Monday, August 28, 2017

MONDAY, AUGUST 28th, In The Year of Our Lord 2017
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Fri 8/25/17 ~ Once again I found out how astounding a five year can be, in all the right ways.
Sat 8/26/17 ~ We slept in. 1st time since July we've had a chance to do so.  Regular Saturday.
Sun 8/27/17 ~ Mass at St. John's, brief stop at coffee hour, home, regular Sunday thereafter.

If I were to be honest about it, the dominant personality of GGC this morning would definitely be Craig.  But not in a bad way, Craig is trying desperately to block D.o.D from beating down the door and entering our being full blown and w/o any barriers.  Gregory and Greg are attempting to assist Craig, but fortunately Craig unafraid to use whatever it takes [ unlike G and G ] to block D.o.D.  So far it's working, but barely.

Prayers appreciated.

"Come walk with me."

I used to use that phrase OFTEN when I was Drama Adviser at GVCS.   Turned out to be a very good thing too.  It didn't necessarily mean a student was in trouble, sometimes just the opposite. Even with that being the case, when I asked a student to "Come walk with me" the rest of the cast/crew would inevitably say; "Oot oh" or "Return alive!", or some other cat calls.  The reason it turned out to be such a good thing is many a time a student had something going on in his/her life that they needed to talk about.  I carried little of the conversation, they needed to talk.  More than once I had student quietly say to me: "Mr. Shelley, do you need me to walk with you?" which was their way of letting me know they needed to talk and I could make it look like the most natural thing in the world as concerned the cast/crew.

So this morning I am asking you, my readers, to "Come Walk With Me", let's chat and share our thoughts, experiences, opinions, especially as pertains to

I know we've touched upon this issue / challenge previously.  I also know that I have confessed I battle said topic off and on,  [ more on than off as of late] and some of y'all have shared that you too, have been either plagued with this yourself or know of someone who has done so.  

Some questions I have are:

1.] Why are some folks prone to depression and others aren't?

2.] Now that we know that there can be a chemical imbalance that leads to depression, why can't
medical science just make things "balanced' ?   [Yes, I know that's why we have Prozac, etc.
but it seems we have more folks who suffer from depression now than previously OR are we
[thankfully] more honest and forthcoming about it now-a-days? ]

3.] Some folks I can see as having every reason under the sun for being depressed [parents who have 
had a child pass away, or a spouse grieving for his/her mate, those going through divorce, those suffering from a terminal illness, etc.] but WHY people who have everything to live for and be happy about, why them ?

4.] Is there a connection between certain types of people and depression ?  For example, it seems to me that artists seem so prone, [those who feel  life deeply ] ?  I've also noticed that folks who are perceived as quite gregarious and outgoing, have this complete opposite side of themselves, that quite often is depressive in nature.  Thoughts?

Note:  In relation to #4, I've shared before that often when I am depressed and about to go out in public [ to choir rehearsal, to a party, to mass, etc. ] I'll tell MJ "Time to get my Greg on".  This means of course that it's time for me to be what others expect me to be.  We even joke about it.  MJ will doubt my ability to be the Greg others expect and I'll say "Watch THIS performance!" and sure enough, I prevail with flying colors, only to get back into our vehicle and return to what my heart /mind truly feels.

I think this is enough for today.  ANY thoughts, opinions, life experiences, etc. you have on this topic would be greatly appreciated.  GREATLY.

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