Thursday, September 7, 2017

I have not forgotten my daily calculations:
Yesterday's TDL grade:  B
Today's w8: 233

1.] Bible through:  Ezekiel chapter 4 / Daily Devotions
2.]  Catch up in journals.  [Record at least] w8 at
3.] Dishes washed, dried and put away.  Countertops cleaned.
4.]  Continue the eternal wash, fold and put away clean clothes.
5.]  Last minute St. John's choir work.  Design tonight's rehearsal.

This is my new organizing book.  It's called the KonMari Method. She is a Japanese gal who has been studying organization since she was five years old. 

I am just beginning to read her book but her method is rather unique to say the least.  What's unique?  One does not go by "location" [as in living room then bedroom then kitchen] but rather one goes by "category". You begin with your clothes, ALL clothes in your house gathered into one room. [We have clothes not only in bedroom, but laundry closet, front closet, Jaxson's room and the attic. Good heavens!]  Then you decide what to keep, the ones that truly bring you joy. [Undershorts bring me joy because they support "Greg Jr. and the Boys", does that count?] Those clothes which do not fit anymore or bring you joy, you donate or trash.

Then you move onto the next category which is books.  I nearly had to grab a paper bag to breath into when this category arose.  Hyperventilation at the very thought of saying farewell to any of my books.  I love my books.

This video may help explain things better:

So that's where my mind is heading at the moment as far as the mess here at the palace.  Thoughts?  There are TONS of videos on YouTube about the KonMari Method if you want to check them out.

Thanks for checking in with KASIYH Blog for today.

going out to:
for the beautiful card she recently sent me, it is on my desk!


for all her help at St. John's last evening!

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