w8 (April 20th) in 2015 was 253.4 and in 2016 was 205.  Hence we've made a little progress ,,, but far, FAR from enough.

Smoking ~ Still.

"Making God Laugh" the play that we have been working on for months has run into a snag.  The new scheduler for the Nancy Howe aud at the David A. Howe Library has turned down our request to perform there.  GGC has yet to meet with him, Heidi Mangels did this for us as she always has [both for her Heidi Noel Performing Arts Center and others ] and the new guy turned us down flat.  Reason:  We are not an established group.  Mind you, we were director of Camelot Choraleers for years, Heidi has an established business in Wellsville, ALL cast from this play are from Wellsville [except MJ who play the role of Bill = the Dad ] and yet we have no standing in Wellsville ?  Kindly stay tuned on THIS one.

Church ~  We're so happy at St. John's Episcopal Church in Wellsville, NY.  We're working well with our pastor Carol Stewart.  SJC [St. John's Choir] continue to amaze us with their overt dedication and hard work, week after week....not to mention the LAUGHTER we share each and every time we are together.  God is SO good.   Tonight is Bible study [5:00pm @ rectory] followed by a light meal, can hardly wait and tomorrow night is SJC rehearsal.   MUCH planning to do with regards to SJC as Sunday June 5th is our combined Garden Service with Christian Temple Congregational Church [to be held this year at St. John's ],  and then later in June [the 19th perhaps?] is SJC's concluding mass of this choir season.  Music,,,, let there be MUSIC !

T.B.P. ~ Actually MJ has gotten much accomplished the last two Saturdays.  All sub-floor is in now [what a process ].  We need to get nephew Mark Lewis [ BCS Class of '82 ] down here again for electrical work.  Almost don't dare get too excited as it's been such a l--o--n--g  project [began August 3rd ].

And THAT covers THAT




Now time for a

This one is from a young man
who is friend AND a cast member of
At first meeting Ryan is quite shy, don't let that fool ya.
Once he opens up he there's a whole other guy there.
[We mean that in a good way ]
He blew us outta the water Monday night during play practice
with his rendition of his character, Rick, and a very potent part of the play.
a couple of pics of Ryan:

Heidi Mangels ~ RYAN KEIB ~ Dawn Giddings

And now

Why is it so difficult to stand up for ourselves? There is great merit in defending yourself, yet it can seem so impossible. I've always put a lot of stock in what others think. Being overweight my whole life, I would hear the teases from bullies at school and let it really affect the way I thought about myself. I would look in the mirror and see what the bullies were telling me to see.  Needing to appease everyone and be liked, I gave too much power to the words of my critics. I didn't respect myself, so why should they? It's a formidable lesson to learn, but you can't let a fear of rejection stop you from living. If someone is making you feel so negatively, that may not be a person you want in your life in the first place.

Anytime I feel hurt or judged by another's words, I remember this mantra: Nobody cares about people who don't matter. Someone else's opinion can only matter so far as the weight of importance you give to it. People shouldn't dictate how you feel. You determine that. Definitely hear what they have to say, but don't be afraid to tell them, "No. I don't agree with that." Mature people can disagree and still interact civilly. Just defend your own truth. Who cares what they think of you after? That's their problem, not yours. Once you find your voice, it gets easier and more freeing to use.

The toughest part of standing up for yourself is standing up TO yourself. You are your own biggest, meanest bully. It is so hard to be nice to yourself.  That voice in your head is the loudest and most challenging to silence. It will always be there, that self-doubt. Years of negative thinking can chip away at who you are. But there are so many opportunities to prove to yourself that you can do anything. Find the things and people that bring you joy and support and let them be the voices to combat your fear, doubt, and negativity. Let them help build you back up to who you are. You are important. You are loved. Rise above the noise of people telling you otherwise. Don't let anyone walk all over you and make you feel like crap, especially yourself.

You were made just the way you are by a God with plans for you. Take comfort in the fact that you EXIST. And in a world as beautiful as this, we should all be a little kinder to ourselves

?   ?   ?


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Friday, April 22, 2016

 Your opinions
on the
following pictures?

Are any offensive to

is now

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear KASIYH Blog Journal,                                                            11:10pm Thursday, April 21,2016

   We have no idea whether or not we will end of posting this on FB or not, but we have a few things to get off our [collective] chest.

1.]  What on earth did Philip's head actually look like that he had a screwdriver named after him?

2.]  Why are some people so pretty/handsome on the outside and so damned ugly on the inside ?

3.]  Why don't people truly  listen  to one another anymore ?

4.]  Why are Hillary or her supporters fans bomb blasted by Bernie fans, but Hillary fans try to be              fair towards Senator Sanders and his fans ?  And YES, overall, it's true !

5.]  When did it become acceptable to pronounce the word "sandwich" as "samich", or "Peyton" as
       "peyion".... etc. ?  [ The list goes on and ON ].

6.]  Was there EVER any credence to the "trickle down theory" in economics or was it all just a                  Republican hoax from the get go ?

7.]  What the HELL is wrong with common sense gun laws, like complete background checks before
        being allowed to purchase any firearm ?  Why do we have a "no fly" list for certain individuals
        but the very same individuals can easily buy guns ?

8.]   When did common courtesy become so extraordinary ?

9.]   We're done.  For now.

for being

Good Morning Loved Ones
for all the marvelous birthday greetings yesterday.


We had a wonder-filled day.

in His continued goodness and mercy to me
had me remembering
in more ways than we could ever begin to count.

YOU are a BIG part of that folks,
that fact.

Bible study
last night
St. John's rectory
Kathy Nash's
homemade chilli and rolls

MJ stopped at Park Plaza Liquor pre- Bible study
grabbed a large bottle of Lambrusco.
GREAT time was had by all!

On the ride from Wellsville to Belmont
we noticed we had some more BD texts and calls.
One stood out amongst the others
for not only had the individual called,
but a PM followed the call that read:
" Hey, we're trying to call you and wish you a happy birthday.
Answer your phone you 'old f_ck' !!!

Care to guess who would have the
to be so blunt to us?

Go ahead
take a guess.

We'll wait.








if you guessed our brother
you would be correct.

We called the
"Dumb Turd"
back and had a

It was rather a guys night
Mark was there,
Jim Feldbauer was there
Matthew James Dean "Jesus" Feldbauer
was there also.
[ Lorie was working.]

Thank you gentlemen,
even if
do deserve a

Went to bed on such a high after that phone call.

this morning we saw a FB PM from Matthew
which he wrote post phone call last night.
! W o W !
What a wonderful young man.
Thank you Matt.
We feel exactly the same way.
Love you nephew




Most of us are aware of the

      Now federal charges have been handed down

against some of the lower level people
[ who IOHO ]
are merely scapegoats in some instances.

Have you studied up on 
this all came to be?

And apparently our dear fellow citizens in Flint, Michigan
[ who have suffered for two years now and are STILL suffering ]
are not alone.
Many other areas of our country 
are finding their water to be contaminated also.

For now let's try to stick with
Flint, Michigan.

Governor Rick Snyder
seems to be where the buck stops

?   ?   ?

is now

*******   *******   *******

A huge THANKS to all who spoke up concerning yesterday's KASIYH Blog post. I admire each and every one of you. * * * ...