Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I am beginning this post on Tuesday night, just so you know.  Have had a decent day, but unfortunately nothing as extraordinary as Monday.  Attended a St. John's Vestry meeting this evening and whilst I was doing that, MJ visited his Dad at Manor Hills.  MJ had a great visit but was "late" in picking me up.  No problem.  Those of you who know Mike and his Dad , , , expect delays.  I was not upset at all, just HAPPY they had a good visit.  The Vestry meeting went well also.  Our senior warden is in JMH [ God-speed Bill Nash!], so our junior warden [ Joyce Derx ] led the meeting.  Started at 7:00pm and was over at 7:47pm.  Good evening all the way around.


Starting to dread Thursday's appt. with Dr. Naga in Hornell at his office. [For info see last Thursday's post]  I know that's silly of me, but knowing it could be quite "unpleasant" doesn't help matters.  Prayers appreciated.

Wednesday, August 30th In The Year of Our Lord 2017
Yesterday's TDL grade:  ----  Didn't have any goals  ;-(
Today's W8:  232
* Bible through Jeremiah chapter 35 / Daily Devotions
* Dishes washed, dried, put away and countertops cleaned
* Return call to Dr. Naga's office about tomorrow's appt.

That will be enough for today, unless one becomes overwhelmed with energy [ hahahahahahahahahahaha ] and decides to do more.
[ Note:  I had more listed but took them off the list. ]

THANK YOU to those who responded to yesterday's KASIYH blog post, especially to our friend  L.A.L.M. who was not afraid to say she does not regret voting for Donald Trump.  I may not understand her vote but I sure do respect it --- and her.

Lorie Waite-Feldbauer did get back to us. She sent the link but I can't seem to POST it directly here, so it's on my FaceBook page, just go down a little ways and you'll find it.  PLEASE READ IT.

After MJ and I got home from Wellsville last evening, we shared a drink or two in the glider out front.  Man how I love those times. [ T'will be better when Thursday's appt. in Hornell is over.  I know, I know, I am stressing too much over that, but geesh.]  The smell of Autumn is definitely in the air around here folks - - - and you KNOW how I love Autumn.  Just a couple of days until SEPTEMBER is here.
THURSDAY, August 31st In The Year of Our Lord 2017
Yesterday's TDL grade:  C or maybe B-
Today's W8:  233

To be honest I am  freaking  about today's apt in Hornell at Dr. Naga's office and the scheduled "procedure".  Appt is at 3:00pm - PRAYERS DESIRED PLEASE.

Okay, let's move on shall we?

This being the final day of AUGUST 2017 I tallied up my w8 for the month with some interesting [to me anyway] results.  Although disappointed that I was only "down" .76 of a pound, here's what I found interesting and a subsequent question for [mainly] our female readers.

Due to the health challenges the last few months, I had a LOT of bloating, sometime nearly hideously so.  This seemed to begin in May, increased in June, vastly increased in July and August.

On Sunday, August 20th I had no choice but to wear my old boat shoes to church as my feet were so swollen I couldn't wear my new ones.  I was disappointed but used to it by now.  My w8 that day was 246.8 pounds.  Then the bloating seemed to dissipate and by Friday of that same week my w8 was 233.  It has hovered near there ever since.   

Since to the best of my [male] knowledge, women have to deal with bloating quite a bit, especially around the visits of "Auntie Flo[w], could that amount of w8 [13.8 pounds] actually have been "water w8" from bloating?  Try as I might I could not get my w8 much less than 245, the !BAM! in five days we are down to 233 and it's held there now for quite a few days.

The fact that my w8 was down as much as it was, was due ONLY to the fact that since 8/25 the bloat has disappeared,,, or the average w8 for Aug. would have been MUCH higher I promise you.

Perhaps it was that 11mm by 6.5mm kidney stone that was "showing itself" [UNBEKNOWNST TO US] and ended up eventually blocking the right kidney entirely?  Whatever it was, I hope it stays as a "was" and does not return!  You ladies who have had to deal with this every month, God love ya.  How discouraging that must be.  Once again my heart goes out to each and every one of you.

I shall end for now.  PLEASE remember to PRAY for ME and that 3:00pm "procedure" at Dr. Naga's.  [see last Thursday's post for details if you haven't already read it.]

Would APPRECIATE you thoughts or answers to the bloating / water w8 question.

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