Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TUESDAY, August 29th In The Year of Our Lord 2017
[ Yesterday's TDL grade:  B * ]
Today's W8:  232.4

Crazy.  I must be crazy.  After I wrote yesterday's less-than-uplifting Blog post, whilst in the midst of a battle with D.o.D. I told myself I needed to accomplish something  around here.  So * I washed the dishes, dried them, put them away and wiped down the countertops.  Inspired by that bit of nothingness, I took a brief break then did another project.  For over a month now we've had books scattered in the living room [from moving all bathroom project goods into the dining room].  Some of the books were boxed, some were not, plus there were other item just place there "for now".  MJ mentioned to me this past weekend that this mess was driving him to distraction.  I tackled said mess and it is now gone; books boxed by category, etc. and ready to go to the attic till after T.B.P. is over.

Speaking of T.B.P. [ The Bathroom Project ] our carpenter, Aaron Stephens hurt his ribs [and possibly more]  recently.  Apparently some of Aaron's cliental are not totally understanding of his predicament.  We however don't want to add to the guys angst ... I mean TBP is now nearly 25 months in the making, what's a little bit more time?  Pray for Aaron please.

Back to yesterday.  How could that have happened on a very, very down [fighting D.o.D.] day?  Must have been God inspired.  I'll take it!  At least I saw glimpses of the GGC I like, instead of the usual now-a-days.  I was truly, albeit briefly, pleased.

Saturday morning MJ and I also discussed the projects we'd planned for this Summer of '17.  None of the listed projects were accomplished.  None.  Zero.  Nada.  All we could think of was the Yiddish proverb:  "Man plans ~ God laughs".   We had no idea what lie ahead for us April 24th onward [still not over].  And so it goes.

So how about the current presidential situation / chaos ?

Unfortunately it seems like we have almost become immune to the insanity of it all.

The mind explodes wondering how we went from
President Barack Obama
President Donald Trump

had a wonderful Blog post recently about all of this insanity.
[ I can't locate the Blog address ~ Maybe Lorie can post it for us ? ]

If you haven't read Lorie's Blog post
concerning this topic,
I would highly recommend it.

Do you think that any of the folks who put
President Trump
into the Oval Office,
now regret their decision?

Kindly share your current thoughts
above all else,
dear friends.

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