Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Saturday: Morning and early afternoon were great,  then !BAM! , I hit a downward spiral.  We were scheduled to go to [sister] Mary Jo and Jim's for supper, but I declared I simply could not attend.  The very thought of being around people was frightening.  MJ patiently talked with me and I finally agreed to  try  to take things "step by step" and see what happened.  It was literally "baby steps" all the way.  Upon arriving at Mary Jo's I discovered there were only six of us:  Mary Jo and Jim, [sister] Kate and [niece] Grace, as well as MJ and myself = huge relief.  Mary had things ready to go and we did a pre-meal gig up on Farr Road... w-aaaaaaa-y up on Farr Road.  McNinch property with a pond situated amongst [at this time of year] nearly indescribable Autumnal beauty.  Breathtaking.  Perfect in every way.  After a comfortable amount of time we headed back to 2 McNinch Lane [Jim and Mary Jo's home], had drinks followed by a BBQed steak dinner complete with dessert brought by Kate via Iron Kettle Farms.  Delish.  Ended up having a good time after all, despite my insipidness. 
   When invited to Mary Jo and Jim's home, there are sometimes [more often than not actually] a crowd of people; all kinds of family [it's not called McNinch Lane for nothin' folks!], various neighbors and friends, you name it = people galore.  Such was not the case Saturday evening.
This was by design via Mary Jo.  She is well aware of my battles with DoD as of late and planned this get-together to be as low-key as possible.  That's called true love my friends.  She and I even had some time to talk about DoD and she truly "gets it".  Thank you Mary Jo.  Thank you Jim.  Thank you Kate.  Thank you precious little Grace.  Thank you MJ, still and always my hero.

   Sunday was regular pre-Mass choir rehearsal, followed by Mass and Coffee Hour  [ I had gained enough "strength" the Saturday evening so that I felt okay attending Coffee Hour, unlike the previous Sunday when I went to our car instead of being continuing to be around people].  A brief stop at TOPS for MJ to run in for a few things, a quick stop at Sarah's to drop off cell phones check, then came home.
   Upon entering the garage we found a huge, HUGE, HUGE mum plant sitting on our doorstep.  GIGANTIC I tells ya!  T'was a gift from our friend Gwen.  Do any of you know who that is? Most of you know said person, but by another name.  THANKS GWEN . . . you never, ever cease to amaze me, and the card with the enclosed words REALLY mean sooooooo much.  Love you!

   Monday Aaron Stephens came to the front door and the guys [Aaron and Jordon] were both ill yesterday, so no work on TBP.  That's okay though, would just as soon not be exposed to whatever it is that's going around.
   I began a KASIYH Blog post yesterday concerning what I'd written about in  small print  in Friday's post BUT, even though I have not deleted it [as of yet] , it might never make it to publication [so-to-speak] T'is about some of our thoughts, plans and dreams concerning that event.  Maybe we'll continue that post at a later time. Maybe.

Which brings us to

Aaron and Jordon arrived around 8:20a.m. both not feeling tip-top but apparently better than they were over the weekend and yesterday.
   It's exciting seeing this work in progress.  MJ came up with some side projects that [ IMHO ] may have slowed things down a little on the actual BP, but they all connect in some way or another.  It's not an inexpensive project, but these guys are very good at what they do.  WoW.


for today begins with
1.] Re-reading once again the scripture passages for Sunday next, then attempting to coordinate the congregational music and choral music to go with the readings. [Believe it or not, this is not always an easy task and sometimes nigh onto impossible.]  After that's all figured out and written down, I send an Email to SJ's church secretary with said information so she can begin her work on next Sunday's bulletin. 

2.] Dishes washed, dried and put away, countertops, stovetop, etc. wiped down & continue the eternal wash.  This includes a TON of clothes that are clean but not folded and put away. Man I detest that chore.  We need disposable clothes!

IF that gets done it will be a 

so we'll keep the list at that PERIOD.

And now,
brought to you

[ And before you start in on me, I am well aware that we may have fallen into this category in the past, although it was a poorly kept secret at best.]


On one hand I can see why, especially in an area like our beautiful but not always overtly accepting Allegany County.  Yet another part of me believes that if everyone [or most everyone] came out of the closet, Gays would be even more accepted. 

Something happens within the family unit when "Auntie Ju-Ju-Bean" admits her sexuality.  It may take time [even decades] for the fam to adjust to the news, but it does, like it or not, tend to change the attitude of: "Well thank the Good Lord we don't have any of 'those people' in our family!". . . "Our family tree is like a strong Elm tree; no fruits trees in our family garden!"  . . . "Thank Goodness none of our family chose to be 'that way'!"  

When writing about this issue a year or so ago, I told you about a well known Allegany County resident who's Gay, has never had a significant other, but refuses to admit his sexuality [other than to us ] . His reason to us is: "Why?  What good could it possibly do?  If I were in a relationship it  might  be different, but since I'm not and have never been, why come out?".  
  Sweet Jesus.  What  good  could it do?  This guy is extremely admired by all who know him, always led an exemplary life and is a nearly "perfect life example" to even those who are mere acquaintances.  What GOOD could it do?  Of course he might say that all the afore written attributes are what he would risk if he came out.  (( That excuse in and of itself is an entirely different [?] subject altogether. ))  
  If you ever wondered about GGC's three personalities reaction to such a conundrum, Craig doesn't understand "Why" such people won't help the cause by just being true to themselves and come out of the closet...  Gregory remains understanding to the max of said decision = each to his own and who am I to judge ... and Greg falls smack dab in the middle. 
  So it's best we go with a cross between Gregory and Greg, leaving mouthy Craig to himself. [Quite often a good decision  unless he's battling DoD for us.]

Can any of YOU see where we're coming from in this

Your thoughts/opinions

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