Tuesday, December 19, 2017


LAST FRIDAY EVE , , ,   As most of regular readers know, we "entertained" here for the first time in years.  It could not have gone any better!

   First off we received a BEAUTIFUL table bouquet in the early afternoon wishing us a "good time" Friday eve , , , from Sue and Dana Ross.  Wow!  How BLESSED ARE WE to have such friends?  Brought tears to my eyes.  Thanks Ross's , , , we love you also.

   Friday eve guests arrived around 7:00pm.  [ Guests that are ever so easy to entertain = family!].  Our nephew - Gary Lewis with his lovely wife Joan and their three "kids" ~ Jared age 17, Cody age 15 and Meagan age 12...and our niece Jennifer Lewis and her fianc√© Jeff Offhouse.  With MJ and GK there were 9 of us here.

   What a blast we had!  Plenty to eat, a LOT to drink, conversations the covered just about everything you can imagine and laughter galore.  G-A-L-O-R-E   ;-)

   After a couple of hours of "lubrication" we played the game "SPEAK OUT" , you know, the one with the mouth guards [ there's also virtually the same thing, called "Watch Ya Mouth" ].  Oh how I wish LAUGHTER = weight loss,,, I'd be sooo skinny after Friday night.

   Party ended close to 1:00 a.m.  We're unbelievably thankful for that evening which now rides on "Memory Lane".  Thanks to the "Magnificent Seven" that made it possible.

   AND it let us know that we can still entertain as in years past.  House isn't perfect by any means [except for the new bathroom, which is darned close ], but that doesn't really matter.  It's the "being together" that truly matters.  Amen ?

Saturday we were unable to attend Katelyn's wedding as planned.  Had it been very close by then we might have been able to, but traveling was an issue last Saturday.  [ You figure it out.]  Be that as it may
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Jumper

SUNDAY 12/17,,, We had a brief St. John's Choir gathering then celebrated the third Sunday of Advent at 11:00 A.M. mass.  [ REJOICE! Sunday ].  We attended St. John's [outreach] 2nd Community Meal of December [very well attended I might add] and followed that with Christmas shopping all afternoon in Olean.  Were blessed with low traffic and crowds and no overt rudeness from other shoppers = thank You Jesus.  Now most Christmas shopping is done [a couple more things to arrive from Amazon but that's about it].

MONDAY 12/18 , , , We attended an ALS fundraiser at the Wellsville American Legion.  Another wonderful time indeed.  We have a great guy from our beloved St. John's who has been attacked by this dreadful disease , , ,  Don Andrews.
   Don [ or so it seems to us ] went from golfing, golfing, golfing [ his fav sport ] to having little[ if any] use of his arms in a very, very short span of time.   How cruel life can be at times.  And yet Don remains "Don", happy-go-lucky, always a smile on his face, still the jokester,  the kind of guy you just want to be around.  Don and his sweet wife Cheri are blessing to ALL who know them.  Truly, not just saying that, love, Love, LOVE them both beyond words. Our heart breaks watching what is happening and not being able to actually DO anything to prevent it.  
   Because I am blessed to know Don and Cheri, I know that their FAITH is STRONG in THE LORD and in EACH OTHER.  With God's help and guidance they will go through this TOGETHER, as they have so many other things life has brought to their doorstep.

  DEAR READERS,,, Might I impose upon you to add Don and Cheri to your Prayer List?  Even just a mention on your behalf of their names to Our Heavenly Father, that Greatest of Physicians, would be ever-so deeply appreciated.  Thank you kindly.



TUESDAY EVE  , , , We will hopefully receive haircuts from "Da Rev" at 2 Woodside Drive followed by a ST. JOHN'S VESTRY MEETING after which MJ and GK will meet with our Pastor, Carol Stewart privately.  Hmmmmmmm , , , , , , ,

WEDNESDAY EVE , , , Is a dish-to-pass meal at St. John's followed by Christmas caroling at various nursing homes and Jones Memorial Hospital.

THURSDAY EVE , , , Final St. John's Choir rehearsal before Christmas eve.  Any "final rehearsal before __________________________________ "  involves more than usual stress on the Music Director, praying to Almighty God that we don't forget anything.

   Right now Friday and Saturday are "open" for gift wrapping, cleaning and last minute craziness.

SUNDAY, DEC. 24th  , , ,  A Priest and Music Director's "challenge" that only occurs every few years [thank God!] when the morning is the 4th Sunday of Advent and the evening is Christmas Eve mass , , ,  followed by  Monday the 25th is Christmas morning mass

None of the above are inclusive of family gatherings, present opening, etc.  I'm sure it's just a hectic at your house.  We simply have a great many church activities going on = our choice, GOD FIRST, then [ and only then ] everything else.

And that's it for now my friends.  Will post again when time permits.  If that's not pre-Christmas, then


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